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Distinguish Aakman & Hystria Portal Questline Guide at Valencia Desert (Black Desert Online)


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about quest to Distinguish between Aakman and Hysteria Portal on Valencia Desert. Okay, to enjoy watch my video. Make sure you turn on this video subtitle and also you can use time stamp that I already provide to go to target topic that you want. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t forget to Like, Subscribe, and turn on bell notification to get any update and guide on Black Desert world okay Let’s start this video content using any features that I provide after 08 September 2021 maintenance update.

They just add two simple quests to make difference appearance specially for Hysteria ruin portal at Valencia Desert and there are two quests that you can do for this quest line and requirement to get this first quests, you must have character at least level 57 or higher and have complete Media main quests at least one of this way for this Mediah main Quest ether Mediah Main Quest co op awaken Black Spirit for any old character before rework main quest or Mediah main quest Apocalyptic Prophecy from newer character that have main quest rework or special growth Fughar’s Memorandum Chapter 9 if you finish main quest using skip main quest feature or simplify main quest from seasonal character, so if you already fulfill or this requirement, you can start this quest line from Karashu NPC Alchemist at Sand Grain Bazaar as you can see my character at Sand Grain Bazaar right now.

Sand Grain Bazaar located at this area at Valencia region and you just need to go to this area to meet this NPC Karasu, but be notice before you can get this quest from Karasu NPC, make sure you turn on all quest filter on your below of your quest page especially for this combat quest filter so you can get this quest from Karasu NPC. Okay, just talk with him and take the quest Forgotten Core Part.

Okay, to finish this quest you must explore on Valencia dessert. You can use Compass to help you navigate on Valencia dessert because to finish this quest you must go to target NPC location around this area on map.

As you can see this is the NPC at this Valencia Desert crack on this his area. If you Zoom out this Valencia dessert, this NPC located around this area on map. Okay, just go to target location. Okay, arrive at this Vygun NPC, you just need to talk with him and click chat and choose this interaction to hand over the Alchemy Device’s Core Part and you will finish this quest and then take another request like of Hystria Ruins.

Okay, just take this quest and you will get this Karasu Special potion and to finish this quest you just need to drink potion in your inventory that Vygun gave you before.

As you can see, this is the potion Karasu special portion. You just need to use this item and you will complete this quest and after that, you just need to talk to Vygun NPC to report this quest. But before I report this quest, I will show you how it’s look for this Aakman and Hystria portal before I complete this quest. As you can see, this is Portal on Valencia Desert that we still didn’t know where we going to if we enter this portal. And if I try to enter this portal, I just arrived at Aakman temple.

Okay, let’s get outside from this Aakman temple. Okay, as you can see, I just found this portal again that I didn’t know where it’s going to.

And as you can see, this is how it’s looked for this portal before I complete this quest. Okay, just enter this portal. And as you can see, I just arrive at Hystria Ruins right now from this random portal.

So before you finish this quest, this Hysteria portal still have same appearance with Aakman portal. Okay, let’s report this quest to start differentiate between Aakman and Hystria portal. And after you finish this quest, if you find portal like this after finish this quest and enter this portal you will go to Aakman temple. Okay, let’s go outside from this Aakman temple. And then if you will find portal like this after you finish this quest, as you can see at the edge of this portal, have some yellow aura.

So if you enter this portal, you will go to Hystria Ruins so you can differentiate between Hystria and Aakman portal after completing this quest. So after completing this quest, Aakman Temple portal will stay its appearance after and before complete this quest. But for Hystria portal its appearance will different after you complete this quest.

And also you can enter this Aakman and Hystria grinding zone without need to find this portal by using Sage class Ator’s Eye skill that I already guide you on my previous video. You can check this video for more detail how to enter Aakman Hystria, Kratuga, and Underwater Abyssal Ruin using Sage Ator’s Eye skill even if you want to grinding at this grinding zone using another class and special thanks to all my membership for direct support via Patreon, Karyakarsa, or Youtube Membership.

And also my current member Zacrue, DubyaDude, JimmySnakes, Doki, Trancestor, AghanimScepter, RenegadesX, LickyCleanies, Agis_II from NA server, Gospel, Homie, Aeyrton, Soonuh, Tepan Gaming, KiLLSTEAL, King Denmark, Wammy, Clouty, Puuf as Gold member and also all my Silver and Bronze Member Thank you so much for all your direct support This will make Chris Poli Channel running and growing more faster. If you want to support me directly I will feel very grateful and as special thanks I will put your name on my video depend on your support level and be notice for some level there are have some limit.

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I already put card for Patreon link Okay guys, that’s all How toDistinguish Aakman and Hysteria Portal on Valencia Desert Hope this video can be useful for you. If you like this video, you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching. See you next time..

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