Black Desert Mobile Tame Horse Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome to my tutorial guide for black desert mobile of how to tame a wild horse. So it’s something that I’ve had to look up. I’Ve been trying to work it out for the last couple of days, but I finally finally worked it out. So, thank God. So, basically, the way it works is when you’re in a town you have the map at the top left anytime. You can click on here list and you want to go after any NPC that has this sort of cow symbol, so click on it and then what it is. Basically, it is items which are related to your either animals, your pets, your horses, so you need food for your pets, but what you need for the horses is, you need a horse, taming rope and you can see I’ve already got ten and you need you don’t Need it, but it’s a nice extra to have raw sugar and raw sugar will increase your chances of the taming.

Now, once you have those, so I would recommend get a few because you might fail the first time, so I’ve got five sugars and ten ropes then go to effectively any zone. Where you know is horses. So, for example, I’m going to show you how you identify a zone which has a horse, so I know, for example, that the Sun I’m heading to now definitely has four spawns so get there in a moment and I’ll take you through the steps you need to Get to the horse now, if you look at the mini-map, you can see this symbol that the horse and horseshoe.

This is a a point where the horse can spawn. What’S nice about this zone, is that there isn’t that many places where the horse could potentially spawn so what what it? The way it works basically is, is that a horse will always be in the available in the zone. At one of these points, that’s why I found from looking around so if it’s not up the first place you go to, it will be at another simple as that, so let us quickly go to a place and let’s see if we can find a horse, so Yeah see there’s a horse right there now the mistake that most people probably make the first time through is, if you click tame horse and you’re standing right next to it, then he will basically just kick you in the face and knock you out, and not only That he will also as well go to another spawn point. So let me actually show you what I mean so we’re standing way too close to the horse right now. So click tame horse bottom right.

We click this lasso, but because we’re too close kick he locked us out and the the issue is, is that it says get closer to the horse, but that might be misleading you might think like, but I was really close to the horse like. Why did it tell me to go so? I’Ve checked this point no horse, so let me find some of the other points, so you can see. There’S two other points in the distance over there. So, let’s quickly go there now what it is basically with this game. The reason why you want to get horses to begin with is because, as with the pets, you can effectively breed them together, so to tier twos will make it. Tear free to tear fries will make at Tier four and so on. That’S how you upgrade horses and pets in this game.

Is you merge the same rank together, which is a very typical mechanic of a lot of app type RPGs, so we’re nearly there? Sorry, I’m playing this on emulator. That’S why my controlling is a bit weird. So, let’s see there you go. The horse is right there different horse, but whatever so I’m gon na go I’m gon na edge okay. So I’m at the limit of where I can actually get him. So let me now click tame. Let me click buy sold, so you see now when he does that thing he will jump up and down, but it won’t knock me down. So, okay, then, when you get close to him, you can feed him a sugar to increase your chances of actually taming him. So I fed him a sugar, so increase my chances. Then I tame horse. Now there is also like a mini game here, where you have to control it up or down so, and you can see here, it needs me to go up when the timer runs out.

You can see it does. I have a circle, a hit or a Miss. So and then here I need to go little dammit fail so because I failed one of the free yeah I failed. So let me try again. Let me go to the next spawn point for the horse. That’S why you should really bring several ropes and a few sugars as well, but that’s basically it guys. That’S how you tame horses in this game in case you’re, wondering in case you’ve, been trying to work it out a case. You’Ve resolved has been bothering you for a while yeah. Maybe you haven’t found any good videos of how to do it and so on so edging closer. Let’S feed him a sugar and then let us go now. I’M gon na assume that this is probably going to be easier to do with a handheld device, but whatever okay, so let’s go down so we have to be in this region for the next five seconds we are, you have to be down again, but we have To basically hit three times in a row, so let me there we go lessee attained the horse, so I’m gon na call it horse very original, the most original name ever in the history of thing.

But now I’ve got a third horse. There we go and it will head to the stables. So what you can do is you go back to your camp and you can find it in your stables along with any other horses. You have so my stables down here. You can see here. I’Ve got three horses, you can click on manage and you can see that I’ve got free tier two. So the idea will simply be is that when my horse two is level ten, which is a limit, and these two I will merge together to get you know the breed. As you can see, I will breed them together in order to get a tear-free horse. So that’s it guys, so that’s, basically how horse-taming works in black desert mobile, I’m so having a ton of fun with this game is really really fun.

I’Ve been playing it non-stop, I’m already halfway through level 51. After, like a couple of days, my black spear is Neville is like level 98 and so on. If you like these videos, if you want more of these sword tutorial videos, let me know: ok, let me know in those comments down below so yeah so anyway, guys. That’S it for this video. If you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up, you can watch around the video of the day. Watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye, bye,