Black Desert | Family Inventory Added • Winter Theme and Outfits Back • Guild Boss Ferrid Improved


What’s up guys Anders here with another video, today we are going to go over the patch notes for the week, but before we do that I’d like to thank the supporters of this channel. You guys help keep these videos going by showing your support, if you’d like to support the channel you can do so by subscribing to the channel if you haven’t already. Liking or disliking this video and hitting that Bell Icon. Bell is GOOD, so please ding the bell to get notified when I upload my next video. This week we have the Family Inventory feature being implemented. You can get access to the inventory once you reach level 60 and going to your Suggested quests tab and starting the Shakatu’s Gift quest. You need to first be level 60 or above to start this quest. At the end of it you will get 2 Family Inventory slots. The starting weight capacity for this inventory tab is 100 weight and so far you can only expand the inventory slots. The two free ones you get for doing the quest, the Loyalty Shop slots and the cash shop slots.

What is Family Inventory anyway? Well you can now place scrolls, food, elixirs, pet feed, and worker stamina recovery food in this tab. It can be accessed by any character you are currently using. It’s a good idea, but very limited at the moment. Hopefully we see more expansion to this feature soon. Autumn Season has now ended, if you did not manually graduate you will have been automatically graduated and will receive the Gift Box Full of Memories. You can now start the Fughar Secret Questline. Make sure to complete that before the start of the Winter Season, which as of this video we have no start date yet. Mass of Pure Magic nodes got some changes. The node in Crypt of Resting Thoughts will now have the same rate of Mass of Pure Magic as the Star’s End node.

Very good change. And Mountain of Division node will now have Mass of Pure Magic as an output item, though at a lower rate. With more Blackstar gear incoming, we need more ways to get Mass of Pure Magic, so I’m happy with these changes. You can now transport mounts from other stables to your current stable location. This will also help with the Naval Fame issue where you couldn’t access your sunken ship if your Naval Fame was too low and had no way of retrieving your ship.

The Add-ON UI is now revamped, thought the functionality remains the same, though they have changed pretty much the entire layout. Looks really nice and more in line with the rest of the UI. And finally, Guild Boss Ferrid now has become more powerful. He has a mechanic that needs some coordination with your guild to prevent the boss from getting even more powerful. If you let him get empowered though, his drop loot increases and so does the chance to obtain Energy of All Creations, which is a really nice item to have so we’ll see how difficult it is to coordinate. In terms of cash shop items, we have a new gambling box. Again with these not really worth it. It is a good time to order Artic Fox and Little Lamb from the Central Market if you need pets as those are some of the more common rewards from the gambling box and players will be placing them in the market.

Family Inventory expansion slots are available as well as the Guardian and Hash versions of the older Winter themed outfits. Nice that they gave us those outfits for newer classes. Shai has it as well. Shai also has the new Tick-Tock Great Detective Outfit available. Love how it looks personally. We also have the Tier 3 pet bundle which is good if you don’t like the idea of exchanging pets for T3. The chances are high for T3 when you use two T1 pets but it’s not guaranteed.

To guarantee you need 3 T1 pets and buying this bundle is cheaper than that. Penguin, Marmot, and Otter are pretty good if you need an Auto-Fishing perk pet, especially for this ongoing Fishing event. We now also have the Winter theme for the game, so expect some snow. Good time to record some videos and take screenshots on ultra. And that’s pretty much it for this one guys. Let me know what you think about the new Family Inventory function, will you be trying the new Ferrid Guild Boss. Let me know in the comments and as always guys thanks again for watching, thanks for listening. I’ll see you all in the next one. Take care..

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