Black Desert Online mini guide on permanent potions grind from my own experience


Hello people, long post ahead

This all comes from my personal experience. Take it with a grain of salt o/

I’ve been grinding both pots for months and i want to share with who still goes for them all my thoughts, i hope you’ll find something helpful in this mini guide.

First of all, keep in your mind that you’re supposed to have fun by grinding, and i can’t stop enforce this. Before going for the pots be sure you’re playing a character you like, or you gonna give up before you’ll get on the spot or shortly after.

Second : grind pots on seasonal servers. Why? Coz of the extra drops seasonal related (time filled stones, ouk pill of rift etc..) Those fuels your silver/h and supply extra lootscrolls, turning some terrible grind spots into something viable. For example wasting your 281 AP character to grind Tshira Ruins feels bad, and doing it on normal servers is even worst. So take a chance to play with an alt without feeling any regret, seasonal is easy and you’ll be ready to grind in those spots in no time expecially if you’re an already experienced player.

Third : Don’t track your grinding hours. this may be a little unpopular but… i mean… don’t be too much obsessed by how many hours you’re investing. Why? Coz you burnout. The game doesn’t care if you’re 2 hours or 500 hours in, it’s random.. and by keep remembering how long you’ve been there you’ll hate the game and everyone who is luckier then you.

Forth : Lootscrolls and tent buff. They are good, they help for sure. But don’t over estimate them, they don’t do miracles. My general rule has been to use 30 minutes lootscrolls and no tent buff during peak hours, and on off hours lootscroll (always blue, never yellow) with sporadic campsite buff when i could tank the loss of silver. Keep in your mind that if you spam 50million silver every hour you risk to end up bankrupt before getting the pot pices. Expecially if you’re grinding bad spots first.

Fifth and last : Your nodes and pets, you want them to be lvl 10. Why? Coz you gonna be grinding there a lot and you gonna do everything that is necessary to increase your chances. Your pets gonna work hard. Upgrade them before doing some serious grind. T4 is not mandatory (But if you can effort it… t3 is enough for most places) and the arctic fox (+4% trashloot) is more of a “i want to belive it does something” then anything else. Keep in your mind that you’re grinding for the loot, so wait your pets to do the work and then move to another pack, NEVER leave loot untouched on the ground, it’s a missed opportunity… p.s Birds loots further away, thus can be be slow picking. If you running them keep an extra eye open.

Remember : Start the potion grind from the spot that is more useful to your normal progression. Why? Coz every spot has different drops, for different needs. For example, if you want to get more caphras stones, you’ll enjoy grinding ronaros/manshaum. If you what you need is normal black stones head to sherekan or cadry, and so on. This personally helped me a lot.

The drop rate of those potion pices is somewhere arround 0.0001% This is my supposition based on the fact yellow accessories drop rate is between 0.001% and 0.005% in most cases. If you think dropping yellow accessories, like a Tungrad Earring or an Eye of the Ruin ring is “rare” you’ll probably never grind long enough to finish a potion. Many players hoarded stack of 40-50 yellow accessories before getting a single pot item, there’s plenty of horror stories arround here and you probably already know some.

My personal ranking on the rarity of those items.

  1. Narc’s Crimson Tear

  2. Half Moon kagtunak

  3. Sherekan’s panacea

  4. Valtarra’s Clairvoyance

  5. Ron’s Tintinnabulum

  6. Markthanan’s Gland

Why i chose them in this order? Starting from the first and rarest in my experience.

Narc’s tear – (Manshaum)

There is only a single mob dropping the item, the “Manshaum Shaman”. There are less then 30 of those split in the full grinding area. The best rotation for them allows for 12ish kills every couple of minutes, it’s a very contested spot in which often faster players grief by jumping the shamans and leaving the rest behind. Beside the money/h this spot is the hardest and i wish PA would do something (maybe adding the narc’s tear from another mob type on the same spot?) Feels frustrating at times.

To grind at Manshaum efficiently i absolutely reccomand a fast moving class, as many knows here Musa is good, maybe the “best” ( Tiger blade > shaman to shaman it’s amazing) But any fast paced class is good, for the love of yourself don’t grind there with a shai. If you grind with something like guardian you end up with more silver/h but less individual shaman kills.

Narc’s tear – Navar steppe [Event Spot]

The only mob dropping the piece is the black feather wolf “Phynil” by a normal kill. There are 4 – 5 of them in the entire place. It’s absolutely worst then then already bad Manshaum. I discourage wasting your time in here. Unless you need horse gear materials (wind fragments). You could try to grind Narc’s tear from the wolves and at the same time do tanning on ferricas for the Valtarra’s Clairvoyance to optimize your time, but takes quite some effort (and inventory slots) and it’s the opposite of efficient.

Ash Half Moon Kagtunak – Blood Wolves

The mob that drops it is the “Kagtum executioneer”. What make this hard beside the scarcity of this mob is how much blood wolves is clustered by players. In peak hours it’s a nightmare. Also bloodwolves gear requirement isn’t as high, the silver/h are decent, this is why many people go there and take the chance. In this spot T4 pets are a HUGE help, the mobs are abundant and theres many filler mobs (like the blood wolves) that drops nothing relevant and slow down your looting. The best rotation for the pot is right behind the node manager, but goodluck holding the spot. My advice for the best class to grind there? Anything you play good in PVP. And a lot of coffè.

Ash Half Moon Kagtunak – Cadry Ruins [Event spot]

This is a golden spot. During the event i reccomand going there. Why? The mob that drops it is the “Cadry Armored Fighter” It’s abundant everywhere. You also get plenty of blackstones, surprisingly the silver/h isn’t that bad, the gear requirement is super low (160 AP can be enough) Cons : Inventory fills up quickly coz of Rosar gear. The best rotation is past the choke (after the first sphere) No particular class reccomandation, but i found out archer/wiz performing real good, expecially in those areas in which the mobs are spread but close enough to get nuked all togheter.

Sherekan Panacea – Sherekan Necropolis

In here you want to have patience. For two reason, the first being the mob CCs and the latter the night time. Mobs in Sherekan Necropolis disappear during in-game night time thus slowing down your grind. During the day you can aquire the panacea from “Beldecas” and “Garud” While during night, by summoning at the cost of 10 energy/kill “Lateh” on it’s respective grave. Money and mob density are decent, silver/h is decent aswell, the added benefit of dropping Dragon Scale Fossils and caphras make it a solid grinding ground for failstacks and further gear progression. I highly reccomand guardian to grind here, she is just perfect for this. Big AOE, slow but doesn’t matter and most important she is almost always immune to CC coz her long SA. I tried different characters but she just do it better, atleast here and for me. You want to have arround 210 AP (kutum) before going to sherekan or you gonna have a bad time. If you don’t oneshot them, you end up getting CCed wasting time.. A little trick, always activate your agris fever during night time kills, those mobs drops a very juicy trashloot.

Sherekan Panacea – Protty cave [Event Spot]

Good choice, this is a solid spot too. Expecially for worst geared players. Protty entry level is arround 180 AP, the only mob that drops the pot is “Zera Protty” It’s abundant and even in peak hours you often find a spot in there, but you need a ship. If you don’t have it just use a traveller map from Velia to Liliya island and swim (takes 10min without shark outfit) the silver/h are really RNG dependant. I’ve been grinding there quite a lot, Red Seals are worth 80-100m silver(EU) and help tanking tent buffs. As for manshaum a fast class works better, if youre fast at polly, you’re fast at protty too. You can repair your gear and sell your trashloot directly on the island, once you get there you can stay quite a lot. Only cons is the RNG drops, bad hours can be 20m/silver good hours/200m. If you’re going for krogdalo horse gear you’ll love protty , coz of “Sycrid songs.” The best rotation is in the middle, below the bridge you find along the way. A pretty straight forward rotation with exactly 23 Zera Protty waiting for you.

Valtarra’s ClairvoyanceNavarn Steppe

The approach on this one is quite different form the ordinary. You need to lifeskill, or atleast try to. The piece drops from killing and then tanning the mobs. Drops from 4 mobs “Ferrina and Ferrica” (the big chickens) and from ” Belladonna elephant” and the baby version of it. NOT from the wolves/panthers/griffons, don’t waste your time and energy. Apparently lifeskill mastery increase the chance of drop, but what makes the difference is the pet hedgehog. It’s literally the lootscroll of this place. The money/h are laughable without a proper lifeskill set, hardly you’ll find competition for the spot. A trick is the p2w bag that allows to swap gear real quick. Why you need that? Coz to put down those chickens/elephants you need to have 200ish AP then swap to your lifeskill set and gather to increase the chances at dropping (if you tryhard). Otherwise just equip a magic (yellow) tanning knife and don’t bother with swapping gear. It’s bad money either way.

Valtarra’s ClairvoyanceHunting – [Event spot ]

I personally like this. You get it by killing any [WILD] mob in Kamasylvia/Drieghan/Valencia regions. Wild mobs are the one that takes damage just from matchlocks (hunting). Why is this good? Coz you get silver for your time. While it’s a bit slower on killing/efficiency you’ll see your time worth, and your lifeskills growing. There is a spot in Drieghan where you can literally one tap goats real fast, has been said this was the quickest way to obtain this potion part. Personally i went on kamasylvia wolves and got a nice supply of meats plus the drop, absolutely reccomanded to try as an alternative to the stupid steppe chickens and their useless feathers.

Ron’s Tintinnabulum – Forest Ronaros

One of the best money/h while grinding for the HP pot. Ronaros drop is quite easy compared to the rest, the mobs that drops the piece are two “Ronaros Catcher” and “Ronaros Guardian“. The grind zone is quite big, those mobs are often in packs of 2 or more, almost every time you kill a pack there’s a chance of dropping it. The best rotation is on the north, middle way between Ronaros and Fadus, surprisinly far from the node manager. Cons is that the mobs are quite far from each other and spread, you want to have a character with big AoE (not necessarily guardian but she is real good there). You get Caphras and forest breath’s like candies here. If you gonna have bad luck during your grinding adventure hope to stay stuck on ronaros and you’ll make a small fortune.

Ron’s Tintinnabulum – Sycraia upper zone – [Event spot]

No. Don’t do this to yourself. This is the worst. The pot piece drops from “Damaged Kuraba” there are 5 or 6 in total in all the grind zone and they are far away from each other. This spot also requires a boat and some sort of organization in order to be “efficient” But realistically talking the only thing you gonna get there is experience, very low silver/h and don’t really belive in dropping tungrad rings. There is a one in a million chance to drop a piece of the merchant ring tho. (Yes even in upper sycraia). For the pot regular ronaros is ten times better.

Markthanan’s GlandTshira ruins

I placed this in the bottom, not coz it’s bad.. but coz the odds of getting the items are quite high. In Tshira ALL the mobs with “keeper” in the name have a chance at dropping, and trust me they’re a lot. “Grove- Vine – Leaf Keeper” all drops it. The mobs are oneshottable with quest gear (140 AP), and there’s some very nasty rotation with only “Leaf Keepers” that allow for something like 50 kills/ rotation. In here you want a character that is fast, you want t3 (better if t4) pets. Archer/Musa/Hashbrown are all solid choices. Personally grinded here with Archer, SHIFT + E oneshotting things while horse raiding at random and dropped it…

Markthanan’s Gland – Fadus habitat- [Event Spot]

It’s an alternative, but less efficient then tshira. The only mob that drops it is “Fadus warrior” They are abundant, but not as much as all the mobs in tshira. Go there if you need skill points more then the pot. Also the mobs are so easy to kill that this spot is ready-to-go almost after you finish calpheon questline. Very solid choice for first-time seasonal characters that needs to improve further.

Well, thank you for reading i had fun in typing this, i hope it helps

back to grind now! And goodluck

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