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Hello everyone and welcome to my channel from this page Nikatia. Today I decided to get knowledge from the 2nd policy department and I thought that I could show you this by the way. This is knowledge about Mediah and will give you permanent 2 energy points. Before you start, better press “H” and check if you sometimes have one of the points, so as not to run unnecessarily. There will be some running between NPCs here, so remember that you can find each one by entering his name in the NPC search engine.

First, we’ll visit the NPC Tantu at the Mausoleum in the north of Mediah. He has the knowledge of “Corrupt Practices” and “Followers of Kzarka”, to get them you have to buy amity from him. His interest is “Mediah Adventure Journal I” “Corrupt Practices” require 210 amity points, while “Followers of Kzarka: 550. To earn Amita points, you can either talk to him and meet the conversation conditions listed on the upper-right side of the screen, or greeting him (F1) over and over again.

3 energy = 3 amites The next NPC is Ain Greid, which you will find in Ancient Fissure. He is interested in the second section of historical knowledge and when you get 240 amity with him, he will share with you the “Conversation of Knowledge” NPC Devisha stands at the Ancient Ruins Excavation Site. She is also interested in the second department of historical knowledge. He will give you the knowledge of “Fallen Monarch” if you have 370 amites with her.

In Tarif you can meet Sarma Anin, who is interested in the second tab of knowledge in theology and she has to offer you the knowledge of “Scattered Faith, Shroud” when you get 250 amits from her. I suspect that most of you will already have knowledge of “Exile of Bareed’s III”. You can learn it through the quest chain, which you start in Tarif with Ahon Kirus with the quest “Lost Woman”. The chain will lead you from quest to quest until you reach the quest “Prince’s Request for Asylum”, which will give you Maudi Budar. As you are already at the NPCku Maudi Budar from Altinova, he has to offer the knowledge of “Valencia and Mediah”. You will have to get 250 amity from him to get it. His interest is the second tab of history. Ganin Arth is standing next to Maudi, her interest is “Ancient Ruin Guardians”.

She has the knowledge of “Valencia Mission”, you will need 550 amity to receive it. The next NPC in Altinov is Hailey, who is interested in the second policy department and give you the knowledge of “Sezec from the Rumbling Land” if you have 120 amity with him. Most of you will probably already have the knowledge of “Leader of Altinova”, you get it from the quest chain that you start in Altinova with the NPCk Sirare quest “A Prophet of Altinova”, and we get knowledge from the quest “Leader of Altinova”, which we get from the auctioneer in Altinova – Lucy Benkum.

Also in Altinov you can get “Shen Merchant Guild” knowledge by talking to NPC Belgar for 5 energy. However, if she is an alien and does not want to give knowledge, then after completing the quest “Leader of Altinova”, follow the quest chain until you accept the “Mediah Merchants Guild” quest. You will get “Mediah Merchants Union” knowledge from NPCk Kuldu, again in Altin?w for 5 energy.

Just like with previous knowledge, you may need the quest “Mediah Merchants Guild. And that’s all! The second part of political knowledge is included! I hope this guide was useful for you, thank you for your attention and see you next time! about/ .

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