Crafting Fallen God’s Armor Without PEN Gear Guide (Time Stamp & Subtitle Available)


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about Crafting Fallen God’s Armor Without using PEN Gear Okay before I share about this guide Special Thanks to all my Membership for direct support via Patreon, Karyakarsa, or Youtube Membership And also my current member Lowch, Zacrue, DubyaDude, LeeChamp, Spartan Guild from NA server, JimmySnakes, Doki, Ellion, Trancestor, Doughnuts as Gold member and also all my Silver and Bronze Member Thank you so much for all your direct support This will make Chris Poli Channel running and growing more faster. And if you want to join my membership to support me directly, you can go to any platform for Patreon, Karyakarsa, and Youtube Membership I already put link for this membership on this video description or you can check on top right on this video I already put card for Patreon Link. actually idea to make this guide come from SEA server player who asked me Cimmeria about item that he got Fragmented Elvieye. I he just got this Fragmented Elvieye.

From Turo grinding Zone. Actually, you can get this Fragmented Elvieye from any grinding Zone at O’dyllita region and this item actually 1 of 9 part to craft complete Fragmented Elvieye item. And after I searching a while about this Fragmented Elvieye from video codecs, I just got so many information about this item and I already compiled it to become schematic for more easily understand how to use this Fragmented Elvieye as you see at this part there are nine different pieces for this Fragmented Elvieye that you can get by grinding at O’dyllita region and if you success collect all these nine pieces, you just need to arrange it on your inventory as this Arrangement. And after that you will get Elvieye item. And this Elvieye item you need to combine it with flame of corruption as you see this is flame of corruption from BDO codex. And if you scroll down this page, you will see on comment section someone got this flame of corruption from grinding at Ollun Valley and after your Elvieye and flame of corruption, you just combine it once Again using this Arrangement and you will got corrupted Elvieye item and just save this item to hand over to Dorin Morgrim to complete each quest to get Fallen God’s Armor but to finish this Quest from Dorin Morgrim You also need to hand offer black Caphras Stone.

You can craft Black Caphras Stone by manufacturer 8260 caphras stone with Remnants of Rift as you see in game if you press L to go to processing menu and go to manufacturer menu if in your inventory have caphras stone Remnants of the Rift you can put these two item to manufacture to craft black Caphras stone and after you got black Caphras stone you just need to hand offer it to Dorin Morgrim to complete quest to get Fallen God’s Armor as you see this is BDO Codex page about quest for crafting Fallen got armor from Corrupted Elvieye. And as you see on this Quest description Dorin Morgrim say that corrupted Elvieye and Black Caphras stone are needed to make Fallen God’s Armor and after that to complete this Quest you just need to hand offer corrupted Elvieye and then hand offer Black Caphras stone and then Dorin Morgrim will start forging Fallen God’s Armor and you will get Fallen God’s Armor as the reward from this Quest. So by doing this Quest you just craft Fallen God’s Armor without using any PEN gear. If you follow and watch my previous video about Global Lab update Actually, we will go to another apart for Fallen God’s gear either Fallen God’s Helm, Fallen God’s glove, Fallen God’s shoes, and any Fallen God’s weapon and I think this Elvieye method also will work to get another part for Fallen God’s gear.

But of course in future, they will add some Edition from choosing any kind of Fallen God’s gear. So if any time you got this Fragmented Elvieye just save it for later. Maybe you can complete all these nine pieces to become Elvieye and craft Fallen God’s gear in future. Okay guys, that’s it guide for crafting Fallen God’s Armor without use any PEN gear and hope you can craft this Fallen God’s gear using this method in future If you like this video, you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching. See you next time..

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