Hello and welcome to my failstacking guide. Let’s get sarted. First of all we must answer a question: what are failstacks and to put it simple: they are a thing which makes enhancing succeed with a higher chance the more you have of it. Now that we know the basics let’s look some ways you can get them. The most common way to do it is with accesories. You simply buy the cheepest accesory of the market usually at 50 thousand or less and smash those 2 together. You can also check the special deals to see if you can save up on more. This is good because not only will we be saving on blackstones but we will be saving up on durability as well.

Before we move on we must know how yo ucan get black stones. You get blackstones from any monster with a low chance. You can also exchange hunter seals at the listed locations. You get hunter seals from world bosses or daily scrolls which re available from lvl 45 and forward or daily quests that your black spirit offers you. Ok now let’s talk about durability. Each time you slam a blackstone in an armor piece or a weapon and the enhancement fails you will get a failstack and the items durability will be lowered by 5. As long as you are not enhancing expansive items such as boss armor or liverto and kazarka you shouldn’t worry too much for this. I will talk about expensive items soon. To repair your weapon or armor piece you will need the same one so if you want to repair agerian armor you will need another one. Each item piece restores 10 durability and is destroyed while doing so. If you enchanced an item in a workshop and is now blue or owrange qulity you will need an aditional 50 thousand silver and the base item to repair it. So it is recommended that you upgrade your gear to 15 and then go upping it’s quality.

Now that we know how failstacking works it is impoortant to know when it is good and when it is bad. Here is the confiremd chart of maximum failstacks that will effect an item. Going above that failstack will not increase your chances of succeeding an upgrade. This chart has been only confirmed for weapons everything else you see are player expiriments and beliefs and they seem to be quite on point as well. The only thing we have noticed is that green accessories have a higher chance of succeeing than blue or orange. so going aboive 4 failstacks is not recommended when destroying accessories for the sake of failstacking. The first upgrade will most likely succeed at that point already. The chart is linked in the description. Failstacks are not account bound they are character bound. That means if you hit a certain point of failstacks you might want to switch to your alt and continue enhancing there. Save the failstacks on the other character for other ocasions such as enhancing jewlery. When is failstacking good? It is good when you want to upgrade an item without forcing it.

Force enhancing is usually not recommended because it uses more durability and blackstones than the average chance to get lucky and suceed. Le’ts talk about boss gear, liverto and kazarka. theese items have high prices. liverto price is 9 milion and getting anotherone to repair 10 durability would be nuts. In the game there exists a thing called a memory fragmet. it can be used to restore 1 durability to any piece of equipment. It can be obtained via ancient relic shards or cursed books or simply bought of the market. You need 5 books or relics to get a scroll. That scroll will reward every partymemver with a memory fragment at the last boss and once you complete the quest at the black spirit you will recieve 1 or more memory fragments from the each reward bundle. I recommen you get at least 3 scrolls and do them with a party. You want to get the max failstack for each enhancement level before atempting to upgrade an expansive piece of equipment.

That will usualy mean you are wasting less durability on an item unless you get unlucky multiple times. If you have upgraded your grunil armor or any other to maximum the repair vendors sell rabath armor which works the same as any other armor but is very cheap and repairing durability is easy. You can use that to get your failstacks and then try upgrading your expansive stuff once you hit the failstack cap. You can extract blackstones at an armor vendor to get some blackstones from your rabath atmor back. Again save the chart linked in the description to know what the caps are. Now let’s talk when failstacking is bad. Failstacking is bad at the early levels. At the early levels force enhancing will only take 10 durability and that means you could fail twice with random enhancing and be in the minus. I recommend you force enhance as long as the penalty is 10 durability that way you will be using about the same blackstones you woul need anyway but loosing much less durability. this is especially important when enhancing expansive items.

If this video gets 10 likes I will do a video on enhancing past 15 when valencia releases on the EU and NA servers. And as always if you uhave any questions don’t be afraid to ask. Subscribe share this video with your friends and stay awesome..

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