Hello and welcome to my passive money making guide. In this guide I will cover heidel and viella. Theese 2 have some of the best nodes to make money passively with workers and alts. You should try to have all human workers except maybe 1 goblin worker. I will make an in depth worker guide if this video get’s 5 likes. Let’s start with the most profitable nodes. The first is the glish swamp . Mining in this node will produce rough mud crystals as a secondary resource. You can heat 5 rough ones in to 1 mud crystal. This is the best secondary resource and it has a high demand on the market.

Make sure to send your highest luck worker here. The next node is next to heidel and the same one is next to viella. Theese 2 nodes produce iron and copper. Both of theese have a high demand on the market. The third most proffitable nodes are ash timber trees. An honorable mention is the node above glish swamp that produces pine timber. That wood is even more valuable but remember that it requies to invest in a guard cmp and all of theese cost 3 contribution points and are used for nothing except connecting nodes. Of course you will need to feed your workers with beer. Lucky for us there are 2 nodes next to heidel that produce wheat and 2 next to viella with potatos. I recommend taking the heidel ones because you will be spending most of your time there and they have a flax production node. Flax thread has a huge demand on the market and is procesed directl from flax. Back on topic Beer is made of 5 wheat or potatos 6 mineral waters 2 leveling agents and 1 shugar.

You will need to coock them in your residence. All materials can be found at the coock vendors. Here is one in heidel. To make the best money out of your produced materials you will need to get a mineral and wood workbench in heidel. You can send a worker there and tell him what you want him to produce. They can only produce from procesed things and here is where our alts come in handy. Alts have the same energy cap as you but will generate only 1 energy per hour. That might not seem much but it sure ads up over time. Procesing is bound to l and will transform ore in to melted shards and wood to planks.

To make 1 plywood or 1 bar you will need 25 timber or ore. Note that the more procesing skill you have the higher the chance that you will not loose enrgy or will make more of the procesed material. Here is a zoomed out map of nodes that I use to make the magic happen. If you have lesss contribution points first cut out on ash timber. When starting out focus on iron and copper near the main cities. Also it is smart to invest enrgy in nodes to at least level three becouse it doesn’t take that much energy to get there and will increase your production by quite a bit. DO NOT invest in the main node that node increases the drop rate of monsters in its vicinity you must invest in the production node. Hope this video was useful. Remember to leave 5 likes to get a worker guide. I also stream on twitch on weekdays from 10 to 12 CET. Remember to subscribe and stay awesome.

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