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Black Desert Online Hunting Quests List


Black Desert Online Hunting Quests List?by Nausical_Nudibranch

Here are all of the currently available Hunting EXP quests. Enjoy. C:

No, crocodiles are not in the game yet.

No, whales do not yet give hunting EXP.

Node ? NPC

Daily-Velia-Crio: Minimum lvl 10: Have a match lock in your inventory(not equipped) you can rent one from the guild manager ?Laiano Pietro? near Crio. Available after 7:00pm CST

Daily-East of?Heidel ?unmarked cow farm right before Alter Imp spawn area and south of Alejandro Farm?: Rent from same npc?after completing scarecrow daily. Available after 7:00pm CST

One time-Western Guard Camp ? Hessenvale: Rent from Hessenvale. Need 40 amity to activate

One time ? Velia ? Lorenzo Murray: starts a one time?three quest line(hunting exp from second quest ?bee hurts farm? only), need 50 amity to activate.

One time ? North Kaia Ferry ? Merio: minimum lvl 50, rent from Merio.

Suggestion: Collect seagull feathers from the Crio daily, these do not give any reward if you turn them in now, but they MAY reward hunting exp?from him once hunting is implemented. If hunting is implemented. ;-;

(Will update this with more information as I get it.)

Happy hunting. :3


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