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What’s going on guys, It’s Kira and in the famous words of DJ Khaled, another one. Before we get into today’s video I would just like to thank everyone for their continued support…People sharing the content, leaving comments and likes, joining the discord server…It really has been amazing so far. I didn’t think when starting up youtube for real last week that we would be where we are so fast and I can’t put into words how much this means to me and my life, I hope you all continue with me on this journey. With that being said, please subscribe to the channel, hit the notifaction bell, check out my other videos, drop a like and consider sharing the video. And as always leave me a comment if you have any ideas for future content, feedback or anything at all really.

This is a continuation of my complete new player series, where we’ll be going over every single aspect of the game in as much detail as possible, one episode at a time. I’m trying to make the episodes as short and to the point as possible while covering as many topics as I can. The game is so complex that I can and will miss things, very frequently. If I do miss anything on a given subject, let me know and I’ll be sure to include it in the next episode. Moving on with the series this is episode 3 and we’re going to be touching upon all aspects of CP usage.

You’re questing, getting your contribution points, what exactly can you use those for? What are nodes? What is the benefit of renting things? Let’s dive into it. As always if I miss out on anything, please let me know and i’ll be sure to include it in the next episode. First I’d like to tell everyone, if you’re a new or returning player, make sure to purchase a +15 liverto for any alts you plan to make in the future! These are going to start jumping up in price again soon and it’s an amazing starter point for alt weapons, a deal you’ll kick yourself if you miss out on. I don’t think they’ll reach previous highs again for a long time but it’s nice to get them while they’re this cheap.

Use episode 2’s central marketplace guide at the link on screen if you need help figuring it out. Before we get into CP I’m going to talk real quick about workers. Workers can be hired from any city that has a work supervisor NPC. To hire a worker you must have lodging available, which you rent with CP in that town, more on this a little later. It costs 5 energy to look at a worker and you can choose to hire him, it costs silver which has to be in your inventory or that town’s storage, or roll again. You can do this as many times as you have energy. Workers are family bound and therefor you can use multiple characters to roll on workers until you get what you want. Workers come in 5 rarities which gives them varying stat increases, white being the worst, orange being the best also known as artisan. They also come in 3 races for this section of the game, there are other races but we’ll get into them when we get there.

What you have available right now is goblins, humans and giants. These all have different stats and can be used for anything, but you’ll want certainn workers for certain things later in life. Workers have stamina, meaning they can’t just work forever, you must feed them, you feed them by taking any item with worker recovery such as beer or grilled bird meat and using the recover button, making sure to click the food so it’s highlighted. Giants are the slowest workers but have much higher stamina so can work for much longer, goblins are the fastest workers but the lowest stamina and humans are in the middle. Stamina is consumed once per task completion, workers have no cost other than feeding them to refill stamina and the CP investment of lodging. They also have varying stats such as humans having the highest luck which affects the rarer drops on nodes and every worker has skills. They gain skills as they level up, one every 5 levels at random, some skills being more rare and useful than others.

At every 10 levels, 10 20 and 30 you can attempt to promote your worker via the promotion button, the worker must not be working currently to attempt this and is locked in the promotion for 24 hours, only one worker can be tested at a time. If successful the worker moves up one rarity grade, if they fail they lose their promotion attempt and remain the same, meaning a maximum of 3 attempts while leveling workers. Once a worker hits level 30 and 50% experience bar, you can choose a skill to trade and roll a random new skill in its place using this button. Once a worker is promoted it starts at level 1, if you upgrade a blue it goes to yellow and level 1, all skills reset. Okay so where was I? CP. Right. How do we get CP exactly? We touched upon this in the first episode a little bit, but contribution exp is the main reward for quests in Black Desert, in place of combat experience in most mmorpgs.

There’s a lot of different ways to farm contribution exp, ranging from doing daily quests, trying to complete as many quests as you can, running multiple characters through the main story line and my personal favorite is to cook. We’ll go over cooking in a later episode and if you’re interested in one of the money making aspects of cooking you can check the imperial cooking guide on my channel. For now suffice to say that whenever you succcessfully cook something, you recieve byproducts, one of which you can give to an NPC for contribution exp.

Many people cook beer for contribution points because it’s cheap and pretty much breaks even with materials being constantly available on the market. So that’s how you get them, why do you want them exactly? CP can be considered your investment points and the more of them you have, the more of an empire you can build. Let’s go over all the CP usages and what they can do for you as a player. Purchasing city houses. When clicking on the city icon you will see a bunch of houses appear, these can be filtered in the top right of the screen.

These houses all have different functions, let’s look at Velia for example. I won’t use this video to go over specifically what each of these options are, as it’s way too long but there’s basically five different types of houses to invest in. Storage, which increases the storage capacity of the bank it’s attached to, so houses in velia increase velia storage, houses around velia at the farms also increase velia etc. Lodging which increases your worker slots for that town. Crafting stations which allows you to assign a worker and have them craft things for you. We’ll go over the crafting stations and how to use them in a later video.

Stable, which increases the amount of mounts you can have in the stable and lastly residence, which are houses you can go inside and use to place crafting tools like alchemy and cooking, or just decorate and spend time in. Renting things from NPCs. Some NPCS will offer to rent their belongings to you for a certain amount of CP invested, this ranges from equipment, to musical instruments, storage containers, farms and maybe more I’m forgetting, hopefully not. I’ll just talk about the storage containers and farms as I think they’re the most common to be used. You can take a storage container for 10 cp from a storage keeper, place it in any residence you own and the container will link back to the storage closest to that residence.

For example having a storage container in the house at lynch ranch means anything I place in there will appear in Heidel storage and vice versa, totally linked as if opening the storage in heidel itself. If I had one in a house at Kusha, it would open at the town of Tarif. Farms I’ll go over in a later video as they’re a really good way to make some money for low effort . Basically you can search for Fence in the search bar, find an NPC who rents you a fence, go pick it up, place it anywhere outside of a safezone and plant seeds on there to grow for various reasons. Fences have different costs for different sizes, with 10 being the largest. You can have multiple farms at a time. Node investment. Each node that you discover by talking to the node manager NPC can be invested in, if you are already invested in a node connecting to it. Any town with a storage, is default invested in already and can be a starter link point.

Think of nodes as a spider web, they must be connected. There’s two ways to invest in a node, go to the node manager, and speak to them, press node management which will open the map and in the top left have the contribution cost and a button saying invest contribution, the second is if you have an active value pack you open the map from anywhere, click the node and press invest contribtuion. This requires 10 energy to do from a distance. What are the benefits of node investment? Nodes invested can act as a sort of supply link, so when you access storage in a town, or the town’s bank via the map, you have a transport option where you can transport items from one town to another, if the towns are connected the cost is normal and if not the cost is tripled.

The cost is generally not super high so this isn’t a huge reason to invest in nodes. However for things like trading, if the node you got the trade item is not connected to the node you sell the trade item at, you will lose a ton of value. Think of this as a trade route. You also must invest in the overall node to get a worker node within it after, for example alejandro farm, to then invest in the cooking honey node.

Nodes must be linked for workers to move between towns on worker assignments, not required for farms, for example if I have a goblin in heidel and I want him to work on finto farm’s chicken node, I have to have heidel connected for him to move there and work. When invested in a node, you can invest energy into the node, leveling it up. If invested in a town, it will make the amity mini-game easier, if you invest in a node where you kill creatures, it gives a small boost to item drop chance for every 10th monster you kill. You shouldn’t be worrying about this yet. Lots better ways to spend energy at the start. What is amity? Amity is a conversational mini-game you can have with certain NPCs, you basically use knowledge that you have obtained about subjects they’re interested in such as other npcs, creatures etc to try and win.

When you win you are awarded with a certain amount of points depending on how well you do, these points stack up and unlock things from the NPC depending on what they offer. Some NPCs will give you steep discounts on items, some will sell items they previously did not, others will give you knowledge on things, offer new quests and more. I failed to mention that there are cash shop items for slot expansion so if you’re that way inclined you can buy these in place of investing CP or to supplement it. Basically there’s expansion items such as stable slot increases, worker lodgings, storage increase etc.

I won’t get super in depth on this, if you’re interested there’s a section in my pearl shop video about the expansion upgrades at the link on screen. Closing out this episode let’s talk about how I would go about using your CP at this point in the game. Whatever you’re hurting for at the time, use your CP to help out. I know at the start I had really bad storage issues, I recommend using all the cities to store things that are related to each other, just so you know where things are and then investing as much CP as you want to spare to make sure you have space. After that I’d start getting workers in the main cities, velia and heidel are a good place for you to start if you’re new, keplan, trent and calpheon if you’re a bit more advanced and eventually we’ll get to a full on worker empire in a future episode.

I personally as a player with a lot of energy and alts only accept professional or higher workers when I roll on them, but as a new player I’d say grab a greens and invest in a few nodes around velia/heidel like the cooking honey at Alejandro farm, the chicken meat nodes at Bartali and Finto Farms near velia and go from there. Anytime you find yourself with spare energy you don’t intend to use to gathering , roll on workers and try to level them up. I’d suggest once you get a little empire of your own set up and running in your spare time to start going for higher tier workers but there’s no rush at all.

Later in the series we’ll set up farming for those of you interested, I personally do this at Velia so if you plan to follow along with this, you’ll want as many high level, as close to artisan quality giants as you can near velia. I probably missed some glaringly obvious things but if I did, let me know and we’ll touch upon them in a future episode, it’s very hard to try and remember every single thing about any given game system as I’m sure you can imagine and it’s even harder as someone familiar with most in-game systems to put yourself in the mindset of someone who isn’t. So that’s why I need you to help me with the series! Join me on discord and give me updates on your gameplay, what are you aiming for? what are you spending you time doing in the game? what do you want to see? What systems aren’t clear to you? Next episode we’ll finally be jumping into all things enhancement.

I’ll be going over common upgrade techniques, providing all the resources you’ll need to get started, the pros and cons of the system, what materials are needed and what exactly everything is. I hope to see you there, until next time. PEACE..

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