Black Desert Mobile Character Creation Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome to my tutorial for the black desert mobile character. Customization, so is the game is available right now for pre download and but you can’t get on to the main server until the 11th of December 2019. So what you can do, initially, you can select your region, you can select the server you want to connect to so I selected it. The first thing you’ll ask you for is a family name, so it will be the surname of every character you have on the account and one thing that you’ll find if you’re, not quick, any name that you would want to use. Potentially it’s just already gone. It’S black desert is very high demand, so I just selected a random name: demacia, usually I would be men of elba, obviously men. It feels a very popular name so and what you can do here, you can click on this gear and you can change the settings because I’m using a emulator than obviously I can just rank everything up to the max, but obviously do it depending on your device. So you can see that there are free character slots.

I’Ve already created this character, so this is what my main characters gon na be, but I wanted to quickly show you the options. I feel that there’s a lot more options in this mobile game than even some of the latest and greatest mmo’s out there. So let’s create a new character, yeah, so first things. First, you need to select your class black desert on the official site has got really good videos for each class, the warrior the ranger, the witch, the Giant and the Valkyrie. So for the sake of it, I’m gon na make a witch. So, let’s select now it does seem like the races are potentially gender locked, but whatever you have these options in the top right, so you can save or load previous ways character. Looked in case you just make more than one of the same character and you want to revisit. Maybe start again, I don’t know it’s up to you, but you have the options to save them and you can cancel redo and so on.

You can see the buttons right at the top right now you have a bunch of presets as well. It might give you some ideas of what the character can look like that that fellow’s queue. So they all look. They all look nice, and one thing that I find with this game is, like I said, there’s more character customization in this mobile app than in like Final Fantasy 14. So but whatever so. If you want to click on change, appearance and obviously click here, parents and then you can really really go into the detail. So you can change. You can see here effectively house, let’s be honest house where she is so, and you can change the skin color as well. Yes, so you have a plethora of options here to select and then also as well. You have different styles as well, so, but if you click on any of these buttons, then it will take it back to the initial style and then you can control the all parts of the face.

You can control how the eyes are shaped. So if we go to advanced you can see, you can change even the way the eyes look vertically horizontally. So you can really really go into the detail, all right really closely and depth as well, and this is just eyes and then this one you can change everything. So it’s up to you how you go into this. This is part of the reason why they’ve launched this two days in advance of the main release of the game is because it might take you two days to like perfect your character. If, if you’re like me – and you really really care about how your character looks in every aspect so and that’s again, because you could probably spend hours just on the eyes and then you have the nose okay, they have all aspects you can change. So at any time you can click reset and it will take it back to the way it was originally ellipse. Okay, so it’s up to you how you want to do it again, but then I see eyebrows. So if it was me, then obviously the eyebrows are gon na be very, very sarcastic, and then you have the I mean.

Obviously it’s up to you. If you want to give your character like liposuction anytime, you can see concede and select the character and rotate it. So yeah, as I say, reset all then next, let’s look at the eyebrows, there’s even more detail for the eyebrows, so you can really really go into it. So I would recommend, like I said, spend the time if you are really looking forward to this game, because once your character is made, it’s gon na. Look this way, potentially for a very very long time so – and I I want to – I am looking forward to see what creations people have for this or game now you can see here the style of the pupils, so obviously, if anyone in real life, I just Like star shaped iris, god help me, but whatever you have the option to make it, how you want again up completely up to you how you want to do it, you can change the iris color, the pupil color. You can change the eye color, the lens color, the lens style, so you can really really. You have a lot of options just for that the eyes and the face.

Well, let’s go through this one, and then you have here the eyebrows. So, as I say it’s like, even though it’s a mobile game, it has more customization options and some of your main and memos out there like when you compare this to even pharmacy 14 and even World of Warcraft, I mean World of Warcraft is old, but still By if anything, this sets the standard of how much customization options there should be in any MMO and then yeah. If you want to do different, let’s say eyeliner styles stuff like that and yeah blush. Now it’s a case of as well like if you really actually care. I care a lot about these things when I play these games because at the end of the day, this is a character.

That’S gon na be on your screen, potentially for the next few years. Even it depends how well the game goes, so I would say to take it seriously like, but that’s just my opinion. There are some people who don’t care, they will just click random they’ll, give it a silly name and then just go, but because I am, let’s say more invested in this stuff. I do care a lot so, okay, so I mean obviously I’m just keeping it as default, just for the sake of this video, but still it’s just. The amount of options you are given is crazy. Okay, the lip style. You can change the lip style now, like. I said you have a whole good solid. If you want to hit the ground running, you have the next two days to mess around with this, to be able to come up with something great now. I do actually care about hairstyles a lot like, because I have always always said that simply if the internet didn’t exist, their computers didn’t exist. I probably would have like run up and been a barber or a hairdresser more likely a hairdresser. So, for some reason I bought an unnatural fist fixation with people’s hair.

I don’t know why, so I would spend the time to really make sure that she has good hair and so on, and let’s put it there now, obviously with more sever moles. The unfortunate truth is you have this sort of you can see the hair going through the graphics and because of my OCD that bothers me immensely. So I would actually go out of my way to make sure that the hair doesn’t clip through the graphics, but I think that’s something. That’S just in the current general gains at the moment, so yeah and then color. Just for the sake of consistency, I would make a hair purple, because you know that everything about my furry is powerful, usually and then okay, the roots, that’s up to you. If you want to change the color of the roots, I tend to like sort of light versus dark. You know light roots or highlights versus a dark hair. Color. Oh wow, you can change the roots, you can change the ends wow, so it basically means you can fade from one color to the other. You have three options. You have multiple options, so you can spend the time to really go through this.

Okay cannot apply to going a hair style, that’s fine and then body shape. So you can make her tall. You can make her voluptuous or you can make a fan of course like sometimes because you can see the head doesn’t change size. So some of these body shapes are a bit weird, let’s say, because, because the head doesn’t resize as it should, but it’s up to you what I tend to go for is like the smallest slender character I can. I can have because I just like the idea that she’s so small and she’s so slender, but but she looks like a breeze, could defeat her, but then she goes on and saves the whole world. You know I mean I like that, and then you can just try on different outfits to see how well the choices you’ve made fit with the different outfits that you will probably get through. Well, the game selection so yeah. So, as I say guys and then when you’re done, click done select the character title play so you can ID you. I just to look at a closely if you wish at any point. Okay, so you can tie a hair up as well to see the rest of her how she looks and this one is obviously she’s looking directly at the camera, so yeah so, like I said guys, spend the time if you really care about mmo’s like I do, Then you have two days to get this ready: the game launches on the 11th. So if we, if we look at the different classes as well as I said, you can look at warrior, is kind of just the Mele hackin slash character.

Ranger is the ranged, bow and arrow, which is your mage of typical games. Jaian is kind of like your barbarian, almost they’re sort of like your big axe, big, you know attacking mob, and then the Valkyrie is like the equivalent of paladin. Essentially, that’s why it’s got a shield she’s, a good, offensively good defensively, but she’s not by all means she’s, not the best either, but at least she has the option to actually heal so and that’s why, for me, in mmo’s, paladin is probably my favorite class. By far so, I am very interested in how this game is gon na go. I’M probably gon na make a full-on tutorial for the actual game, but now I just wanted to make a tutorial about the character customization. I would say that these features of ever most should not be underestimated, but I spend a lot of time a character, customers customizers, because I really really want to make sure that they get a character that I’m looking for because, like I said my there, we go. There’S my me, free she’s got her purple eyes, her purple hair as it’s typical.

She is a Valkyrie and, as you can see, if you click start, there’s a countdown so as of recording this video, they stole another 45 hours before the game begins. But you like, I said you have the option to pre download now confirmed. Yes, it does work with emulators as well. I do play pretty much all of my apps on MMU emulator, but there are emulators out there, such as NOx and so on, and the reason I like to play them on my computer simply because I try playing them on my own. My iphone overheats and the charging are constantly and so on. So I have a much better experience playing them on my PC and more the more and more of them, I’m playing the more that I’m really enjoying mobile apps. You know I really am liking them more and more and, as you can see as well, the they are just developing graphically, because obviously I remember sort of like 20 years ago, when pretty much the only game out in your farm was like snake or something so Throw it for it in such a short time to go from that to this is absolutely crazy, in my opinion, crazy, crazy, crazy and I’m sure mobile games. I’M gon na eventually take over because you can see when you I’m sure you guys have all seen when Mobile’s say like.

Oh, this, a game has been downloaded: 1 million times 10 million times. You know 500 thousand, whatever star rating on whatever store. You know I mean it’s like you can’t ignore mobile apps. I’M sure that there’s probably a lot of people who just play games on their phone who are not who don’t own, for example a PlayStation or gaming PC, but they still play on the phone anyway. Maybe on the way to work or whatever so yeah so anyway, guys that’s my tutorial for black desert mobile, I am for the character customization. I am very much looking forward to this game. As I said, I will play this. The second it comes out. I will make you tutorial for the actual game once I get my head around the basics and also as well like, there are plenty of other MMO mobile games, which I can compare it to. So I will give a fair and reasonable judgment to the game based on what I’ve seen elsewhere. Ok, so anyway, guys if you like that video be sure to give it a thumbs up, you can watch a random video over there. You can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye, bye,