Hello and welcome to my passive money making guide mediah edition. Now we know tomorrow mediah is comming out and that means new nodes for your workers will open. The nodes you should be focusing on are the zinc ones. Right now zinc is very expensive on the market but the price will start to fall with the release of mediah so if you are hording zinc sell it as soon as possible. With the update we will get a new town called Altinova. If you want to station your workers for theese 2 zinc nodes there you will need only 13 contribution points to do so including the 1 lodging cabin you need to get.

It is worth mentioning the new flax node which you can connect through heidel for 7 contribution points which is quite expensive. I do not know the price of cypress and acacia wood so look out for that. They are on the northern part so you can connect it many ways eather through heidel and grab the flax node or through the southeren zinc node or even through Velia. Both zinc nodes produce powder of time which is expensive and has a huge demand on the market. So send the hig luck workers there. If you don’t know why you can check my worker guide by clicking on the annotation or at the end of the video.

Do note that the northeren node has a chance to produce platinum ore as well so send your highest luck worker there. I know this guide is not long but I decided to make it because it is important to start early so you get the most out of zinc and possibly the new trees which I guess will be quite expensive considering they are a new kind of trees. When downtime strikes and is probably extended I will be streaming owervatch or Reaise of the tomb raider from 10 o clock CET. I hope you enjoyed the video share it with your friends, subscribe and stay awesome..

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