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[Eng Sub] NEW!! Witch Succession PVE Guide – BDO Aug.2020


Hello, I’m Max, Before going to see the guide combat for PVE Let’s see first what buffs Witch succession has been. First, the magic evasion skill is a Super Armor. During cooldown, it will not be a Super Armor. Second, successive skills can be used quickly in any succession skill. If used together, all skills will be fast. And Number 3, you can also use the magic evasion skill to use the other skill quickly as before. Number 4, You can shoot Magic Bow for free once after using all succession skills. Next, let’s see what skills are required. First of all, I must say that this is not the best combo. You watch this clip as a guideline and can be improved as per your convenience. First of all, if I talk about movement or which is abbreviated as M. I mean using magic evasion skills or earth answers skill, you can choose them according to the situation. The first combo is the open combo. Contains Electric Wave, Cold Mist, and Balance Break.

When I opened the Electric Wave skill, I wanted a 10% fast spell cast and 15% evasion reduction. As for the balance breaking skills, it will reduce AP Monster 10 The second combo is the lightning combo, which consists of lightning, lightning wave and lightning storm. The third combo is the fire combo, consisting of the fireball skill. Exploding fireballs and falling meteorites. The fourth point is the skills that can be used according to the situation, there are earth tremor skills and magic bow. And number 5 is buff and debuff skills. As for the Ice Storm skill, I chose to use it as the territory for hitting monsters because we can cast the skill and leave it with ice and we can continue to use other skills.

This is a diagram showing how to press a skill. In terms of shift F and magic bow skills. You can use them according to the situation. Let’s try to practice combos one by one. Start with the combo, drop the red ball and continue movement with an electric wave. The mist cools and breaks the balance. You don’t need to sort like this. And can continue to shoot magic arrows 3 times The second combo is the lightning combo, starting with the lightning movement.

Lightning waves and lightning storms. In this combo, you can hold down f after using the Lightning skill, it will issue consecutive skills and can shoot magic arrows 3 times. And the third combo is the fire combo Start movement and shoot fireballs, exploding fireballs, and falling meteorites. In this combo you can press R can freeze until the end of the combo, it will automatically trigger the skill and can also shoot arrows 3 times. When put together, it will be a big combo like this. Start placing the red ball and continue to movement with the electric current skills, cold mist, breaking balance and the Shift+F skill. Continue with movement And use the skill Lightning , Wave Lightning , Lightning storm and magic arrow 3 times. Then continue with movement and shoot fireballs, exploding fireballs and meteorites, and shooting arrows 3 times.

Or you can insert magic bow skill into every combo, it is convenient and then turn the combo skill open. Lightning Combos, Fire Combos Next is an example in the real situation. When farming Monster, if there is a problem with MP recovery that is not timely. I recommend pressing this green bottle spirit perfume, it will help restore MP very well. As for Cron food that tastes great, it will kill monsters better. Used with mad methamphetamine, it will make killing. Monster faster and recovering HP very well.

This clip is just a basic introduction for PVE, you can customize it as you like. Thank you all for following All likes and comments, very glad. See you in the next clip. Have fun playing the game. Goodbye..

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