Black Desert Mobile Witch Class Overview and Guide


A young prodigy of magic. The witch in a young age became a master of elements Harnessing the nature’s power to burn freeze and stun their enemies. They have natural affinity with lightning and earth, which makes them able to summon the elementals themselves with a snap of their finger during awakening. They may be weak and fragile physically, but their prowess in magic makes them a huge asset and threat in a war. The witch is a great class in PvE, combining the range of a ranger and the AoE skills of a giant. They farm fast and can clear a huge group of mobs in a few skills. The only thing keeping them from being the top farmer is the casting time and animation delay for most of their hard-hitting skills slightly slowing their kill speed capability. Still it is considered to be one of the best classes in PvE and has a great sustainability with its heal skill. In small scale PvP the witch however does not excel, being fragile and having slow casting animation makes it an easy prey to other classes.

It does have a range advantage and a quick teleport making it an annoying class to fight against. Take advantage of those and couple it with your DOT from your fire skills and you can win some fights. But most of the time it really is an uphill battle in one versus one. Difficult but not impossible to win. In large-scale PvP the witch once again shines. The dodge that doubles as a teleport and the huge AOE damage makes it a major threat. They are like a ranged giant, with one key difference between the two is how they deliver their skills. Whereas the giant tanks everything while unleashing chaos the witch gracefully teleports in blasts enemies with meteor or frost them with ice then teleports out before anyone can react. Just know your limits and be attentive to your skills cooldown and you will rarely die while piling the corpses of those you killed. The witch also has an AoE heal making it one of the few classes that can support your teammates during battle The witch may be a great magic user but there are not really too many recommended choices for a skill build For PvP I highly recommend those skills that gives CC and super armor in use to compensate with a witch slow casting animations.

This includes Thunderbolt best opener and counter-attack the peebs invincible state while casting and bound if I can hit this skill combos with farber which is one of the bread and butter for witches in both PvE and PvP a range damage skill knock down on hit and eye damage overtime effect using Thunder pole first cancel some animation and fire ball making it cast a little bit faster another great skin includes free to the fog lightning storm and your ultimate skill the meteor shower all these skills gives super arm-wrestle casting and CC on hilt aside from that the meteor storm also has a great deal T but it is also the slowest one to cast and has the longest CD so be careful when to use it healing aura is also one of the master for witches while Riven is a good optional skill for classes like giant that usually goes on a straight path one tip for one versus one is to use your dodge your teleport efficiently especially on classes wishes grab available as your super our skills means nothing once you’re grabbed try to beat them to use grab then you can start trading blow for blow with your super armor skills also always try to have a dodge ball ready before you commit in order to have a means to escape and situation gets bad for PvE all the PvP skills mentioned are good to use but you may want to replace meteor storm as it is usually overkill arcane bolt or frozen org are great alternative source of damage black desert is not really known for having a great set of equipments but as usual let’s start with yellow gear which is the baseline while written for ceccato table see with orange or red gears again the best equipments are those with two slots but we will be only talking about one slot equipments as those two slots are very expensive for rappin the best would be a leash while hashes or a leash are great for suburban for helmet go with Dallas when Ricardo bird seems to be the best choice for armor well for gloves and shoes then go with Dallas if possible prioritize to max of attack speed first as it may be the difference between being able to cast your meteor or being cease until Kingdom Come follow it back with chance crit damage and movement speed and finally for branch effect I usually go with al that affects arcane Bowl frigid fall and lightning storm which are my main source of PvE and PvP damage so that’s it for now will you be playing as a witch in black desert or will you be playing other classes then stay tuned in the next video as we discuss the other classes in video see you guys peace

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