Black Desert Online How to effectively failstack using Greens By: Boink


It’s 14.20% 2% per 10 so at 80 I get 18%.

Again I have to specify there is no “too much or too little” I guess it is my recommendation to go for it. If you are basing your assessment with personal risk that’s on YOU.

The idea behind it is that most of the FS ranges with Armor & Weapons are a lot higher than it’s actual variable. If I said 61 FS is too much “too much” of what? The softcap for this TET values are it’s upper 300s FS.

What am I base it on (which is written in the guide)? The closest I can think off are accessories and the cheapest way for me to get there. Sure I can rely on the old variance of “50 fs” for TET BOSS gear.. That means if I wanted to gamble at a maximum rate of TET Accessories 110 fs I have to fail 12 boss gear to reach this value which of course it is a lot for me because I don’t buy artisans.

The Green Way to Failstack is to introduce a variable greens to act as a filler. That means I can start at low 38 fs and build it up all the way to 80. You are betting small silver on the likelihood of it’s failure and going big on the likelihood of it hitting. Just like Baccarat or if you managed to count 6 deck-cards like Black Jack.

I made my personal recommendations of going 80 fs that’s up to players risk, his understanding of his equity and the chances of him getting there. Personally I been tapping TET boss weapons and armor @ 90 fs since I’m running out of TRI Boss pieces and recently saving my TET greens for high pen number 172 fs right now. If you want to tap your TET at 61 because 80 is “too much” that’s all up to you.

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