The current CC patch has helped sorceress in many ways in Large Scale Pvp, which has already been covered beautifully in the thread referenced below. The one thing that was not covered in the referenced thread was that the current CC patch has increased necessity of Debuff skills and the effects they have on Cast Speed, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed in PvP combat. The current CC changes have allowed for debuff skills and debuff stacking on enemies to limit the mobility in combat and increase the time that classes are vulnerable to attacks. In the current node wars and siege situation, Witch/Wizard are the most desired classes by high tier Node Wars and Siege guilds because these classes have the most large scale PvP utility out of all the classes. The Witch/Wizard skill kit comes with Protective area, Heals, and AoE debuff skills while other classes have minimal to no utility skills. As a class, the I-frames that Sorceress can cast allow for her to avoid being debuffed and a well timed debuff skill in between her I-frames or when CCed can cripple a Sorceress’ mobility in combat. The suggested changes in the linked thread would help improve the protection Sorceress has on her engaging melee skills, which would also slightly increase her defense from debuff skills.

The original design of the Sorceress class was to be a mid to short range assassin class, which could switch between ranged attacks to quick bursts of melee damage with her engaging skills. The referenced thread covers Engulfing Shadow and Shadow Leap, which are Sorceress’ Main hand weapon and Awakening weapon engaging skills that allow her to switch between the two types of attacks. However, currently Sorceress is limited to only Dream of Doom as her ranged attack, even though there are many ranged skills in the sorceress kit. This issue is due in part because most of her ranged skills are bugged or have no function in both PvE and PvP.


One of the ranged skills that many sorceress do not spec into is Sinster Omen because the ranged skill does not work in either PvE or PvP. Sinster Omen is supposed to summon a servant of darkness for 20 seconds that hits the enemies in the targeted location and inflicts a pain damage over time debuff, a attack speed debuff, and a movement speed debuff upon good hits from the Servant. However, this skill has not worked since the game was released due to the fact that it hasn’t been investigated why the Servant of Darkness is not able to hit any enemies in both PvE and PvP situations. If this skill was fixed and functioned properly, the skill would offer sorceress more options for ranged attacks and would also give sorceress a debuff skill in a kit that lacks them. This skill would allow Sorceress to have an AoE debuff skill similiar to JIN Blizzard that Witch/Wizard have and allow Sorceress to have more team based strategic utility in both Node Wars and Sieges. This skill currently functions as a cast and forget version of JIN Blizzard and would only need a buff to its cast speed and an increase to the skill’s cooldown to balance the skill after fixing it. The fast cast speed and long cooldown would keep sorceress from spamming the skill and encourage sorceress to switch between ranged and melee attacks. Currently fixing and balancing this skill would open up more strategic options for Sorceress and would help balance the amount of utility skills each class has for node wars and sieges.

Signs of Agony has a similiar issue as Sinster Omen, where the utility of the skill is not applied to the enemy because the attack does not hit the target. This skill would offer Sorceress a ranged stun attack that would enable players to add more variety to the way Sorceress applies CCs to enemies.

Fixing these skills for Sorceress and investigating other classes in the similiar situations with their skills would diversify the class to class coordination that is conducted by guilds in both node wars and sieges.



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