Black Desert Online Olvia Profession Quests Guide


Black Desert Online Olvia Profession Quests Guide?by Hemuk

I?d like to pass on my knowledge to people who have been grinding their butts off and maybe want to catch up on those Contribution points or profession levels that they missed.

This will only be a list of the items you need in a somewhat understandable manner, each item will be explained and ordered in the most efficient way for you to be able to min/max the time spent gathering and being ready beforehand with the items that you might need anyway.

I will be upgrading this post regularly with quest tittles and their requirements; since a couple require amity points to be unlocked, I?m also not sure as what level of profession you need for this quests to unlock, I?ll try to get that info google?d out and post it here, note that, theoretically, this post is only for item requirements so you decide which way it?s more efficient for you to do these quests.


Q: Should I do these quests?

Answer for Hardcore players: This is the ultimate multitasking activity in Black Desert (that I know of) even tho it takes a while to do them all, the time/reward is unbeatable.

Normal Answer: You get Contribution EXP (almost 2 full points), a bunch of gathering/processing/cooking/alchemy percents (%) EVEN at high ?Professional? levels, you get a bunch of materials that you probably wouldnt go get otherwise, most of the rewards for completing some of the Gathering quests are the mats you need to complete the Alchemy/Cooking quests anyway.

Q: What tools do I need to do these quests?

A: All of them, I would recomend to have at least 1 Steel (blue) version of each tool (Tan/Butcher Knives, Hoe, Pick, Axe & Fluid Collector), this reduces the gathering time by half and makes these quests less exasperating.

Q: I only have Gathering at skilled 5 and all the others (Alchemy/Processing/Cooking) are low, should I try this anyway?

A: No, this is cohesive chunk of quests that require things off of each other to be worth while, if you dont have at least Skilled 5 in ALL of them, you probably shouldnt bother

Q: Approximately how long does it take to do them all?

A: AT THE BEGINING and if you have ALL the quests avaliable (above skilled 5 in all skills) you can expect to take up to 2:30 rage-inducing, frustrating hours, but I promise you that if you follow my indications, after a few tries you will get acostumed to them and improve immensely on your time to even 1:30.

Q: Why bother?

A: If you?re a completionist like I am, this is (again) the ultimate multitasking experience, the fact that the game forces you to gather these items that you wouldnt gather in the first place anyway (cause your time is better spent doing something else like grinding) is reason enough to do these quests, gathering items for the heck of it might not be worth your time but if you do it while questing; getting CP EXP, Profession EXP and elixirs or items like the metal solvent (which at some point you will need anyway) is a great way of justifying storing up materials.

Q: Can you sum up the rewards in an approximate?

A: Not really, I dont want to lie to you, I can only give you vague estimates:

Close to 2 Contribution Points.
More (for sure) than 1 Skill level in Gathering, Processing and Alchemy (if you are SPECIFICALLY: Skilled 5) and some in Cooking (not sure how much cause my cooking is too high)
1 Agile Seal Elixir (or more if your skill is high)
1 Elixir of Hemostasis (or more if your skill is high)
1 Leather Gaze (or more if your skill is high)
1 Plywood Hardener (or more if your skill is high)
1 Metal Solvent (or more if your skill is high)
ANY kind of Mushroom that you want (all kinds currently existing in game are avaliable as reward)
Multiple Birch/Maple/Ash Sap.
Multiple Fox/Wolf Blood.
Multiple Birch/Maple Planks.
1 Ash Plywood (multiple if your skill is high)
1 Cooper Ingot (multiple if your skill is high)
10 Bottles of Sea Water.
Multiple Thin/Weasel/Fox/Wolf Hides.
5 Lead Shards.
Tons of Fir/Ash/Maple/Fir Timber (if you decide to pick them up and store them)
At least 50 Logs (which if you can keep or turn in Bartali Farm for an extra 120 CP EXP)
3 Purified Water
A bunch of weeds, g r a p e s, sunrise herbs, Dry Mane Grass, Fireflake, and Silver Azalea (if you choose to pick them up and store them)

NOTE: I didnt take ?Self Suficient? items into account as reward, so you can get all of the above; EVERYDAY, to your heart?s content. So as you can see, the fact that you?re getting all of these items that you will probably need at some point in the game WHILE getting Skill levels and CP EXP is kindda worth it IMHO.


The Asterisk means you HAVE to get the item yoursel after accepting the quest, thus, you cant have them ready beforehand just to deliver.


NOTE: If I state the item is ?Self suficient? is cause you have (or will) recived it as a reward from past quests and dont need to gather it anymore.

NOTE: There are easely over 25 quests (more than the max number of quest allowed to have at the same time) so the order that you pick them up is on your discretion, I devided the items for a reason, as I dont have time ATM to add quests names and locations (I will in the future) just pick up all of the quests that go with each other (e.g. Lumber/Sap) and do those, turn them in and move along. Also, all cooking quests are delivered by the same NPC inside the inn, so you can rent a room upstairs, pick up the quests, cook everything and turn them all in, so you have space to pick up other quests, I advice you to pick the Alchemy quests last and to get as much storage as your CP allow, so you can store ?Self Suficient? items for the next day.


20 Logs* (keep them for usable scantlings)
15(10) Maple Timber* (keep them for the maple planks)
15 Fir Timber* (you can choose not to pick it up if you dont want to waste inventory space)
10 Birch Timber* (keep them for planks)
2 Birch Planks*
Spirit Leaf* (random from lumbering any tree)
Old Tree Bark* (also random)
10 Ash Planks (I?d advice you to have Ash timber ready beforehand to do the planks asap, since you dont need to lumber the Ash timber yourself)
1 Ash Plywood (same as above)
5 Maple Planks*
2 Usable Scantlings*


8 Ash*
8 Maple*
8 Birch*
10 Fir Sap*


10 Rough Stones*
10 Cooper Shards (get the Cooper Ore beforehand, you dont need to gather them)
1 Cooper Ingot (use the shards you got from the item above)

Gather: (REMINDER: all of these plants do NOT need to be picked up for the completion of the quest; you can save yourself some inventory space)

15 Weeds*
5 G r a p e s* (use a Hoe)
10 Bottled Sea Water* (buy 10 empty bottles and fill them up at the shore north of Olvia)
15 Sunrise Herb* (dont follow the map, you will get them coolateraly from ?Wild Herb? as you complete the other quests)
3 Dry Mane Grass* (either Hoe or barehanded, from Wild Herbs)
5 Fireflake* (either Hoe or barehanded, from Wild Herbs)
3 Silver Azalea* (either Hoe or barehanded, from Wild Herbs)
Milk (succesfully milk a cow)
Milk (succesfully milk a cow, this and the above are sperate quests, you can do them both in 1 milking)


10 Fragant Jerkys* (you can use the meat you get from completing the other 2 quests)
10 Wolf Meat*
5 Weasel Meat*


15 Weasel Hides*
3 Thin Hides* (you can get them by ?Drying? the hides from the other quests)
20 Fox Hides*
15 Wolf Hides*


10 Wolf*
7 Fox*


NOTE: The rewards of these quests are the mats themselves so I recommend you to pick ?Trace of Origin? and ?Trace of Savagery? as rewards, after you do these quests once, they are self suficient so you dont need to gather/buy these ?Traces? anymore.

2 Clear Liquid Reagent (you can do it with alchemy or by turning in 5 ?Crude Crystal Fragment? from Alchemy leftovers)
4 Rough Stones (by mining)
3 Melted Iron Shards (by melting iron ore)
3 Pure Powder Reagent (through alchemy; 1 Purified water, 1 Sugar, 1 Silver Azalea, 1 Weed)
3 Bloody Tree Knot (byproduct of workers lumbering of certain trees)
3 Trace of Earth (workers in the node ?Ancient Stone Chamber?)
2 Trace of Savagery (Self Suficient OR workers in the node ?Lynch Farm Ruins?, invest in the node, and spend 35 Energy to open this node)
2 Trace of Origin (Self Suficient OR workers in the node ?Glish Ruins?, invest in the node, and spend 35 Energy to open this node)
3 Trace of Ascension (workers in the node ?Ancient Stone Chamber?)
4 Processed Coal (Heating 5 coals = 1 Proccesed Coal)
14 Purified Water (thinning river (NOT SEA) water)
4 Fir Saps (Self suficient)
1 Birch Sap (Self suficient)
1 Ash Sap (Self suficient)
3 Maple Sap (Self suficient)
1 Cloud Mushroom (Self suficient)
4 Wolf Blood (Self suficient)
3 Dwarf Mushrooms (Self suficient)
2 Powder of Darkness (Self Suficient)


5 Wheat (Self Suficient)
4 Milk (Self Suficient)
7 Chicken Meats.
4 Wheat Flours.
5 Eggs (Self Suficient)
3 Pepper (Self Suficient)
2 Leavening Agent (Cooking NPC)
12 Mineral Water (Cooking NPC)
1 Sugar (Cooking NPC)
1 Salt (Cooking NPC)
1 Cooking Wine (Cooking NPC)


Off topic: I have also compiled 51 Daily quests (not counting Olvia?s) that I personally do everyday, they give a total of 4 Contribution Points and take no longer than 90 minutes to acomplish; from Heidel to Glish, to Calpheon, to Florin, all the way to Velia and to Heidel again, these dailies are a bit more complicated since you have to go through a nice chunk of hours of pure questing to even make them avaliable, info which I cant go in detail about cause I wasnt paying attention when I was questing and cant be specific as to how to unlock them, still, if you?d want me to do a similar guide through all these 51 quests; let me know.

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