[BLACK DESERT GUIDE] Best Way to Level Up From 1-56 [EP.2]


In today’s video we’re going to be talking about leveling up. I’m not going to be talking about skill levels because that’ll be for another video. But in this video we’re going to be talking about combat experience which you can see in the top left corner of your screen. So one of the main reasons for leveling up is because you may just want to get your awakening weapon. If you’re new to the game, combat drastically improves when you reach level 56 because you will unlock a new weapon and with it comes a bunch of abilities that makes your character a lot more badass than what it already is.

Now unlike other MMOs, in Black Desert Online the best way to level up is not doing quests. It is best done by grinding mobs. And depending on your level, where you grind will change. So if you go to map by pressing M you’ll see a bunch of enemy types with a list of levels beneath their name. Depending on your level just go to the mobs that are suggested to you. And so the purpose of this video is to showcase what I personally found best at work for me to level up as quickly as possible. So from level 1 to 15, I would honestly suggest that you guys do the [ beginner ] quests till your level 15 and up to the point where you get your donkey because it will make traveling that much more easy.

But nevertheless, once you’re done leveling up to 15, from level 15 to 20 I would recommend going to Altair Imps because I feel they give the best amount of experience and the mobs are pretty dense so they’ll be a lot easier to kill. Rather than being scattered around. Also, the drops aren’t too bad you can actually get some armor to sell on the marketplace for decent amount of silver. And so this area is located to the west of Heidel. From level 20 to 25 I would recommend going to the castle ruins. Reason being that in addition to experience they give you pretty good drops like the Agerian Helmet, secondary weapons, and a bunch of other things that you can sell on the marketplace if you wish to do so. You also have a lot of mob density so killing a whole bunch won’t be a pain to do again.

And this is located to the east of Heidel. From level 25 to 30 I would recommend going to the blood monastery located to the south of Heidel. They can be pretty difficult to deal with so make sure to bring some health potions if you don’t have high enough gear. They are also really dense on mob counts so killing them and gaining experience again won’t be super annoying to do. Aside from the exp the area also drops Black stones, Agerian Armor, and you can sell those in the marketplaces for fair prices. From level 30 to 35 I would recommend going to the bandit camps and that is located right next to the Altair Imps that are West of Heidel. I love this place more than places like the orc camps because the mob density was higher and for places like the Delphe Knights Castle would be annoying to kill all the harpies.

It also really drops good things that you can sell on the marketplace again. From level 35 to 40 I would recommend the refugee camp located Northwest of Calpheon. They aren’t too bad and experience was the most efficient to obtain in comparison to the Khuruto’s or Caphras Cave. Also, the mob density in the refugee camps makes grinding that much easier in comparison to the other sites that I just mentioned. From level 40 to 45 are the Chimera’s in Marni’s lab located southeast of Calpheon. If you’re following along with what mobs I grinded I would like to point out that when you are leveling from 1 to 45 as I did your gear score really doesn’t matter and what I mean by gear scores if you press the P hotkey you will see your attack points and defense points. I honestly got to level 45 without really focusing too much on enhancing my gear.

You could enhance your gear though but I just didn’t and I leveled up perfectly fine. At level 45 to 56 however, is when the going gets tough to level up because the mobs get a lot harder to kill and this is the point where I would recommend that you would at least have 100 attack points and 100 defense points. So now from level 45 to 50 I would recommend going to Catfishmen which are east of Calpheon. And then Helms from 50 to 54 which is east of Velia. afterwards from 55 to 56 I would recommend going to Elric shrine which is also east of Velia. A lot of people will recommend Sausan’s but it’s heavily populated and contested so it might be hard to find a grind spot. So this list was pretty much compiled from mob density as well as how good the experience gain will be. I didn’t focus too much on the drops because again the focus here is on experience. Also, side things to note black desert makes grinding incredibly easy with the daily rewards they give you. So make sure to go to your rewards every day and take advantage of the 100% experience increase that they give you.

You can also buy experience elixir off the marketplace for experience that gives you 10% extra experience, Also, you could party up with other players to gain more experience than if you were to do it solo. Anyways that’s all I have for this video if you guys disagree with my grinding spots please do tell me in the description below but in any case hope that helped you guys out.

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