Black Desert passive money making guide Valencia


Hello and welcome to my Valencia, passive money making guide this guy’s will look at three nodes that are really good, and I will explain why others are next to useless. Let’S start with the convenient nodes, there are three of them. The first one is coeds vacation spot which produces bag of muddy water and can proc the purified water. You can turn muddy water by thinning 5 into purified. Water is an alchemy or to drink in the desert during heat stroke in the day. The next note is the same thing right next to the previous one.

Well, I shall falls with these nodes mentioned remember. You can also collect water. Now, they’re only convenient if you really don’t want to alter collect water. The last convenient now it is located right next to Chicago all check out to farmland. Here you can collect flick and star, oh nice, but we are looking at Sarah news, since it is needed to make tea to survive in the desert during the night. This note is only conveniences, you can go there manually and pick some yourself and simple cooking can give you up to 40 s, so you really don’t need much moving on to my opinion, quite useless notes.

Those are all nodes except the tree that we’ll talk about later. All other nodes are used either for desert diagram, which has slightly more speed than the noble wagon, but comes with one less advantageous lot or they are used for cooking or furniture. The only know that you should really look out for is the titanium node looking at the croissant shrine. If you want to make managed jewelry, you will get two extra titanium nodes in Valencia part 2. Now, let’s move to the important three nodes. All of them are our nodes and their secondary product is black crystal and powder of darkness. So you want to have a human worker there because of their luck. You want to lodge your workers in Santa Grand Bazaar since its closest to all the nodes and from it it requires the least amount of contribution points to connect. Ok. Now, as we know, all that, let’s look where the nodes are closest.

One to the bazaar is the cheapest one to connect and is in the desert called brigands heaven, since refugees seem to have the valuable things next now it is getting the percent mountains in this now there are two gathering knows that both have the black goodness. We are looking for. The last note is wishing base this. One takes the most contribution points to connect, but, despite being so close, doesn’t know, it costs much more to connect, remove them from the bazaar. I would like to know if you guys want the guy how to use all this node to make even more money than just from the materials. Let me know in the comments and don’t worry about the enchanting past 15 video it’s coming out next week. I just want to have all the data, and I want to do all my tests before I make the guide on it, but for now thank you for watching comment. If you want the guide and stay awesome, you