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Black Desert Online Xbox One/PS4 | 30-50 Million Per Hour | No Gear, Pets or RNG Drops just Silver!


Lets look at how to make 30 to 50 Million silver per hour. … – Hey guys, so I know I’ve been away for a while, but I am back now as promised. I’M gon na be working on putting out content. So for those of you that don’t know I step down as the leader of exile and we actually reformed with the leadership team, taking the guild in a different direction and becoming summit.

So, as of now, I no longer have the same commitments towards the guild, which allows me to put out more content like this. So let’s get started now in this video we’re going to cover one of the best ways to make money if you’re a newer player. If you have a limited amount of pets, or if you just want to make some quick money without all the hassle of the RNG now the beauty of this is that you require little to no gear. This is evident by what I’ve currently got equip on this wizard. Now the wizard is level 57 and the reason for this being a higher level character is purely for the fact that it’s going to allow you to go around these areas without a go in the mobs and without getting killed. Considering you’re gon na have a little to no gear um. This allows this technique to be used on alts and it allows you to leave your main in a different grind spot.

And if you just want to pick up some quick money, then you can do this rotations or a couple of these rotations switch around it’s gon na guarantee you income with no RNG, barring some contested times. It’S definitely worth doing during the quietest periods. But let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this technique. So, as I’ve shown you, you need little to no gear, in fact pretty much anybody, that’s just playing the game and has gone through the questline. Even somebody that’s grinded to level 50 or above you’re gon na have the gear for this. You don’t need any pets, so this is easily the most free-to-play friendly way of making this kind of money.

There aren’t any other ways really that rely on no RNG. That will net you in excess of 30 million silver an hour, so that leads us on to the next one. This really doesn’t rely on RNG such as your accessory drops from higher-level grind spots. This is pure raw, predictable, silver. It doesn’t rely on any central marketplace. Sales, so there is no tax needed, which means you can also make this money without having a value pack. Overall, these are just some of the pros to this now. The cons, however, are that this spot is really dependent on having the spot to yourself. People simply passing through and taking the mobs that you’re gon na be targeting will lower your income per hour.

You’Re also required to service what, as which, a lot without having an SSD you’re gon na have slower service witches, which is gon na lower your income as well, so also where, if knowing that is anybody else, even when one person is doing any of these rotations. While you’re trying to do them, they become non-viable by doing this, you’ll both be impacted in each of his income and it will drop significantly. And finally, there is no combat experience or skill experience, so this is non progressive. Once you get passed around level 50 you’re, not even gon na notice, the differences in terms of combat skill experience, so, although you’re killing things you’re, just not going to be progressing your character in a meaningful way, this is purely an income grind. All you’re gon na be getting from this is raw silver and the best time to do it is quiet times now.

The beauty of this is there are a couple of different rotations. So let’s have a look at some of the main spots that I tend to do this rotation now. First up is the sawmill camp and that’s just south for Trina fort next to Kaplan. The second rotation that we’re going to look at is up here at Manny’s lab again. This is next to Kaplan, which is going to be fundamental when it comes to doing a hand in another. One of the viable spot is upper periphery, ruins and then the fourth one I tend to use is twelve fortification. Now these two can be combined to be really effective. There is another spot worth mentioning, and this is a huge one, its munches catfish and root some elites.

Now this spot isn’t one that I tend to do myself, purely because compared to the other areas, this has a lot more footfall and a lot more traffic. So, overall, although this can be effective, it’s not highly advisable now, you’ll notice that one thing all these areas have in common is that they’re, relatively low areas, they’re not endgame, grind spots, which makes them accessible to pretty much anybody of level 50 or above now. The reason that these become so efficient is because they all have one thing in common and that one thing is elite, so things like the critical and the vile of mobs. They appear as a star on your mini-map, and these mobs drop one thing in common, and that is the prognosis elver bars now.

Each one of these silver bars goes to the currency exchange in a storage and sells for twenty thousand there’s no tax on these, which is the beauty of where the money comes from. So each mob drops anywhere between nine and twelve, depending on the area that you’re grinding out. This means that each mob is worth two hundred thousand on average, and each of these spots has at least four that’s: 1.4 million per full rotation of a server of all. Four mobs now you can rotate each of the nine servers which will bring you in, on average, twelve point six million, and you can actually complete these four times in an hour if you’re very efficient, bringing in up to fifty million silver.

Now. This is where the caveat comes, though, is: if a single person comes and steals a mob, you effectively lose 200 thousand for every mob. That’S not there. The respawn timer is also between 15 to 20 minutes, and it can be a little bit sketchy. That’S why I’ve said that on average you’ll be earning around 30 million an hour as opposed to the 50. It is worth noting, though, that this is one of the major ways that I was Mabel able to make income tur in the early terms of the game, and it still is something I use on occasion during quiet times to help boost my income. So let’s go ahead and look at some of the rotations. Now first up is my favorite and it’s sawmill camp. This is really simple.

You start outside the Treena for, and you kill the elite, that’s up by the catapults here, as you can see, dropping terror, TAS armored stones as well as those prog metal, bars or Tallis. Sorry, not tera. Toes now. Second, we’re gon na head over to elite number. Two we’re gon na walk down here, cross the road and I’ll show you on the minim on the main maps are in a second where they, secondly, is it is worth having a fast mobile class or mooses are fantastic for this wizards and witches because of their Teleport and range as well now, if you have a pet, you don’t need to manually loop, which makes this quicker, but here’s the second elite. So we’ll have a look there. You go on the map, it’s just next to the water’s edge now to go to the third elite. We’Re just gon na follow the water round, I’m just going to teleport around here, run over there.

Now. What I tend to do is once I get to the end of this rotation as I serve a switch and then I come back the opposite way and I always remember which server I start and finish off now. There have been times where I’ve been able to do. One rotation switch to a null on to another rotation, clear half of that and come back. This really helped with the downtime between the server switches and the mobs respawn it. So here’s elite number three: it does occasionally like to bug inside of that um wooden structure, which means that you have to mess around to try and get it, but more often than not it’ll just be stood out in the open in the field and the fourth One is just across there: it’s not that far away at all, and it’s at this point that I will stop service which across and start again now, like, I said, always try to remember the server that you start on and the server that you finish on. It helps as well if you’ve got a stopwatch on your phone or a timer, so that you can time respawns.

This is how I’m able to switch between multiple rotations and really make the most out of this, but, as you’ll have noticed, if you pay an attention that pretty much all the prog millibars that we’ve been dropping are tens. So this is where the rotation ends and again, like I said, you’d switch round and change your server and you’d go back. So there’s nine servers in total. I tend to start with biomass one and two then do calcium one and two surrender one and two and then we’ve got Medea Valencia Asha and I stopped on Asha and then I start back at bar last one. But anyway, whatever works for you. Anyway. Let’S have a look at one of the other rotations that I use Molly’s lap and again we’re targeting just the elite, so we’re starting just up here by the mana cave, Pass we’re going to take out the first delete on this spot again. If you pay attention what you’ll see it is it’s 12 prog no bars from this elite.

So again, that’s 20,000, a piece. So it’s already 240,000 that we’ve made from that we’re going to come across here and drop down off the edge of this cliff and that’s where we’re gon na pick up elite number two now the thing to know about Marni cave compared to sawmill is that the Elite are a little bit more spread apart, so this having a mobile class is really where it’s gon na help. Witches and wizards, like I said, teleport or double teleport – is definitely something that’s gon na help you get around mooses with Chase as well. Lands are another good class for this because of their ability to literally jump around and put pretty much any class can do this.

You don’t really need to be hyper mobile, but it does help tamers with Heilong, as well as another example of a class. That’S really gon na excel it being able to get around this place quickly and bring in a mount, doesn’t necessarily work, though it just tends to be too slow getting on and off the mount. So it’s not something that I’d advise doing. What having a teleport definitely helps, we just follow the path around down the edge of the cliff stick to the right-hand side, and you pick up elite number, three again, more prog, no bars you’re, also getting a relatively high value trash item from these mobs. Unfortunately, you don’t get the same. Look that you do at soar, nil with terms of the armor pieces, dropping which can drop as enhanced and often do, which means you can extract a large amount of black stones from them or you can melt down or sell the talus on the marketplace.

If you want to, but that does factor in tax, I tend to just vendor them or melt them down into usable materials for life skilling. Now we’re gon na go off and pick up the fourth elite. This is a little bit of a long trek. Now you do get to completely avoid the maze at marny’s. You don’t have to go into this maze because we can jump over a fence, but the last elite that we’re gon na pick up is at the actual monies lab node and he’s just in a little or through a little arch, but we’ll get around to there. In a second just follow this around the outside of the maze there’s no point in going in there. It takes a lot longer. I have done some testing trial in the different times, but you come around to the back and we’re going to climb up these rocks and jump over the fence and, like I said, with the saw no post. What I’ll do is once I get to the end here I’ll then turn around and go back and with this, though, what I’ll do is I’ll jump over the fence and go back to the first elite rather than going back down the cliff, because, obviously you can’t Jump up the cliff well, this is the fourth elite.

I’M gon na kill this we’re going to pick up the 11 prog millibars and normally I’d run out of here and then jump back over the fence, and then I’d go back to the star. Now I think you get the idea with the rotation, so I won’t show you any of the others. You can work them out for yourself and I’m very aware that this video is already over 10 minutes, so we’re gon na skip now to where I show you what I’ve actually earned now keep in mind that I’ve only done one server on each of these spots. For the sake of this video, what we’re gon na run over to kefflin we’re going to turn in the bars we’re gon na also look at the other things that drop, but I have no idea what dropped and when I was doing this, but looking back at The footage I’m actually quite impressed, so the income is definitely where I’m saying is, and this is just a little bit of proof for you.

I’Ve only killed 8 mobs, so we’re going to turn in the prog no bars. First at the currency exchange right. You can see here decent amount, 101. Prague, no bars off eight mobs, that’s two million and 20,000 silver. Now we’re gon na go and sell the trash as well. Normally I’d let this stuff build up. It does tend to really clog your inventory with armor pieces when you’re doing the soil spot, but any of the other spots tends to be a lot more forgiving. We’Re gon na sell off this trash as well and have a look at where we end up. In terms of raw silver, so we’ll sell off some of the junk pieces, the talus that dropped and we’ll get rid of the other pieces there as well – and there is a 9 that drops so we’re going to extract that for the nine armor stones and we Made two weapon stones as well, so that’s easily another million from those based off the current marketplace prices, even after the tax with a value pack. So, overall, just from those eight mobs, we’ve made over three million silver. As you can see, this is a really really really good way to make money all there better spots.

Potentially, yes, is this: without its own cons? Definitely not. There are pros and cons to all the grind spots now this may be more contested following this video right now. I have that much reach, though so go out there knock yourselves out, make some money. This is my first video bad guys will show it some love, as always thanks very much for the support I’ve been getting subs consistently, even though I’ve been away from making content now, there will be a ton more coming this week and leading up to Christmas and Into the new year I am definitely back. I am definitely making content, and I have a few surprises for my subscribers and people watching my channel. There’S a lot of news still to come and there is definitely a lot more life in this old warhorse anyway. Guys, thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in the next video

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