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Hey everyone, last time I showed you all the Ranger Awakening Weapon Quest Line. This time I want to show you the Tamer Awakening Weapon Quest Line. First you?ll obviously need to be level 56. Next, you need to accept the awakening quest from the black spirit called Tamer Small Steps. From there you?ll be directed to Emma Bartali, and talk to her about last night?s dream. She?ll tell you about something in the mountains finish the quest and head over to Balenos Mountain.

Once there you?ll see a massive Heilang, he?ll talk to you for a bit and send you down to Abun to speak with one of your master?s students who is still training, so that you can prove your strength. Talking with Geomuda will give you the quests required to eventually get your awakened weapon. You?ll have to complete the quest at Marni?s second lab where you?ll need to kill mobs until you get the required items. Then you?ll have to kill 3 Golems they are located across the road from the Kamasylve Temple.

You will also have to kill 100 mobs from Hasrah Cliff Once you complete all of those quests, Geomuda will have you return to the Balenos Mountains to receive your awakened weapon, and finish off the rest of the quests. From there you?ll receive your skill combo quest, like you did in the beginning of the game. The last thing you?ll have to do is to head to Soldier?s grave and defeat 10 skeletons. It says you need to use your Celestial Bo Staff, but you don?t really need to.

Once you?re done with that head back to the Balenos Mountains to finish off the quest line. I was shocked when I saw Daru stand up thought I was going to have to fight him, buuuuuuuut that was just him getting up to leave. Congratulations on finishing up the quest and gaining all of those skill points now go out there and enjoy yourselves. My name is Pietro Gaming leave like if you enjoyed this video, subscribe if my channel helps you out in any way, and be sure to check out my other content I?m sure you?ll find something to either aid you or entertain you. Peace out for now..

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