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Black Desert Online Fishing Boat Guide


Black Desert Online Fishing Boat Guide?by MOUZU

Why a Fishing Boat ?

You want to build a Fishing Boat because it?s way faster than other Boats and has a total of 12 Inventory Slots with a maximum Weight Limit of 540.

Keep in mind that Ships as well as Wagons do have a Lifespan instead of a Stamina bar ? Once it reaches zero you?ll have to build a new Ship/Wagon as it can not be repaired.

You can also buy an already build Fishing Boat in the Marketplace in the Mount&Pets tab which sells for 1,3-1,8million Silver. But it?s way more rewarding if you build it yourself, as it takes 2-7Days gathering all the Material and processing it.

So the Materials needed are

  • 50 Birch Plywood
  • 25 Bronze Ingots
  • 30 Black Stone Powder
  • 25 Usable Scantling
  • 30 Pine Sap

You can also check the spreadsheet on GDrive comparing Ship/Wagon Materials needed from?davolorin

Black Stone Powder

  • Easy/Cheap way is buying Gems(Socket Items) and process them by grinding (hotkey ?L?) (Thanks?u2412m & IluyaSmith)
  • This can also be crafted by your Workers in a level 1 Refinery. The Material needed is Rough Stone, which you can get by mining yourself, you will not receive Rough Stone if you send your Workers to mine. It takes 2 Rough Stone for 1 Black Stone Powder so you?ll need 60 of those. Rough Stones can be gathered on low level from any ore vein afaik.

Usable Scantling

  • this is crafted by yourself via processing (hotkey ?L?). The Material needed is Log which you can get by felling trees yourself. This once again, can not be gathered from Workers. You need 10 Logs to process 1 Usable Scantling ? however on higher processing levels you may receive multiple Scantlings per craft. So <250 Logs needed for all the Scantlings. Logs can be gathered from any tree afaik, so like the Stones ? do it early on.

Pine Sap

  • the easiest Material to gather for the Boat. Equip a ?Fluid Collector'(it?s a basic tool like pickaxes so you can either buy a cheap one or craft a good one) and then simply use the tool on Pine Trees. You?ll get 1-2 Pine Sap?s per try.
  • There?s also a node that gives pine sap, it?s north east of hexe sanctuary (Thanks Tallywacka)

Bronze Ingot

  • 25 Bronze Ingots are crafted by combining 125 Melted Copper Shards and 125 Melted Tin Shards. You can either process it or let your Workers create it in a level 1 Mineral Workbench.
  • To get either Melted Copper- or Tin Shards you simply process/heat them (hotkey ?L) using Copper/Tin Ore. Depending on your processing level you will need <600 Ore of both kinds overall.
  • Copper is easily gathered by your Workers around Velia so I won?t talk about that. Gathering the Tin is slightly more complicated on low level but I will post the Nodes needed at the end of the post.

Birch Plywood

  • 50 Birch Plywood are crafted by processing Birch Planks which you have to process from Birch Timber. The formula is 1 Birch Plywood = 10 Birch Planks = 50 Birch Timber (5 Timber for each Plank)
  • You will need about 1800-2500 Birch Timber for an entire Boat, depending on your processing skill.
  • The Plywood can either be processed by yourself or your Workers in a level 1 Wood Workbench. (Thanks u2412m)
  • The Planks however need to be processed by you afaik (hotkey ?L? -> Chop)
  • If you read the Crafting Notes ingame (hotkey ?F2?) and search for the Birch Plywood you can read up that Plywood can also be gained by processing Timber directly, if you have the Knowledge which can be obtained after completing a certain Quest.
  • If you want to fell Birch trees by hand you need to know that the white Tree skin which is classic for a Birch is currently being used by Pine Trees, the Birches have two Brown tree skins in the current game.

Nodes for Birch Timber & Tin Ore

  • As far as I know there are currently only three Nodes for Birch Timber and three Nodes for Tin Ore in the Game.
  • I?ve had to invest quite some time to find those Nodes myself so that?s probably the reason I?m posting this Guide in the first place. You?ll need at least 33 Contribution Points for those Nodes, but you?ll need a few more to get all the necessary Lodgings for your Workers.

This is the area around Calpheon where you will find 3/3 Birch Timber Nodes and 1/3 Tin Vein Nodes.


This is the area around Trent where you will have the other 2/3 Tin Vein Nodes.


Crafting the Boat

  • Building the Shipyard for level 2 is the first step. You have to decide to either build it in Epheria Port(North-West of Calpheon) or on Ilya Island(North-East of Velia) ? most people choose Epheria since you don?t need a Ship to get there. But in Both Cities you need to buy a row of other Buildings first before building the Shipyard itself, in Epheria eg you need around 12 Contribution Points in total to build all the necessary Buildings which will be turned into Storage and the Shipyard itself, sadly the prerequisite Buildings can not be converted to Lodgings so you have to buy those extra.

Here is the example Setup for Epheria Port, you can see the Shipyard on the 2nd floor of the Building on the right. I have used the upper floors on the first Buildings for Lodgings. Keep in mind that the Shipyard needs on level 1 3hrs to build and for level 2 7hrs (Start building it before you go offline eg. sleeping, it?ll be finished when you?re logged in again)


  • What?s noticeable on the Screen is that you can see my Storage with just the needed Materials on the right, which currently has a higher Value than the build Fishing Boat! But this can change, if you?ve come that far this is your last chance of cancelling ? I chose to finish my Boat anyways.
  • What can we learn from this? If you thought about making profit out of building Fishing Boats and selling them on the Marketplace it will probably never be worth.

When you?ve finished building your Shipyard on level 2 you?ll have such a Screen if you click on ?Manage Crafting?


Notice that you have initially the view for the ?Calpheon Ferry? visible with another set of Materials needed, there is a tab on the top which you can see. In my Screen you?d need to press on the left button to switch back to the ?Calpheon Ferry?

Now you have to setup which of your Workers has to work on which Material to build the Ship together.Once you?ve started the building process of the Ship there is no turning back, if you would cancel the process afterwards your used Material would be lost.

  • In this Scenario I?ve hired workers in Epheria Port just for building the Ship, in this case you?d just need to place the Material in the Storage and they take it from there and the finished Boat will appear in the Storage.
  • From what I?ve read you can use Workers from other Cities as well, but you?d then need to place the Material they have to work on in the Storage of the City the Workers are from.

Feel free to correct me if I?m wrong or if there is a better way of achieving certain things


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