So, while I find the interactive map on EXTREMELY useful, it isn’t quite as useful as it could be… as the node names are slightly incorrect. I’ve explored most of the (in-land) map at this point, so I figured I’d make this list to help explorers who are just starting out, or who are missing some nodes that I already have. I will get the oceanic nodes ASAP.

If you happen to have information that I am missing, or notice any incorrect information, just let me know. I will try to update this to help others. Also, if there is any other information you want me to add to this, let me know and I’ll see if I can do it. Thanks!

Oh, and if you have any questions feel free to message me in-game (Auryna Sarai on Edan); I’m afk a lot, so if I don’t answer, just wait – I’ll do my best.

Area In-Game Node Name Node Manager (In-Game) BDO Tome Map Node Name Gathering Nodes
Balenos – West Epheria Ridge Charles Epheria Pass
  Elder’s Bridge Setsk Elder Bridge
  Foot of Thermian Mountain Kuro Barellian Therman Foothills
  Mask Owl Forest Hush Masked Owl Forest
  Florin Gateway Heila Florin Gateway
  Thermian Cliff Olson Therman Bluff Copper Ore
  Wale Farm Wale Weil Farm Olive
  Olvia Olvia
  Casta Farm Casta Carstar Farm G—–
  Olvia Coast Baulo Olevia Coastline
  Wolf Hills Dehen Wolf Hill Ash Timber
  Balenos River Mouth Boble Barlenos Estuary
Balenos – East Western Gateway Nathan Western Gateway
  Western Guard Camp Cliff Western Guard Camp
  Forest of Seclusion Fairy Nest Secluded Forest Copper Ore; Maple Timber
  Ancient Stone Chamber Jarette Domongatt Chamber of the Ancients Old Tree Spirit’s Token
  Bandit’s Den Byway Andebach Biraghi Stronghold
  Toscani Farm Ovidio Toscani Toscani Farm Corn; Corn
  Imp Cave Tiny Nose Imp Cavern Copper Ore; Copper Ore
  Altar of Aegis Incas Arlese Altar
  Coastal Cliff Andrei Seaside Precipice
  Coastal Cave Egrin Seaside Cavern Iron Ore; Copper Ore
  Loggia Farm Severo Loggia Loggia Farm Potato
  Marino Farm Rovant Marino Marino Farm
  Bartali Farm Emma Bartali Bartali Farm Chicken Meat; Potato
  Velia Veila
  Cron Castle Cron Castle Altar Crone Castle
  Cron Castle Site Beedle Crone Castle Ruins Sunrise Herb
  Ehwaz Hill Marsha Harrowing Hill Fortune Teller Mushroom; Ash Timber
  Finto Farm Martina Finto Pinto Farm Chicken Meat; Potato
  Forest of Plunder Grusha Ravaged Forest Arrow Mushroom
  Goblin Cave Goblin Mural Goblin Cavern Copper Ore; Ash Timber
  Balenos Forest Daphne DelLucci Barlenos Forest Sunrise Herb; Ash Timber
  Heidel Pass Kirkley Hidel Headway
Serendia Northen Heidel Quarry Jemkas Wyrmsbane Northern Hidel Quarry Copper Ore; Iron Ore
  Northern Guard Camp Berman Northern Guard Camp
  Alejandro Farm Amadeo Alejandro Alejandro Farm Pumpkin; Cooking Honey
  Lynch Farm Ruins Zara Lynch Linch Farm Ruins Altar Imp’s Broken Trumpet; Silver Azalea
  Lynch Ranch Murana Lynch Linch Farm Fleece
  Northern Plains of Serendia Delanian Northern Selendia Plain Silver Azalea; Maple Timber
  Biraghi Den Etunar Viragi Stronghold
  Eastern Border Rundebarra Eastern Boundry
  Moretti Plantation Mercianne Moretti Moleti Farm Wheat; Flax
  Northern Cienaga Ancient Naga Statue Northen Marshes Dwarf Mushroom
  Eastern Gateway Hervano Tito Eastern Gateway
  Castle Ruins Ruben Strife Castle Ruin Maple Timber
  Costa Farm Mael Costa Costa Farm Wheat; Flax; Pumpkin
  Central Guard Camp Alugren Central Guard Camp
  Glish Ruins Karu Glysi Ruins
  Southern Guard Camp Maul Southern Guard Camp
  Serendia Shrine Delfinio Selendia Shrine Pine Timber
  Northwestern Gateway Romano Prospero Northwestern Gateway
  Glish Swamp Zegna Glysi Swamp Lead Ore; Cloud Mushroom
  Glish Glyshi Town
  Southern Cienaga Papa Fogan Southern Marshes Iron Ore; Cloud Mushroom
  Southwestern Gateway Xaviero Vitello Southwestern Gateway
  Bloody Monastery Annalynn Scarlet Monastery
  Bradie Fortress Laodum Bradi Fortress
  Orc Camp Orc Hunter Buddy Orc Camp
  Watchtower Meldor Watch Tower
  Southern Neutral Zone Sara Southern Neutral Zone
Calpheon – North Epheria Sentry Post Paso Anca Epalia Guard Post
  Epheria Valley Shepherd Ron Epheria Gorge
  Quint Hill Badoru Gynt Hill Birch Timber; Lead Ore
  Isolated Sentry Post Alca Antoure Isolated Sentry Post
  Cohen Farm Jacob Cohen Farm
  Abandoned Land Bipache Forsaken Land
  Elder’s Bridge Post Troll Mural Oldster’s Bridge Post
  Anti-Troll Fortification Andre Vidal Troll Defence Camp
  Contaminated Farm Libero Tainted Farm
  Bree Tree Ruins Bree Tree Ancient Ruins Bree Arbor Ruins Birch Timber; Tiger Mushroom
  Bernianto Farm Griffian Bernianto Bernianto Farm
  Northern Wheat Plantation Norma Leight Northern Mill Farm Barley; Wheat; Paprika
  Dias Farm Enzo Diase Farm
  Florin Valentine Florin Town
  Caphras Cave Philance Kaplath Cavern
  Khuruto Cave Karcenov Kruto Cavern Tin Ore
  Old Dandelion Little Kuruto Gati Old Dondeleon Birch Timber
  Karanda Ridge Clarkster Coronda Ridge Silk Honey Grass
  Delphe Outpost Elgriffin Delpa Outpost
  Delphe Knight’s Castle Margaret Delpa Knight Castle
Calpheon – Southeast Falres Dirt Farm Jame Falres Palruce Cattle Ranch
  Oberen Farm Matheo Oberen Oberen Farm
  Bain Farmland Anne Vine Farmland
  Marni Farm Ruins Rough Mud Pile Marnier Farm Ruins
  Beacon Entrance Post Lonebaer Entry Beacon Post
  Trina Beacon Mounds Ancient Relic on Beacon Mound Trina Beacon
  Trina Fort Fridri Dofricson Trina Fortification
  Saunil Camp Trina Knights Scout Henry Sunil Camp
  Saunil Battlefield Trina Knights Soldier Max Sunil Stretch
  Marni Cave Path Henge Bato Marni Cave Route
  Marni’s Lab Bava Marni’s Laboratory
  Glutoni Cave Patrol Anna Gluttony Cavern Coal; Emperor Mushroom
  Oze Pass Petrified Laborers Oge Peak Cedar Timber
  Oze’s House Investigator Olgert Oge’s House
  Abandoned Quarry Protruding Crystal Forsaken Quarry
  Quarry Byway Rock Investigator Enruka Sait Quarry Way
  Keplan Quarry Nurse Phirea Caplon Quarry Coal
  Keplan Coplan
  Keplan Vicinity Hunter Barant Caplon Intersection
  Keplan Hill Keplan Scout Sam Flan Cake Hill
  Tarte Rock Fork Gatherer Fabris Tart Crag Junction
  Dane Canyon Stranded Soldier John Dane Canyon
  Abandoned Quarry Abandoned Quarry Scout Theo Depleted Quarry
  Gianin Farm Goolie Gianin Gianin Farm
  Closed Western Gateway Batuetta Closed Western Gate
  Gehaku Plain Giant Chief Mural Geaku Prairie
  Primal Giant Post Naku Davi Titan Post Lead Ore
  Hexe Stone Wall Night Owl Hexe Stone Wall
  Marie Cave Ribley Mari Cavern Pine Timber; Ghost Mushroom
  Witch’s Chapel Hexe’s Curse Witch’s Chapel
  Hexe Sanctuary Human Remains Hexe Sanctuary
Calpheon – Southwest Gabino Farm Bob Anderson Garvino Farm
  North Kaia Mountaintop Dragon Egg Northern Kaia Mountain Summit
  Phoniel’s Cabin Villa Owner Phoniel Poniel Cottage Fir Timber
  Phoniel’s Cabin Entrance Keplan Vet Rosanir Poniel Cabin Entrance
  Behr Riverhead Kamasilve Priest Nellamorin Bare Reservoire Tin Ore
  Behr Downstream Bojanka Behr Downstream
  Rhua Tree Stub Kamasilve Priestess Lunia Lua Arbor Base Emperor Mushroom
  Behr Likke Behr Behr Town
  Longleaf Tree Forest Doctor Brogia Gynip Arbor Forest Cedar Timber
  Crioville Herio Creo Village
  Longleaf Tree Sentry Post Nelydormin Gynip Arbor Reconnaissance Post Silk Honey Grass
  Trent Trent Village
  Lumberjack’s Rest Area Agria Jens Lumberyard Shelter Cedar Timber
  Abandoned Monastery Bacho Ladericcio Abandoned Monastary
  Treant Forest Treant Spirit Forest Ents Fir Timber
  Tobare’s Cabin Tobare Tobare Shanty
  Mansha Forest Mansha Manysa Forest Fir Timber
  Calpheon Castle Western Front Kaku Western Calpheon Castle Ruins Forest
  Catfishman Camp Mancini Catfishman Camp
  Lake Kaia Sirio Kaia Lake
  Calpheon Castle Site Questionable Giant Mushroom Calpheon Castle Ruins
  Calpheon Castle Eagle of Calpheon Calpheon Castle
  North Kaia Ferry Patreo Northern Kaia Ferry
  South Kaia ferry Bavao Southern Kaia Ferry
  Rhutum Sentry Post Elinke Visamin Rhutum Sentry Post
  Rhutum Outstation Resting Rhutum Lutom Tribe Post Tin Ore
Oceanic Nodes Serca Island Odro Serka Island Squid
  Randis Island Sagotts Landise Island Round Herring; Dolphinfish
  Baeza Island Ludwig Barheja Island Flatfish
  Modric Island Delio Modulig Island Rock Hind
  Theonil Island Riotina Scunir Island
  Teyamal Island Vidicto Teyamal Island
  Rameda Island Gonzales Lameda Island
  Ginburrey Island Schutgen Jinborei Island
  Daton Island Sion Dayton Island
  Netnume Island Batermann Netinaum Island
  Oben Island McCulley Oben Island
  Dunde Island Ebott Donde Island
  Eberdeen Island Stejones Aberdeen Island
  Albresser Island Ninehart Albreso Island Rock Hind
  Barater Island Juria Palatelu Island Flatfish; Squid


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