Black Desert Mobile Warrior Class Overview and Guide


Warrior is the very first class ever revealed for the world of black desert. They are skilled fighters with good attack and defense using sword and shield as main weapon and a great sword in Awakening, Even if they share the same main weapon as the Valkyrie. The gameplay and overall feel between the two classes hugely varies With warrior, having more ways to move in and out of combat, while utilizing the frontal guard when skills are in cooldown Warrior is your jack of all trades master of none PvE clear speed is not that Great, but still better, due to its higher damage compared to its female counterpart, which is the valkyrie, But it’s slow, skill animation makes it a slower grinder compared to the current top Fragger, which is the ranger and the giant For both large scale and small scale. Pvp warrior is a very balanced class. The frontal guard and grab skills helps a lot in 1vs1 PvP, but patience is necessary in order to effectively take advantage of these skills.

Large-Scale and you will find a warrior initiating a lot with its huge AOE CC, skills, which is very annoying to handle, making it a very good and anotying class, especially if you have the gear to stay alive and escape. After all, your AOE CC skills are in cooldown. Overall, it is a great class for beginners due to its very direct method of combat, while still being a great class for veterans as it scales well into the end game Again. Equipment variety is not really a strong point in this game. The end game comes with you wanting to complete the Boss Gears, which are the best in slot and enhance it to its max level, But like in our previous guides. Let’S choose the recommended starting gear to set you up, which are the yellow. Equipments Warrior basically requires high attack speed in order to increase its DPS as such max it first then follow it with crit chance, then crit damage or movement speed For weapon aside from Liverto Ult Elish is a good alternative For sub weapon. Ult, Hasseus or Ult. Elish is batter, depending on your requirements For armors again, Grunil set is usually the best, but at the same time, the most expensive

As such, let’s try to check for other possible alternative For helmet ult Rocaba is a good choice having the same base defense with Grunil, but if your crit chance is not yet max out, then go with Talis Instead For armor, Dobart is still one of the better Choices being the cheapest and having the highest defense For gloves and shoes, you can either go with Ult Talis to max out attack, speed or go with ult Rocaba. If it’s already max out Warriors has worse initiating skills compared to the Valkyrie, as most of it has long, ass, animations and linear path, making it very easy to dodge. What warrior get, however, are its great mid-range attacks like the piercing spear and the blade strike, which also doubles as CC attacks Utilize. Those skills well and always be ready to dash in and grab them once they get staggered Grab, is a huge way of increasing the damage of your combo. Due to the skill effect of lowering your opponent’s defense. Spinning slash, in the other hand, will become one of your main source of damage, but do note that this skill also has a very long animation as such always use your combo skill, followed up by spinning slash in order to increase its attack, speed and effectively improve Your DPS Many of warrior skills also has a very long cooldown as such always keep a disengage skills to reset. If your combo fails Shield Charge is your friend here, while also being a great gap closer, it can also help you run away. If situation requires it.

Ground smash is also another great way to reset your combo, with its invisibility status, with bound effect on hit, makes the enemy have no choice but to dodge or run away. Other skill slots can be mix-and-match. According to your fancy, you can go with either low CD skills and keep up with a longer combo or have those high damage, high CD skills and disengage every time you’re done with a combo. So that’s it! For now guys, will you be playing as a warrior in black desert or will you be playing other classes, then stay tuned in the next video? As we discussed the other classes in BDM, see you guys, peace