Black Desert Online Olvia Daily Quests for Gathering List


Black Desert Online Olvia Daily Quests for Gathering List?by Entrenous

Hello fellow grinders, I am Entrenous from Mediah U2. I lean towards being a completionist and as such, do a lot of doddling around.

Below is a list of daily skill quests that I opened up before heading east to Traders Camp. I was somewhat bumbed to find out most of the VAL area was based on training the player on the things that I pain stakenly muddled thru, but such is life!

Helpful Tips?
1. These quests are opened up as you get higher in gathering skill. The list below is NOT in order.
2. There are two tool vendors in town. ?Sady? (in farmers alley) and ?Wale? (Wale farms).
3. This guide does not cover the Lolly Trade quests.
4. Remember to practice Node management and increase your node energy to get the most out of your gathering.
5. Olivia is a great little town to practice housing, as it has a lot to choose from.
6. Over 1200 Contribution xp reward points are offered here and that is very helpful!
7. Olivia has not only a ton of local resources, but a Trade Merchant and Warehouse.
8. Two of the quests are opened by Knowledge on the NPC?s Amity wheel.
9. Make sure to get extra warehouse space as you will need it quickly.
10. Try and accomplish your goals grouped, as the items you accumulate count for all quests you have grabbed.
11. There are countless searchable items thoughout town that give rewards, such as xp scrolls, gems etc.
12. This does not cover any fishing.

Quest: The ?Name? of the quest.
NPC: The Name of the NPC and ocupation, if any.
Location: Short description of where to find the NPC.
Chore: Tool needed for task.
Rewards: (listed as?)
? Cxp = Contribution xp
? E# = Energy Regain
? Gxp = Gathering xp
? Pxp = Processing xp
? Sxp = Strength xp
? Various Item Choices
? Potions = Medium HP or MP

Olvia Sap

[SAP Gathering x2]

Quest: ?Treatment for Bison?
NPC: Kerbia (Local Rancher)
Loc: On main road, standing at Bison? near entrance stairs to east skill dummies.
Task: (Siphon) 10 Fir Sap
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / 3HP or 2MP

Quest: ?Withering Trees?
NPC: Bioneer (General Goods vendor)
Loc: On road just west of Trade Merchant building.
Task: (Siphon) 8 Ash sap + 8 Maple sap + 4 Birch sap
Rewards: Cxp 70 / E5 / Gxp / 5 pure water or 5 distilled water

Olvia Logs

[LUMBER Gathering x7]

Quest: ?Avidio?s Guard Service?
NPC: Avidio (Vigilante boy)
Loc: Stands next to Chief Igor
Task: (Axe) 10 logs
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / 3HP or 2MP

Quest: ?Sady?s Tool Supply? *Amity*
NPC: Sady (Material Vendor)
Loc: Stands near the stone well in the market.
Task: (Axe) 25 Maple timber + process 5 Planks
Rewards: Cxp 120 / E5 / Gxp / Pxp / Tool choice (30 dura)

Quest: ?Wooter, Worcester?s Pupil?
NPC: Wooter (Goblin, Furniture)
Loc: Stands next to Worcester the Furniture Dealer.
Task: (Axe) 15 Fir timber
Rewards: Cxp 70 / E5 / Gxp / Pepper seed or Garlic seed

Quest: ?Daily Training?
NPC: Bunt (Skill Trainer)
Loc: East Training yard
Task: (Axe) 20 logs + 2 Scant
Rewards: Cxp 120 / E5 / Gxp / Pxp / Choose 1 Alch Powder

Quest: ?Hop, Step, Jump?
NPC: Hienz (Herb Brewery, Stomper)
Loc: Casta Farms Herb Brewery
Task: (Axe) 15 Birch timber + 2 Birch planks
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / Pxp / 3HP or 2MP

*Added 3/18/16
Quest: ?Reed of the Spirits?
NPC: Kid (playing reed)
Loc:?Sitting on fence next to sheep.
Task: *Get 1 Spirit Leaf by Lumbering
Rewards: Cxp 120 / E5 / Gxp / choice Alch powder (Darkness / Flame / Crevice / Earth / Time)

*Added 3/20/16
Quest: ?Old Tree?
NPC: Layen (guard)
LOC: Chatting with guards in front of Chiara?s East stables.
Task: (Lumbering) get 1 old tree bark
Rewards: Cxp 120 / E5 / Gxp / Choice (1Monks Branch or 1Red Tree Lump or 1Spirit Leaf)

Olvia Ore

[ORE Gathering x1]

Quest: ?Wilk?s Request?
NPC: Wilkevic (Blacksmith Helper)
Loc: Bangs anvil near to Blacksmithy Curtis (across the street from trade Merchant).
Task: (Pick) 10 Rough Stones
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / 3Hp or 2Mp

Olvia Meat

[Meat Gathering x3]

Quest: ?Support the Supporter?
NPC: Baldos (Guild Manager)
Loc: Near Chief Igor
Task:? (Drying) Process 10 Jerky
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Pxp / 3Hp or 2Mp

Quest: ?Meat for a Cat?
NPC: Romie (local boy)
Loc: Market alley
Task: (Butcher) 5 Weasel Meat
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / 3Hp or 2Mp

Quest: ?Meat Wars?
NPC: Bren (Pig farmer)
Loc: Inside Wale Farm
Task: (Butcher) 10 Wolf meat
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / 3milk or 3eggs

Olvia Hides

[Hides Gathering x3]

Quest: ?Making a Saddle?
NPC: Jerry (Boy feeding Bison)
Loc: Stands at Bison, on road near skill yard
Task: (Skinning) 15 Weasel Hides + (Drying) 3 thin hides
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / Pxp / 3Hp or 2Mp

Quest: Marv Hates Wolves?
NPC: Marv (town guard)
Loc: standing on upper lookout wall near Chief Igor
Task: (Skinning) 15 Wolf Hides
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / Choice (10Potatoes or 10Corn or 10Wheat or 10Barley)

Quest: ?Lacy Hates Hides?
NPC: Lacy (Curio Collector)
Loc: Town Market near stone well
Task: (Skinning) 20 Fox hides
Rewards: Cxp 70 / E5 / Gxp / Choice (2Beer or 2Grain Soup)

Olvia Herbs

[Herb Gathering x6]

Quest: ?Nodmir?s Passion? *Amity*
NPC Nodmir (Stable Master)
Loc: West Stables
Task: (Barehand) 15 weeds
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / 3Hp or 2Mp

Quest: ?Gathering is Fun!?
NPC: Puzia (Girl selling herbs)
Loc: Casta Farm, standing near Lloyd
Task: (Hoe) 3 Silver Azalea
Rewards: Cxp 70 / E5 / Gxp / Choice of 5 Schrooms (Fog / Thump / Bluffer / Ancient / Amanita)

Quest: ?Medical Botany?
NPC: Lloyd (Botanist)
Loc: Casta farms. Sitting in chair, smoking pipe
Task: (Hoe) 5 Fire Flake Flowers? Wild Herbs
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / Choise of 5 Schrooms (Cloud / Sky / Tiger / Emperor)

Quest: ?Herb Crusher?
NPC: Bertoli (Girl at herb crushing)
Loc: Stands amongst the girls. The place is north behind the Trade Merchant
Task: (Hoe) 15 Sunrise herbs? Wild Herbs
Rewards: Cxp 70 / E5 / Gxp / Choice of 5 Schrooms (Fortune Teller / Arrow / Dwarf / Ghost)

*Added 3/18/16
Quest: ?Hay for Chiara? ? Amity 150
NPC: Chiara Coup (Stable Master)
LOC: East Stables
Task: (Hoe) 4 Dry Main Grass
Rewards: Cxp 70 / E5 / Gxp / Choice 5 Schrooms (Fortune Teller / Arrow / Dwarf)

*Added 3/18/16
Quest: ?Raymond Loves Grapes?
NPC: Raymond (Chicken farmer)
LOC: Wale farm @ chicken coop
Task: (Hoe) Gather 5 Grapes
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / 3Milk or 3Eggs

Olvia Cows

[Milk Gathering x2]

*Milk Mini game* ? click LMB and/or RMB to squeeze utters.
One game will cover both quests and you will end up with 10 Milk.
So, you could walk away with 25 milk in a quick two minutes.

Quest: ?Milkin the Potions?
NPC: Algena (Girl Potion Mixer)
Loc: Just west and across the street from Bioneer general Goods Vendor
Task: *Milk Mini Game* at cows
Rewards: Cxp 70 / E5 / Gxp / Choice of 5Milk or 5Eggs

Quest: ?Young Shepard?
NPC: Flute Boy
Loc. Sitting on fence at cows
Task: *Cow Mini Game*
Rewards: Cxp 50 / Sxp / Gxp / Choice of 10 (Milk / Pork / Eggs / Potatoes)

Olvia Liquid

[Liquid gathering x2]

Quest: ?Revive Fish?
NPC: Arden (Boy Vigilante)
Loc: Standing at West Town Gate
Task: (Bottle) 10 Sea water
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / Choice of 3Pure water or 3Distilled
*This quest is by far the longest run, as it takes you to the shores just north of Olivia.
Don?t forget your 10 bottles!

Quest: ?Blood of Beasts?
NPC: Rachel (Girl Potion Mixer)
Loc: Inside Casta Farm, on the east side.
Task: (Fluid) 10Wolf Blood + 7Fox Blood
Rewards: Cxp 40 / E3 / Gxp / 3Mp or 2Hp
*You may want to do this quest when doing hides or meat.
Well that?s all I have so far.
Please post any Olivia DQ?s that I have missed or perhaps not seen.
Have a blast!

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