Hey everyone, it‘s Noarey here with another two minute Guide on AFK-Fishing Black Desert offers a great deal of things you can do whilst afk, fishing being one of them. And since fish are needed for lots of different cooking recipes and Trade Managers pay you a lot of silver for rare fish its also an easy way to earn some money, once you have your fishing skill at a reasonable level. But lets get started. The first thing you need is a fishing rod. You can get basic ones from any material vendor, but they have a very low durability, so you won‘t be able to catch many fish with it. Later on you can get better ones from quests, or you can craft them in any Tool Workshop.

In Velia, the Material Vendor is called Zaaira and can be found close to the center of town. Fishing rods are very cheap, and most of the time you will have return on investment after just one catch. Each successfull fishing-attempt will lower the durability of your fishing rod by one, and once it hits zero you will stop auto-fishing. Once you have your fishing rod its time to make some space in your inventory. Depending on the durability of your fishing rod you might need a lot of free inventory slots, so put anything you don‘t need into your storage. Every single fish you catch needs a seperate spot, so for a 30-durability rod you might need 30 slots, if youre not catching any seaweeds or fishbones. Once your ready the only thing missing is a fishing spot. Since you‘re most likely going to be afk for a longer period of time you dont need to worry about the density of fish in the water. Just go anywhere you like and cast your line. If youre looking for special fish check out where you can catch them first. Just hit ESC and click on Fish Guide.

Once you find your spot youre basically done! Equip your rod and hit SPACE to start fishing. After a short amount of time each fish will be put into your inventory automatically. If you dont have much space in you inventory or your storage you can also tick the checkbox next to „throw away useless items caught during auto-fishing“ and it will automatically get rid of all the worthless grey items. Once your rod has no durability left, auto fishing will stop. I guess thats all I can tell you about AFK-Fishing, so grab a rod and get started. For more Black Desert Guides check out my channel, thanks for watching!

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