Hello, this is a group assignment for our ENTR 3310 course. We are currently competing with the highest number of 30,000 views in the class and hope to get your help over them. Hi everyone, I’m Just Casual Today will share the layout of my workforce and use it as a trade box. And how to effectively plan your time to process raw materials I made all my trade boxes in Tlander Because the distance bonus given by Trent is currently the largest I make different kinds of boxes because If I only make a box, workers will not supply raw materials in time. I will show a full map and let everyone have a general idea of ​​how my stronghold is linked At the same time, I will list all the sites for your reference. Basically, the materials in the Calpean timber box can be obtained from the locations near Karpen In addition, there are bronze ingot boxes necessary raw materials, tin ore around the base. The three points designated by the mouse are tin ore acquisition sites. There are three tin ore sites around Tlander Pine log base is here Another pine log base, which is the raw material for the production of Celindia timber boxes Of course you need Maple logs and ash logs to make barrenus timber boxes Then you can link all three lead ores.

This is the material needed to make the brass ingot box. Then, make a steel ingot box. You need these two positions to get coal. Then let us enter Valencia and acquire titanium ore at this position. Then get vanadium ore at this location Then there are also three locations to get these two ores You can use Valencia’s workers to collect and personally recommend Goblin because they are the fastest The ore you see here is almost a week’s worth of production. You see here all the trade boxes that I made in almost a week So based on my calculations, these boxes should bring 370 million in revenue. This is a very good income because all time is AFK What you need to do is to wait for a certain amount of raw materials to accumulate to a certain amount The cumulative amount varies according to the weight limit of the individual The formula will be provided to everyone While waiting for the accumulation of raw materials, you can choose to brush When you make these trade boxes, I will show how to transport these boxes from Trane to Valencia in the fastest way possible.

Okay I use my samurai now in Tlander Why should I choose samurai to carry these boxes? The answer is coming soon First I need to transfer these boxes to my mount If you often brush monsters on Pirate Island, you should know this technique The following is a skill demonstration, brush strange must learn Buy enough WP potions This is the secret weapon we need. Then you can use your samurai to shuttle all the time. As long as you use the flute, your horse will immediately appear on your side. According to my test, it takes only 20 minutes from Trent to Valencia Okay, I’m in Valencia right now I have transferred three trade boxes to Valencia First of all, due to weight restrictions, I first put 40 boxes to the first horse Oh shit.

. overweight. . . Then put the horse back Then remove the second horse. Then transfer the number of boxes you want to sell to this horse. It is overweight. . . I usually put 80 boxes on the second and third horses When all three horses are put back, switch to a desert buff Ok I now switch to the role of desert buff Take the first horse with 40 boxes first Then put these 40 boxes in your backpack Put the horse back Then come up with the second horse Put these boxes in the backpack Put this horse back The trick lies in the third horse. When you take out the skeleton, you need to roll around immediately. The netman will automatically send you down to follow you all the way to the merchant. Then you will be able to sell three different boxes at the same time This can save you a lot of energy expenditure on bargain, there is a prop in the mall can increase bargain times.

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