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What is up my guys, I’m Kira and we are back, with, another one. If you are following the series I appreciate the support and I hope it has been helpful so far, if you are not following the series this is episode 4 of what is going to hopefully be the most comprehensive video guide to black desert online. Today’s episode is going to be purely on enhancement which is one of only two ways we truly can progress our character. Self enhancement or purchasing pre-enhanced gear on the market. We’ll look at the numbers behind everything, the more common methods of enhancement and the resources used. I’ll preface this by saying that there’s a million different nuances to enhancement and if you ask 100 people how they prefer to do things you’ll probably get 100 different answers, some more than others.

This is the way I do things and that’s it. I’m going to take the most basic approach I could think of which is to explain each individual mechanic of enhancement and then give a very minor example at the end, with all the resources you’ll need to get started in the description of the video. So let’s get into it. Okay so starting out what you need to know is that for each enhancement level the item will increase in various stats, the stats that will be increased are listed on the tooltip at the bottom of each item. Enhancement is a fairly complex system when you’re trying to do it in at least some kind of efficient manner so we’ll start from the very basics.

Weapons, armor and accessories can and should be enhanced as your primary means of progression in BDO. Weapons and armor share the same system of going from enhancement levels 1 through to 15, before then moving on to pri through to pen which is the same enhancements accessories can do. Weapons and armor after duo will decrease in one enhancement level when failing, for example we successfully enhance from pri to duo, then attempt to go from duo to tri and fail, our item is now back to pri. Example again, we have a tri weapon and attempt to go tet, we fail and we are now back at duo. It should be noted that weapons can be enhanced to +7 and armor to +5 are 100% guaranteed and do not consumefailstacks on the character doing the enhancement. After this you have a chance to fail which increases every time that you fail, while also increasing the chance to succeed. This is called failstacks.. There are optimal failstacks that people use due to cost analysis of various factors such as cost of items, percentage chance to succeed, cost of reaching the failstack and more.

When failing any enhancement you are given a set number of failstacks based on the level of enhancement and item you failed. For example any weapons or armor enhancement levels 1 to 15 gives one stack, pri gives 2, duo 3, tri 4, tet 5 and pen 6. Accessories always only give 1 failstack no matter enhancement level. Each attempt at enhancement that fails on weapons or armor from levels 1 through to 15 reduce the maximum durability of your item by 5. With the durability loss doubling to 10 from pri through to pen fails. When upgrading accessories you do not use stones like weapons and armor, you use a base copy of the accessory. So if you’re enhancing a pri to duo ogre, you use the pri ogre ring and a base ogre ring. Both are consumed and vanish if you fail. You can also force enhance some items also which will take a set amount of durability and blackstones to give a guaranteed upgrade.

I do not recommend ever doing this except in certain cases such as fishing rods at +7. Which yes you can also enhance other gear such as lifeskill clothing, fishing rods, boat equipment, horse equipment and more. Specifically today we’re going to be going over the combat gear so weapons armor and accessories. With an understanding of the core systems, items and the resources I’ll be linking you shouldn’t struggle to figure these out though if you do, get in touch with me and I’ll try my best to help. Recovering durability is fairly straight forward mostly. You can go to a blacksmith and go to repair, recover maximum durability and select the item you wish to recover, as well as base level duplicate items of the item being repaired. Each item consumed this way will recover 10 durability. For recovering durability on gear we can also use an item called memory fragments they recover 1 durability for yellow gear, 2 for blue, 5 for green and 10 for white.

Memory fragments are one of the bottle necks for enhancing because they are expensive and you must have durability to use your equipment or attempt more enhancements. This means failing an enhance is very expensive indeed. This cost can be reduced by using a real life money item from the cash shop called Artisan’s memory but we won’t open that can of worms in this guide, follow the link on screen for my pearl shop guide and go find where we talk about artisans if you wish to know my thoughts on the item.

Also when playing the game chances are by now you’ve been given an item called Advice of valks followed by a number from some kind of reward. These are failstacks but stored in an item so you can keep them in storage, your pearl inventory or trade them between characters. These can only be used on a character with 0 failstacks and any failstacks can be turned into this item using blacksmith’s secret books purchased from a blacksmith then using the item from your inventory. There are also valk’s cry item, which is a seperate failstack which can be from 1-10, 1 being given per item consumed and basically gives you more failstacks than you had previously until you succeed an enhancement. So if I have 30 failstacks and I consume 10 valk’s crys, you can treat it as if I had the same chance to succeed as if I had 40 failstacks. Pretty simple.

You get these from melting costumes, 5 per week for 500 loyalty tokens in the loyalty section of the pearl shop , from in game events and rewards. I generally use these once above 50 stacks and going for tet boss items. There are also cron stones, used to back up enhancement attempts. For weapons and armor these will prevent the item from downgrading in level, but does not grant failstacks. For accessories it prevents the one being upgraded from breaking while still consuming the base accessorie and has I believe a 30% chance to downgrade the upgrading accessorie.

The cost of how many cron stones are needed per attempt is tied to the item’s price I believe. Cron stones can be purchased from vendors for 2 million silver each or melted from pearl shop costumes purchased for real life cash or from the marketplace for silver. I recommend only getting cron stones from buying pearl shop costumes for silver as it works out to be roughly half of the price as from vendors if you do wind up wanting to use them. People generally say it’s not worth to use crons on accessories and mostly use them for risk free tet/pen armor and weapon upgrades.

The items used in upgrading are blackstones which come in the variants of weapon and armor, you get these from all kinds of things, hunter seals, looted from mobs, events, purchased from marketplace, bosses and a bunch more. These are what are used for 1-15 enhancement. For pri onwards you have to use concentrated magical stones which are more expensive and you get these from melting together hard stones or sharp stones gained from gathering, events and a few other things with blackstones. As a setup I’d strongly recommend using Velia as your “enhancement” spot and storage as everything is close together and the blacksmith smells Reblath armor pieces, which is what we’re going to be using to failstack on. Back in the beginning of the game gear had a cap of +15 and therefor +14 to +15 enhancement is a very low success rate, so what we do when we want to enhance an item is we use cheap to repair gear such as Reblath’s armor pieces to throw blackstones at and fail until we hit the stack we desire.

So now you have the whats and the wheres. How do you actually go about enhancing things. In the description of this video you’ll find all the charts I’m going to show you and I’ll explain why you should use them. This is the only recently updated and seemingly used by other people chart that includes pre pri failstack analysis aswell as non-boss items because let’s be honest if you’re a newer player you’re probably not going to be enhancing much boss gear yet. I’d take these numbers with a pinch of salt but use them as a very rough estimate as to how many failstacks you should aim for before tapping on your main gear.

Now let’s do some actual enhancing. Let’s say you’ve never done this before . I’m going to pick a base piece of grunil as an example. You purchase it from the marketplace, you open the blackspirit menu, press enhance and you select the grunil armor piece. You then select the blackstones and for some items, grunil included you have the option of enhance or durability. They’re self explanatory on what they do, enhance has a higher chance to succeed and consumes the normal durability amount of 5, durability has less chance and consumes 4.

So durability is the better option for using to failstack but we aren’t going to failstack using grunil most of the time as it’s more expensive to repair than reblath. Using grunil to failstack can be a good option at duo and above since if it succeeds you can sell it and most times make your money back or a profit from the stack. On less expensive items like grunil, such as green level weapons and armor, basically anything below boss gear starting with liverto moving on the any yellow grade boss pieces, I wouldn’t be massively converned with failstacking for efficiency prior to +15. The money you’re going to lose failstacking on a reblath from the stones if accidently hitting +15 on them v the money cost to repair after trying to get grunil to wherre you want it to use for everyday armor is probably not worth the hastle in general.

I’d just tap green weapons repeatedly, whatever armor you’re using prior to end game stuff until they hit +15 and then start worrying about fail stacks as recovering from fails from duo onwards gets expensive. Once you have your armor and weapons to Pri you really should have taken the time to get some reblath pieces to +14. You don’t NEED multiple pieces to 14 like I have here , I know some people who use tons of these just so they have to run to the church less but it’s a cost you can avoid as newer player if you just take a little extra time.

What I mean by run to the church is that eventually just by using any item for failstacks it will upgrade when you don’t want it to, fortunately you can go to the church NPC and pay 100k silver to downgrade back to +14. So you can just infinitely use items to failstack. There’s a lot of discussion about what failstacks to use when and for what, it’s a never ending debate and I’m not going to put my neck on the line to tell you which method is exactly right but so long as you’re in the ballpark I think that’s acceptable, considering if you go into enhancing with no ballpark you are going to waste a lot of money.

All these resources will be in the video description and if you need any help specifically on what each one of them means let me know, this for for instance shows you the mathmatically optimal range of stacks to start hitting boss gear attempts. All of the sheets linked will show you the percentage chance you’ll have to succeed each enhancement attempt with what failstacks. Using each of them together you’ll be able to see what’s optimal, it’s always better to use multiple resources to be sure just so you can get an idea of a middle ground between people’s math and theories. Fortunately now in game they show you the chance to succeed on items where it used to be hidden and we had to use datamined information. Now we use charts to try and work out what is the most efficient cost to each enhancement attempt. Don’t worry too much about min-maxing super hard if that’s not your cup of tea, I don’t do super efficient enhancement all the time, enjoy the game the way you want with as much spreadsheet digging and math as you can handle.

Let’s say as an example I’m enhancing my pri gunil and it says 9 failstacks, I failstack to 9 on a piece of reblath and then swap to the grunil until it hits duo. Basically whenever you go over the stacks required for an item from failing, you’ll want to save those stacks for an item in the future. Whether this means swapping to another character or saving the failstacks using a blacksmith secret to turn it into an advice of valks. For example I’m enhancing my boss gear to tet, I start with 0 stacks and a pri dim tree armor. I will start my duo attempts at 20-25 stacks, I failstack on reblath until I hit this, I attempt duo. The duo attempts keep failing and I reach 30 stacks, I swap character and try again with the same method.

This time I get lucky and it hits duo, I then have 30 stacks saved from before to use for that dim tree to try and go from duo to tri, I fail this and repeat the earlier process, I fail so many times I hit 44 stacks. I could save this for a tri attempt at an accessory or for an early stack towards tet attempts later. It’s all just about stopping once you hit a breakpoint where the stack is more valuable to be used on something else later. items have softcap breakpoints where the stacks start to become much less useful as you’ll see in some of the charts.These numbers are just an example, I don’t even know if they add up. Failing sucks and it doesn’t ever feel good but just know that failing is always a good thing for later because there will come times when you do succeed a bunch of enhancements and you have no stacks left over, everything keeps succeeding and you can’t hit enough stacks to get that tet attempt.

Maybe that stack of 50 you used on a tri just because you wanted to get it and was sick of failing so you got an extra couple of percent difference but that stack was probably more valuable in terms of silver to be used later than what you gained from hitting that upgrade. Something to think about moving forward. I hope all of this was very clear and I know I could have handled the actual enhancement part better but I tried my best, it’s a very strange system to explain start to finish so I went this way and hoped it would work out.

Typically the very minor details are something you develop your own little tweaks for. I know I have my own set breakpoints where I just feel like this is what failstack I’ll get to using this item and this is when I’ll stop to save it for this and I’m sure many other people do too. Please if anything was unclear, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or jump in discord at the link below and ask in chat or message me privately.

Thank you so much for watching, next episode we’ll be going over the residence uses, workshops, the very basics of cooking and alchemy and maybe more depending on what we can fit in. Please let me know if you prefer this style of guide in terms of the audio presentation or if you would prefer more the other guides where I went for a bit more of a mellow style versus this where I tried to make my voice as clear as I could. Anyways, I’ll see you on the next one. Peace..

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