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Black Desert Monthly Xbox Game Pass Quest Guide – Earn 5,000 Gifted Sellswords


Hey: what’s up everybody, this is chick impossible with rewards hunter back with another xbox game, pass monthly quest guide. Today we’re going to be working on the quest for black desert. This is good through the month of september until october, 4th it’s worth 75 rewards points and we need to earn 5 000 gifted cell swords within the game and, if you’re not familiar with that terminology, that’s basically the experience points or the exp within the game. This game is available on the cloud, so, if you want to, you could go to xbox.com play to launch it i’ll, be playing it here on my xbox and i’m gon na be cutting out some of the load times on this game, because it can be a Little bit slow at times, so let’s go ahead and press start and when you’re selecting your server at the upper right, you’ll want to move down to the one that has the exp boost on it.

It should be named olvia so select that one so that you can earn exp as quickly as possible within the game, and i should say, we’ve done this quest about four times within the last 10 months. So i think i’ve shortened the necessary steps for this. Quite a bit so hopefully it’ll be a lot quicker. So let’s go ahead and create a new character. You could go ahead and use your existing character if you already have one, but i’m going to be starting from scratch and eliminating a bunch of the steps that we’ve done in previous playthroughs of this.

So you can choose whichever class you would like. I’M going to choose warrior this time since that’s my favorite one. I used corsair last time and i’ve used a few of the other ones on the different times that we’ve had this quest. But warrior is pretty good, so i’ll go ahead and go with that and then we’ll just press x to go to the character creation and you’ll press x, one more time to start inputting your character name. If you haven’t done this before, i recommend putting in just your gamertag so that it’s hopefully unique what i’ve been doing.

The last couple of times is just putting in chicken and then pee with a number at the end, and that seems to be working for me. It needs to be shorter than 15 characters, and there are a bunch of rules there about how it needs to work. Click. Your left stick and then press a a few times as long as you have found an acceptable name and then you’ll be able to get started with your new character and for some reason, there’s an additional select character screen here. So go ahead and select your character that you just made and then you’ll get started with that character in the actual game and again i’m going to be cutting out some of the load times to just speed things up and make the video a little bit shorter.

So you might need to pause, potentially and there’s a cut scene here you might have to watch. You might be able to just button mash to get through it like. I did if you’ve already seen it before and then, as we start to walk forward in this first section. The black spirit will talk to us and get us started on our very first quest, which is super easy. So we’ll just press a here and press a a couple more times to get through this dialog and press a to confirm the quest, and then you can press b once you hear those drums so we’re just going to move forward.

There’S a guy named eden over here, that’s standing inside of this blue circle and if we follow the little arrows we can get to him and then hold down y to speak with him. So just press a a couple times to get through his dialogue and a to confirm again. I can barely contain my excitement and then we’ll move over to the main quest and press a to select that and then press b to get out of that dialog. Okay. So this is going to be a little bit different.

Let’S press start move over to the right to that little scroll icon. You might need to hit the right bumper to select main quests, but go down to the one that says: unaccepted, isolated officer, fenia press over to the left and then navigate. And now we’re going to go straight to where there are a bunch of enemies and actually, if you click your left, stick you’ll be able to just automatically follow along this path. And if you hold down your left trigger, you will start sprinting along the path. So clicking the left, stick, does the auto follow towards wherever you’re navigating to and then left trigger?

Will let you sprint so that’s going to. Let us very quickly get to this area that has a lot of imp enemies in it, and we basically are just going to bypass a lot of the quests that we used to do in this. This game has its own quests inside of it. We used to do a bunch of those to complete this game pass quest, but we’re gon na just bypass almost all of those and just go straight to this battle with the imps. In order to save a bunch of time and much more quickly earn a bunch of xp, so when you get up here to the circle, you don’t actually have to talk to that person.

All you need to do at this point is just start hacking and slashing away with your right trigger and your right bumper to take out a bunch of these imp characters that are up here and there may be other players that you see and other soldiers and Whatnot up here, but it’s okay, just keep slashing. You won’t, hurt anybody or do any damage to anybody other than the imps, and you earn a lot of xp really quickly. You can see i just leveled up to level two there and just cutting ahead a little bit. This took me about three minutes in total: to get up to level nine and get the experience completed. So after you’ve been hacking and slashing here for about three minutes total, then you should be up to around level nine or ten and after that the quest will unlock for you.

So there we go so we can just go ahead and hold down the xbox button to turn that in and grab those 75 microsoft rewards points. So hopefully, that’s a lot more efficient than the last few times that we’ve worked on this quest a little bit quicker way to get a lot of xp quickly. So i think we’ll be using that technique. If and when this quest pops up again, it seems to pop up a lot they like to give us this one that is going to do it for black desert. We’Ve got quest guides out for all of the weekly and monthly quests for the month of september, and if you guys are interested in more achievement guides and earning even more microsoft rewards points.

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