Black desert passive money makig guide calpheon edition


Hello and welcome to my passive moneymaking guide This time we will be covering calpheon and it’s profitable. Nodes lets start north because you don’t need much contribution points to get started here. First, we want to make our way to the 2 danger nodes located at the coruto caves. The first one gives birch timber, which has a high demand on the market. The second one gives tin, which is really nice to have, but for me, 2 tin nodes are more than enough and we will talk about them later. Moving on further north, we have an excavation site at the farm. Here you can excavate trace of forest and trace of battle. I would recommend sending at least blue rarity human worker here, since without luck, excavation sites ar useless

Further up, we have another birch node, so picking up the excavation site is nice. Since you are connecting to this node anyway, moving a bit left. We connect our nodes from calpheon, so we save up on some contribution points and that leads us to quint hill, where we can get another birch node and some lead. If you want that Mowing south, we connect our nodes through the mountain top. So we save on a ton of contribution points At the next node. We can take some fir timber, which sels for a nice price as well, and then we head down hill to a tin node. I was talking about earlier Going through the ruhtum outpost. We have another tin, node.

Next up, we make our way to the mansha forset node, where we can get some more fir timber Going further south. We pick up the abandoned monastery node where you can farm mak of shadow, And that leads us to the final node, where we can get even more fir timber. As with eveything, I recommend you use human workers with highest luck, possible Click on the anotation to learn. Why, For the last part of the video, I would like to show where I get my lodging and storage space. If you are interested in more node management, you can click on the screen to check out my heidel and velia guide, as well as a quick one. In mediah, but expect a more detailed guide for mediah in the future. Thank you for watching share this with your friends subscribe and stay awesome.