Black Desert online ADVANCED ENHANCING (past +15)


Hello and welcome to my guide on nehancing past +15 If you don’t know how to get here please check out my guide linked on the screen or in the description. First thing we should take from last time is that reblath armor has been nerfed. It is easier to upgrade and can only be found in Velia so instead I would buy 1 or 2 +15 items off the marketplace and get an alt to minus karma by killing 1 wild horse and equiping the +15 items and go suicide until they degrade to +14 or even +13. Check your servers market which gear is usualy in stock yso you can repair it while using it for failstacks. Now let’s see how to break that +15 enhancement. First thing you will need is a concentraded stone. Be it weapon or armor depending on what you need it for.

These can be created by herating a sharp sahrd for weapon or a hard shard for armor stones with the 2 respective normal stones to get a concentrated stone. Shards can be obtained by any sort of gathering and by shoveling in the desert except for collecting water . Lucky tools help a lot while doing this. THey can be created in tool workshops if yo usend a human worker with luck and get lucky on crafting it. I recommend steel tools since they have an awesome ratio of 130 uses and only cost a steel bar and sometimes a bit more. You can find everything you need for these in my node guides. Ok so now we know how to make the stones and got our +15 gear we want to enhance. The previous chart still aplies when enhancing.

In our version of the game getting to duo is the same as normal enhancing with the difference of the stone used. for both enhancement’s I recommend getting 20 failstacks on your previously buyed armor for generaing them. Once you are at around 20 fails go ahead and slam the stones we made earlier into the gear you want to upgrade. THe first enhancement is called pri and has around 50% chance to succeed at 20 fails and the second is called duo and has around 22% chance to succeed.

Those are the basics and everyone can get to duo without a sweat. Now comes the hard part. Anthing you want to upgrade above duo has a chance to fail resulting in a degrade by 1 enhancement level. this can be prevented by purchacing kronstones from repair vendors but that is never worth it while enahncing gear.Let me expalin So let’s say I have a duo liverto amulet and I want to enhance it. There are 2 outcomes I succeed and get my tri liverto or I fail resulting in 4 failstacks and I get back a PRI liverto because I failed.

As with any other enhancement if you fail with the concentrated stones you get more failstacks. for a failed pri atempt you get two for duo you get three for tri you get 4 and so on. Once you reach tri enhancement you should be set since tri is when you get more stats than usual from the upgrade and past that there is onyl misey unless you really want to. I felt like it and tried teting my liverto as you can see it didn’t go well. Now there is one thing. The gear for failstacking is only good for 20 failstacks well how are you going to get 35 or more for a tri atempt if you have everything else tri? Before that if you watched my previous video you can just switch characters when you feel like your duo just doesn’t want to upgrade and you get to 30 fails which is enough for a tri atempt. But waht now? it seems stupid at first but you will realize it is the only way.

You basicaly get the failstacks past 20 on the gear you uwant to upgrade. for this you will need 2 characters.1 with the high amount of fails for enhncing the desired level and one character for recovery of the failed gear. in this case a character that will try to enhance the gear to tri and a character who will get the gear back to duo resulting in it loosing the stacks. Than switch characters again try your tri atempt and again and again. If you get over 50 stacks I would save that for a tet atempt if you decide for it down the road since tet is still kinda obtainable. And that is it. Go ahead grind your silver do your scrolls and gather those shards. And as always comment subscribe and stay awesome!.

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