Hey its me Luxienna, as u maybe noticed i am currently collecting “Marnis Stone Experience data” from server chat and own experience/tests. Currently i got the following informations:

If u have something to add, write in this thread :)

NEW EXP rates (22.08.2018)

Update: 6! Marnies stone thread revamped, image added. Text/data/trials removed from thread.
Exp Rates UPDATED!

update 1!:
thx @Sky Crownguard -> doing 2x a 250 scroll is a bit better then 1x a 500 scroll. [ added 250 mobs exp charts ]

update 2!: thx @Pohjantikka
-> multiplicators adjusted.

update 3!: thx for all who helped colleting data. I think now we can collect some “Marniestones/hour data” – So How much stones u usualy fill an hour?

update 4! : Upcooming Content Spots added (tested on Test Server, rates might be change)

update 5! : EXP Curve Change on Test server, Prediction,calculation added!



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