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Black Desert | Koi Fish Event is Back • Black Friday Sales • Family Shared Inventory Coming!



What’S up guys anders here with another video for you today we’re going to take a look at the pc patch notes for na and eu servers, but before we do that, i want to thank the supporters of this channel. You guys helped keep these videos going. So, thank you so much for the support. If you want to help out, you can do so by subscribing to the channel if you haven’t already liking or disliking this video and hitting that bell icon bell is good, so please ding the bell to get notified. When i upload my next video now in terms of events, we have the new afk fishing event. Uh. Basically, koi is back 500k fish can be fished in velia, heidel, altanova and port of area. The best ones, i think, would be heidel or velia. I’M personally fishing in valia this event is going to be running for two weeks, so expect maybe another afk event after this one, the release of cyberpunk being so close to it. Also why koi fish now? Well, while shadowlands came out, i’m sure bdo knows this, which is why all regions receive this event.

At the same time, if you’re a ninja, you have a couple new outfits in the cash shop as well. You also have black shoe dad for all classes. If you’re new to the game – and you look at black shoe dad think it’s cool, that’s nice, but also keep in mind that it cannot be dyed. And if you have a glorious shoe that already uh, you can basically just dye the glory and shoot that black and it’ll look pretty much. The same. Only thing you’re missing out on is a little black smoke on the collar of the outfit, which honestly doesn’t look that great unless you’re playing on remaster and even then i didn’t really particularly enjoy the look of it. On my guardian, we got a full arcana set for the black spirit, dice game, so more afk activity stuff, that’s nice helps you move around the board more. This is good for getting more rewards. You have the ability now to buy three premium value packs right now. Instead of one they’ve extended the amount you can buy, that’s a good thing if you want to just stock up on value packs right now for cheap, the six month, value pack, plus six month, campus hill blessing or six month old moon book thing. I would honestly suggest you not do this unless you know for sure you’re gon na be very active in the game for six months straight uh. I just don’t think it’s really needed, because there are always going to be sales in those six months for you to get some value out of it. And if you decide to take a few weeks off at least you’re not missing.

Out of a few weeks of old moon book and campus hill blessing and value pack that you just paid for for nothing. So in my experience, most players that play bdo don’t tend to play actively for six months straight. I think you’re gon na reach a point where you’re gon na burn out a little bit or you’re going to definitely have some places where you’re going to be afk most of the time just playing another game, have other responsibilities in life again six months. I think it’s a bit of a bait, but if you do end up going for it make sure at least you use a 30 coupon that will be expiring very soon. Now, before i leave you guys, i want to talk about a little bit of the korean patch notes that came out today as well, and that’s something we should be seeing next week. So a new outfit for shai, the detective shy, looks really nice and a new family inventory. So the new family inventory is called family crest bag. It’S going to be in your inventory tab and basically, you can put in consumable items: food elixirs, that kind of stuff loot, scrolls, that kind of stuff beer all that stuff for your workers, feed for your pets, that’s the kind of stuff you can put here and You can have access to it from any character, so essentially you put that in you into your family, crest bag. You go into any character, you want, you can take it out there and use it for your grind, use it for your workers. Wherever you are, it’s a really good idea. I, like it they’ve done this, just keep in mind. It’S going to be free, but limited inventory spaces. The way you expand those inventory spaces. Well, there’s loyalty and there’s a quest. I think a one-time question you get some more slots, but also, of course, cash up, add-on. Ui was also revamped as well looks very nice and in terms of the outfits that are coming, we have uh maewa being next followed by tamer.

I have the icon already from the file, so you can kind of see what it looks like. It seems like they’re going to have a very similar theme after that, it’s going to be the new christmas or new winter outfit december 16th for all regions. Probably on that one and then after that’s going to be the guardian sun shin outfit, we don’t really know what that looks like yet. But if you’re looking for outfits, those are the classes that immediately have outfits coming for them. Every week they update, which class is going to be next, i believe guardian was actually supposed to get one a lot earlier than they’re going to now, but they got bumped unfortunately, and that’s pretty much it for this one guys. Let me know what you think about this family crest bag. Does it sound interesting to you? Let me know in the comments and as always guys thanks again for watching thanks for listening i’ll, see you all in the next one take care.

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