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Black Desert Striker Class Rework First Impressions; MASSIVE CHANGES!!


What’s up guys Anders here with another video. Today we are going to talk about  the Striker class Rework on test server. This will be a quick one and will serve  more as a preview since we will see changes in the future. I’ll have Warrior and Ranger Rework  videos out on the channel if you are interested in what is happening with Warrior and Ranger.  Other class videos will come as they release them on test server over time.

 For this video we’ll look at Succession and Awakening Striker.

I’m going to give you the  gist of what you can expect from Striker’s first week of changes, but remember these are the first  sweep of changes and nothing is final till all classes receive their Reworks. So if something  is seemingly undertuned or overtuned we may see changes in the future before they go live. I’ll start with Pre-Awakened Skills and changes to Succession Striker  and give you my impressions of the changes. For Pre-Awakening Nimbus Strike and Landslide  now give full Superarmor protection till the landing animation.

This effectively minimizes  the small gap of protection on those skills. Air Smash has been removed from Savage  Fang in both Succession and Standard versions of the skill. Bloody Fang flow is now a passive, giving 30% Crit Rate over 10 seconds. Flash Step in succession now consumers Stamina twice meaning  the third dash will no longer consume stamina. Succession Rage Hammer now has increased AOE  with added Discharge Energy.

It now also has a movement speed debuff of 20%  for 10 seconds on good hits. You can now also combo Wolfs Fang straight from Rage Hammer. Ankle Hook in Succession has gained the Frontal Guard protection modifier as well  as the follow-up skill Martial Deva getting the same treatment. Both will now have Frontal  Guard but will only CC in PVE from now on. Succession Wolf’s Hunger no longer Stuns on  hit and instead has gained Superarmor on attack.

 The movement distance has also increased.

This  means the skill is now completely protected allowing for protected burst movement engages. Succession Rampaging Predator no longer has hits removed for PVP damage. You can now also link it  with Flash Step or Silent Step more smoothly. Succession Hidden Claw now gives -20  DP debuff instead of -15 DP.

Succession Somersault received  a similar change with a -20 DP debuff on hit instead of the -15 DP debuff it used to have. The Crit Rate of Succession Skull Crusher is now 100% in both PVE and PVP. Massive Supression, the pre-awakened grab now has iframe while you fail the  grapple CC. By pressing S you can evade backwards with a quick iframe protection. Awakening Striker grab has received a similar change.

Hell Break will now have Superarmor on  successful grapples and will have an iframe if you hold S on failed grapple attempts.

There are still  slight gaps within the animations and is slower than the pre-awakened grab. Land Buster flow has completely changes into its own skill. It now has Superarmor,  a 10 second cooldown, HP Recovery on hit, and Stun on PVE mobs. The Awakening flow skill Skull Hammer is now revamped to be its own skill.

You can combo  into Skull Hammer from almost any other Awakening Skill. Skull Hammer now has 9% Evasion debuff on  good hits, Superarmor, Air Attack modifier, and increased damage on shard consumption. Ultimate Crush and Spiral Cannon both have received DP -20 effects instead of the -15 DP  effect they used to have. Ultimate Crush now deals the debuff on all hits and consumes less stamina. Spiral Cannon now has a longer Superarmor duration if you choose  to use the BON or Core version of the skill.

Rampaging Predator no longer has the reduced  PVP hits effect and now has wider range. It also now has Frontal Guard throughout the animation. The flow skill Bite Off can now be used even when Rampaging Predator  is on cooldown allowing you to aggressively engage from distance more often. Infernal Destruction down smash now only applies on the last hit. Double Flash now works the same way as the Succession Flash Step.

It is no longer a  cooldown skill and instead becomes a passive. This allows you to triple dash in Awakening  every time Flash Step is available. You also have the stamina change meaning Flash Step  will only consume stamina the first two dashes. Fallout reduced hits on PVP has been removed.  The attack range of the skill has also increased and you now deal more damage by consuming shards.

 Endless Fight now has 1 hit removed, Stun removed. Stiffness applied on successful  hits, and Down Smash modifier added. Endless Explosion now deals a Floating CC  only on the first hit. Air Attack has been changed to apply to all hits. It now deals more damage,  but reduced damage on cooldown.

Echo Spirit now deals almost twice  as much damage. You can now direct where you show up from the teleport faster. Silent Step in Awakening now has a .2 second longer iframe duration. The shard effect skills now require 20 shards instead of 30 for the added  damage effect and shard consumption.

So in conclusion, Striker Rework seems  pretty strong.

Much like Warrior rework, Succession got a few but potent changes and  Awakening received more nuanced changes to the overall kit. Iframe on failed grab animation  possibly being the more surprising of the changes. We can assume that some of these  changes to Awakened Flash Step and pre-awakened grapple will also come to Mystic. The order of  classes was supposed to be by launch order, but with the Striker release this week, it means  everything is up in the air and we don’t know what class will get a rework next week.

There is still  more than 2 months before this goes live, so we could see further changes in the coming weeks.  Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And that’s pretty much it for this one guys. Let  me know what you guys think about today’s video in the comments or over on our community discord.  We’re now public and accepting new members so follow the link react to the comments to get  your member role and say hello.

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 Ill see you all in the next one. Take care..

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