Black Desert Online Mediah Drop Location Guide


Black Desert Online Mediah Drop Location Guide?by aqua995

I only know the drops/stats of a few items , I probably will need a bit of help. I will start writing stuff down.

The first thing I dropped in Mediah was:

Scarla Necklace

  • Necklace
  • 5 AP (+1)
  • 5 DP (+1)
  • It drops from Helms in the north of Mediah. (Lv.51~Lv.53)

The first thing to compare this is the Rhutum Belt , but since the Rhutum Belt is pretty trashy and not something you buy because you are looking for DP. This however is a real alternative if you are looking for cheap DP and only want to spent 2M-4M for a decent Necklace instead of 16M or more for a Necklace of Good Deeds or Ogre Ring. However it is not good for lategame since it scales pretty mediocre (not worth plussing) and should be replaced.

The other necklace I know is:

Ancient Guardian?s Seal

  • Necklace
  • 6 AP (+2)
  • 2 DP (+1)
  • Setbonus: 5 Acc
  • It drops from Moghulis the new boss. (Lv.51~Lv.57)

This is a lot more comparable to our known necklaces , but it needs to be combined with a belt to get the setbonus and be competetive:

Ancient Weapon Core

  • Belt
  • 4 AP (+1)
  • 4 DP (+1)
  • 50Lt Weightlimit (+10)
  • Setbonus: 5 Acc
  • It drops from Moghulis the new boss. (Lv.51~Lv.57)

This belt is really good on it?s own if you compare it with the Tree Spirits Belt but really kicks in when combined as a set. If you want to spent less than 100M and get those , you?ll have 10 AP , 6 DP , 5 Acc over Tree Spirit Belt & Necklace of Good Deeds with 11 AP , 4 Acc. Still it doesn?t outshine the Ogre Ring & Tree Spirit Belt when it comes down to plussing , since the setbonus doesn?t scale at all. Ogre Ring & Tree Spirit Belt are hands down the best items if you sucessfully enhance them , it just costs a few 100Ms.

Belt of Schultz the Gladiator

  • Belt
  • 3 AP (+2)
  • 50 Lt Weightlimit (+10)
  • Drops from the Manes in the south of Mediah. (Lv.51~Lv.52)

This belt doesn?t scale so shaby but it?s base stats are bad , still better than a Rhutums or Bares belt and propably cheaper than anything else. Nothing more than a decent stepping stone.

I am totally not sure about the next ones , but they popped up in our special deals box:

Nert Ring

  • Ring
  • 25 HP (+25)
  • 1 Acc (+1)
  • It drops from Elrics at Elric Temple & Rock Head Bisons. (Lv.51~Lv.55)

How do I sum this up. This ring is trash. If a TRI: Nert Ring pops up it might be worth to buy one if you are Lv.45 and need the 4 Acc , but normally a Ring of Good Deeds will do the trick for leveling.

Sealed Spirit?s Ring ? not confirmed

  • Ring
  • 4 AP (+1)
  • 1 Acc (+1)
  • It drops from Elrics at Elric Temple. (Lv.51~Lv.55)

It seems a bit weird when you try to enhance it , it only gets to DUO and you can?t fail. So for those without TRI MoS or TRI RoGD (so propably everyone) , this is a nice go to ring , but if you can?t go past DUO , other rings will definetely outscale him , but still a nice stepping stone.

Outlaw Ring

  • Ring
  • 3 AP (+1)
  • 4 DP (+1)
  • 50 Stam
  • It drops from Elric Cultists at Elric Temple. (Lv.51~Lv.55)

Another defensive alternative to our day-to-day accessoires , which can be used as a stepping stone. Seems Mediah has a lot of these to help casual players out. The overall package seems good enough to be used instead of a MoS , even though it shines the most on low enhancement levels , but if you prefer DPS get TRI MoS ASAP.

So last , but not least the new Earrings:

Blue Whale Molar Earring ? not confirmed

Fugitive Khalk?s Earring ? not confirmed

  • Earring
  • 5 AP (+2)
  • 50 Stam (+20)
  • 50 Mana

These new BiS Earrings needs to be crafted with Blue Whale Molar which can be obtained from salvaging the corpse from a whale and Khalks Shining Claw.

Mesto Earring

  • Earring
  • 4 AP (+1)
  • 1 Acc (+1)
  • Drops in Soldier?s Graves from the undead , the node is next to Al Bhundy?s rebels. (Lv.55~Lv.57)

This looks like the Sealed Spirit?s Ring on the first sight , but it can be enhanced to +5 and breaks if it doesn?t suceed like a normal Witch Earring. Since Acc is so important I call him BiS as long as the other 2 aren?t confirmed.

Ridell Earring

  • Earring
  • 4 DP (+1)
  • 1 Acc (+1)
  • Drops in the northeast of Mediah. (Lv.54~Lv.57)

I almost forgot this shitty version of the Token of Friendship. Normally you don?t want to stack DP and if you do , you won?t need Acc , so Token of Friendship is by far better than this.


AP = Attack Power

DP = Defense?Power

Acc = Accuracy

Stam = Stamina

Mana = MP/SP/WP

HP = Healthpoints

BiS = Best in Slot

RoGD = Ring of Good Deeds

MoS = Mark of Shadows

ASAP = as soon as possible

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