Welcome back to my channel! today i will show you how to deal with the desert of Valencia and also how to resist the negative effects during our journey into the desert , both day and night in both cases our life will begin to descend gradually up to critical levels where our character will die we can use our HP potions but it would take many because the debuff lasts 10 minutes now i will show you how to craft the two drinks recipes for save you in the desert we need to reach the city of “Altinova” and talk whit the auctioner npc now click on the icon named “Seed & Fruit” so write “star” on the “serch section” we need to purchase now the ” Star Anise ” item how much you like i have take 5 pieces the next step will be to fill the empty bottles with river water for buy empty bottles you need to go to this npc named “Lashir” whit sickle simbol here are our bottles i take 10 of this once you have retrieved this material you go to this point in the map you can found here river water while the water you can found in this other point is a sea water and it is not good for our drink so we go to this point this is the place we need to stay on the water open the inventory and right click on the empty bottle for fill them whit this process we obtain the river water bottles we need to open our inventory and click on the “produce” button and select “thinning” process whit this process we obtain purified water these potions we need to take away the effect Hearth Stroke during the day in the Desert.

to start the process insert the river bottles and click on “start” button to start the process animation for filtering water here is our purified water now we craft the potion to remove the hypothermia effects of the night in the desert, we press on produce button again click on “simple cooking” insert the “star anise” and the “purified water” for start the process click on the “start” button preparing the potion here is the star anise tea you can read on the description the usage of this item whit this guide i have finish! if you have doubts or want clarification you can leave a comment under this video If I helped you with this video leave a like and subscrive to my channel! See you!.

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