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Hello everyone and welcome to my channel from this page Nikatia. With the addition of Valencia to the game, we got 4 new nodes with Black Crystals. As combining nodes around the desert can be problematic, I decided to show you this. To keep all crystals in one place, I will combine all these nodes with the Sand Grain Bazaar. The first node is connected via: Capoita, Barhan Gateway, Tapthar Plain with NPC in this place, Pujiya Canyon, and here his NPC, And the target node, which is Bashim Base.

The second node is the easiest to connect, straight from Sand Grain Bazaar we connect with Pilgrims Heaven. I’ll show you how to get there. And last, Crescent Mountains is the most problematic, but it has two nodes in one place. We connect the Farmland Bazaar with Sand Grain Bazaar, then Western Plateu of Valencia, Node Manager is here, while opening the node on the map here. After that we are going to connect the Crescent Mountains, here we will find the NPC and here is the opening of the node on the map. As I mentioned before, it’s not easy to find something in the desert because you can’t see our location on the map, that’s why I’ll show you the way with some key points along the way to make it easier for you to find your way. I started my journey with the Sand Grain Bazaar and I will stick to the mountains on my right.

There will be 3 key points along the way. Here is the first of them, something like a camp. The second, or oasis. These two points can be easily omitted if you feel confident enough, just look at the minimap in which direction you are going. The third is that big stone ring, as soon as you see it, you are in the right place. Now I will show you how to get to the place that the node opens on the map. There are two roads there, so that way I will go through the Crescent Shrine and back through the desert so that you can choose the better option for yourself. Here, at the second entrance, as you see this wheel on the ground and the ruin bridge, go upstairs on the right and you will discover a map. That’s all for today, I hope you will find it useful and see you next time. paa ~ .

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