Black Desert | Stormbringer Karanda • Marni’s Processed Fuel • Night Vendor Revamp • Ibedor’s Scroll


What’S up guys anders here with another video for you today we’re going to take a look at the patch notes for naeu and c servers, but before we do that i’d like to thank the supporters of this channel, you guys help keep these videos going. So, thank you so much for the support. If you’d like to help out you can do so by subscribing to the channel if you haven’t already liking or disliking this video and hitting that bell icon bell is good, so please ding the bell to get notified. When i upload my next video now in terms of an actual patch this week, not a huge ton of things again, hopefully next week we get a little bit more interesting stuff. Again, no black star awakening like we wanted, but there is one interesting thing i will talk about and that is this new uh cash shop item. Unfortunately, we have this new method of getting one more copy. So once you already tag a character to another class that you want and you copy over the gear, you can then additionally copy one more item.

But to do that you have to buy a cash shop item and it’s going to cost you probably 10 to 12 euros or dollars, depending on what the conversion rate is going to be. It’S 300 pros in southeast asia, server, which kind of more or less is close to what a valley pack cost. But again, pricing for each region is different um. I believe it’s going to be around 10 to 12 euros, we’ll see when it goes, live the way to get your kudum and nuber tag now is, if you buy this cash shop item, there’s also a night vendor update so night vendor has been basically dead content For a while, not super useful for a very long time, especially since it came out it that was, it was like the way to get a dandy box back in the day, but now you don’t really have much use for it. So what they’ve done is they’ve added a lot of new items, specifically kaffir stone, bundles and advice of valks.

You can get advice of valks from plus 20 to plus 100, which is huge. It’S also madness accessories, a bunch of new accessories that we got from otalita. So a lot of ways to get those items but of course, um not super likely that you’re going to see 100 valks all the time, so they’ve done an event where now night vendor rolls are half off. So that means instead of 50 energy. It’S 25 energy! That’S gon na last about two weeks: there’s also an item drop event plus fifty percent on all servers except arsha. So that’s another two weeks of that as well. Basically, just i’m trying to tell you hey, please we know cyberpunk is coming out. Please play our game as well. If you can carranda stormbringer kuranda is also out the next one in the uh sequel of many many buffed world bosses. She has the karanda’s heart that drops instead of the garment’s heart, it’s basically a watered-down version. You get crit damage, plus three percent, which is huge honestly, and you get one crystal slot instead of two. So that’s the main difference between garments, heart and karanda’s heart there’s also, i believe, you’re not able to sell karanda’s heart. As far as i can tell to the market, so once you get it, it’s only for your character and your account and that’s pretty much it. You can extract it if you wish um. There is, however, the new mole farming event that was now no longer an event. It’S now a permanent feature.

So if you’re tending to your farms, you can get at random a mole to appear, and you get a little bit more extra items for that. There’S also the venomous night fang or ebitda scroll that is added to odolida areas. So if you want to get more kaffir stones or ancient spirit dust, this is a good way to get this to. However, again i don’t think these uh venomous, knight fangs can be sold on the market. I might be wrong on that, but, as far as i can tell, it can’t be sold um at least on what they’re giving us here and uh ibidor scroll again. It works like the other pilofey and relic scrolls, and you can get the embers of despair which you need for the flame of despair and spectre’s energy as well as kaffir stones. An ancient spirit does from the evador scroll, so pretty huge. It requires level 60 at least or recommends level 60 with party of five again, so probably only level 60 is good enough to solo this and again, with the guild bosses, they’ve uh, now giant muster and ancient platoon have a higher power levels and are stronger. So if you defeat them, you get better loot, we’ll see, i’m still yet to test out actually if these guild bosses are worth doing, if you have, let me know in the comments and how difficult it was for you to defeat them in terms of other cash Shop items: well, we have the last year’s winters themed outfit for hash and guardian.

I really like the way it looks on hash, the previous year’s winter themed outfit again for guardian and hash again. I think it looks good on hash guardian, not so much and there’s also the sixth anniversary event 50 off on premium outfits on each class. However, it’s one purchase per class so keep that in mind still a crazy good deal, even if you’re looking for just crons or a cheap outfit for your class, there’s also the event winter bearing egg, which is an item that you’ll get on your challenge. Tab. That’S mainly for the calpheon event, that’s happening on the 12th of december. So keep that in mind just a few days away i’ll, be covering that as well once uh. That event goes live just a couple days before that will be the crimson desert event where we actually get to see gameplay of the next parallel-based mmorpg, which is basically the sequel. So it’s not black desert, 2, technically, but pretty much as taking what they know of black desert and making a better game so we’ll see what they have to offer. They’Ve focused more on the single player story side campaign. So a lot of people are really confused.

As to whether crimson desert is actually a single player or an mmo, it is an mmorpg, it does have pvp, it does have professions and all of that stuff. It’S just that they’re focusing this really, mostly on console and console and pc being released. At the same time, so we’ll see how that pans out we’ll see how the game actually looks, because we haven’t seen anything in over a year, since we last saw anything from the parliament event that they had and i believe it was g-star. I can’t even remember anymore but again i’ll cover that in the channel as well, and that’s pretty much it for this one guys. Let me know what you think about this new marnie’s fuel thing on the cash shop. Do you think it’s a good idea? Do you think we’re going to have an in-game method of getting the new ver and kudum both tagged? Let me know in the comments and as always guys thanks again for watching thanks for listening i’ll, see you all in the next one take care.

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