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Essence of Light [EVENT] Secret Challenge – Light Quest Guide Black Desert Online


Hello guys welcome to episode 8. Was it 8? Yes. Finally, the last quest essence of life. So, let’s start the quest Price of curiosity. So ok, you will receive another quest so guys we need some items to gather. First before we start questing. What are the items that we need so guys? These are the things that you need So guys. These are the things that we need. First, inorganic Fertilizer, which you can buy on market Empty Bottle, Can get on NPC material, vendor Acacia, Leaf at Central Market High quality wine, which you can get on Cook, NPC

You can also get Sun-Dried Salt there, So the first recipe we only need 1 per each ingredient, The Next Recipe We have Elder Tree 1pc. Actually, all of these you can buy on market, Except this one [ Trace of Origin ] Same as this one too [ Cobra Blood ], This Cobra Blood. I will show you how to get it and trace of origin which which you can get in GLISH RUINS. Node, if you cant, buy it on market trace origin excavation. This is where you get it Next item will be purified: water, 1pc, Fruit of Crimson, Flame 1pc, Fire, Flake, Flower 5pc, ash timber, eleven pcs. We also need 10pcs, Egg and Starfish so where to get the starfish, you can get starfish here But looks like its already farmed here.

So i will show you now where to get starfish through fishing on altinova. You can fish somewhere on the stable. So that’s it! That’S it so next we do alchemy, So we got soft flute of light. [ NOTE. I hear reports that in NA and EU servers you need 5pcs purified water, But in SEA it only needs 1. next item water imbued with the energy of blue light. So next thing we do guys we will cook this. So i have cooking utensil here, so we have new item root of deep sea and we will also need another one. I forgot this. We need to Heat it. We now have blue crystal, so we have now blue crystal. We only need 1 of it so far. These are the items we need. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

8 pieces, so, let’s start ok. The first quest is in calpheon tower. So if you haven’t been here, just go to the ladder and climb up so my guild have been here a few times. We actually just jump from the top when we are bored Theres. Another ladder here going to heaven p, so there is no ladders here anymore. You just climb here on the side. The quest is right over here at the peak of the tower. He will give a quest, [ Red Joy ]. Now we can go to stone the stone tail horse ranch. The quest is right here on race track, so see you there, but before that i will jump okay, guys. We are here at stone, tail horse ranch on the race track. So first item we give is the flute just talk to the white horse. The item is soft flute of light. So we now got the item RED JOY. Now we can go back to calpheon tower. We are here at calpheon tower and we will give the Red Joy. Another quest is given, and now we need Scarlet of Anger so next place. So in this next quest guys scarlet anger, you will go to ilya island, which is right here we go here. Okay, guys, we are now at ilya island, so we are going on the tip of the mountain okay. We are now at the burning beacon,

Just climb it and access it, so we give the next item the water imbued with energy of blue light so that we can get the scarlet of anger. As you can see, we need to go back to Calpeon again. This is going to be a long journey. So but I guess we have no choice so see you later. We are now at calpheon tower and we will turn over the scarlet of anger next. He will give another quest, The Yellow, Sorrow To get this. We need to go to Valencia City some, where in Pilgrims, Sanctum Abstinence, We will need a Compass in this quest, guys

You can buy it on market, okay, we are now at Pilgrims, Sanctum Abstinence. We can now talk to Simeca hand over the high quality wine, so this is what we got so the next place we go to is Ibelab Oasis. We will steal from one of the NPC’s There and for this guy’s I was using a ancient explorer compass so that I don’t have to guess where I’m what direction I’m going. Okay, now we go to stable keeper Eugene, so the quest for eugene is to actually steal an item from him. So let’s go behind the NPC and then we steal okay. So the item we will get from this NPCs is called the crude lockpick. So I will pause the video guys until I get the item. Okay, guys after two days i finally got the crude lockpick

Last time i did not know that the quest as temporarily disabled, so i spent at least 1600 energy and – and i did not get the item at all so now the quest is enabled i got it for 300 energy. So let’s proceed another quest. Okay, now we are in the next location, Pilgrim Sanctum Fast, so its right beside valencia city. Now we will talk to the NPC an we will give him the item EMPTY BOTTLE, So you should be able to get another item Piece of Light Fragment. We have now 2, pcs. Okay, we go to our next location. Okay, we are now at our next location, the Pilgrim Sanctum Purity. The next item we will give is Purified water NOTE, so we actually need 2 purified water in this quest because 1 for the alchemy and 1 for this npc

Luckily i brought 1 Blah blah blah blah, so we got another piece of light fragment, so the next location will be next place, which is pilgrims, sanctum obedience. So, as you can see, I came from here First so why i did not go on Obedience first, when its actually near There is actually and ORDER to where you go. First, 1st Abstinence, 2nd, Fast 3rd Purity, 4th Obedience and 5th Sincerity. So, after Obedience, we go to Sincerity, so we give the next item Acacia Leaf. So now we go to Pilgrim, Sanctum Sincerity. Okay, now we are in the last place. We need to go

Pilgrims Sanctum Sincerity Its here that we will get the last piece of light fragment. So now we got all 5 pieces now we can combine them. This is the pattern and we get the yellow sorrow. So now we go back to calpheon tower again and we give it to the Fireball NPC. Now we are here in calpheon. We now give the yellow sorrow aafter that he will give another quest The green joy. Now we will go here, Cleoville cave You can see, it actually is highlighted. Okay. We are now here at Cleoville, Cave so board the floating platform. Take note when you give the item to this npc when you reach the peak of the floating platform press R right away to access the NPC above, Fail this, and you will craft that item. It requires again press R, then you grab the light fragment. So now we got the green joy. We go back to calpheon tower again. We are now at calpheon and we turn over the green joy. So your next quest is the blue love, so Blue love. We can get it o Heidel Castle, so we are here at heidel castle.

Fisrt thing we do is kill the guards just go here on the right. There is a small house Interact with the Small Box. First, then, you can see the Old Mail Box and use the crude lockpick and we should get the blue love. So we go back to calpheon again we turn over blue love, so your next quest is indigo hatred and we will go back to desert Rakshan observatory. So we go to valencia city again. Here we are guys on observatory. We are now at Rakshan Observatory. Now the NPC we need to talk is at the top of the tower, and here we are so we give the blue crystal and we should get the indigo of hatred. So we go back again to calpheon. Okay, we are here again at calpheon. We now turn over the Indigo of Hatred. So next quest we get is Purple Greed. Now we switch to our Negative Karma Character and we go to jail. Okay, we are now at Muiquun Town, the bandit camp on desert, talk to this NPC Bertod and get the quest To complete the quest Talk to this GUY sitting on the stairs

I will Point at him here: okay, guys after enabling all the quests, which is you start from going into this NPC Bertod. So i unlocked the quest from all npc’s and we go to Blacksmith to get the quest. Actually, you can also get a quest from here, but its very hard to complete, because you need to kill 3 adventurers, so dont get any quest on that. Npc just get the quest from blacksmith. The quest he gives is kill 300 fogans, which is easier. This is the item we need before we go to prison, Muiquun Supply Chest. Now we kill 300 desert fogans. Now we go to Fogans and il show you the way to go there, its just near by just incase. You have no compass, you can use this path to go to desert fogans. So you just turn left you just follow that mountain guys. If you can see a cliff, you can climb on the left side you can climb. So I’m just going to show you guys on on where the path is, if its night time just follow the moon. So now we are here at titium valley, the tiny viseme it either. So you can actually drop here without getting too much damage. So hopefully my AP can handle the fogans here. Remember if your in Fogans, you have Negative Karma Already avoid any Adventures.

If they kill you, you go to jail straight. You can Actually use your Main account to kill the fogans and not use your Negative Player oOkay. Now we have killed 300 fogans now lets accept the reward. So now we got the Muiquun Supply Chest. Now we can go to Prison Now in order to go to prison. We need to be killed by someone in the desert. I will go to fogans and let my character be killed. Okay, now guys we are here at prison after i got killed.

With the Item Muiquun Supply Chest, There are actually 3 spawn spots in this prison and spawned at the right spawn spot and the spawn spot you will look for. Is this one and the one you have to remember is at the entrance. You will see two musicians at the right side, so let’s go. What we will find first is the ARENA and then we go straight and then we go right side and then we go straight and go right side so make sure they’re not following you. So, okay, so so there is a book here that will spawn quickly and you really need to Press R Several times and fast. You sont stop until you get the Purple greed Here. I press R once and it wont event give the supply chest. So i had to close again and wait for the book to spawn again supply chest and actually madelung Amir on that long bounce. But it was a prison and the spawn spot that we are looking for.

Is this one and even palette and Andy, took a the right places and it’s a right side. Don’T know burned, atrophy my musician. So let’s go. You will find that in AFER’s, so the arena is right over here and then we go straight and then we go left all right side and then we go straight and go right side so make sure they’re not following here. So, okay, so maro Malthus found a book dito and you must press are very quickly here we go so we became young Michael supply chest. What are you doing? So it turns out guys you need to spam “ R” Until you get the purple greed. Okay. Now i went back to the spawn spot. We have the purple greed. This is the easiest way to go out in prison again. The trade mark of this spawn spot is the musicians are on the right side. So first we find the arena

And go straight: this is where we passed earlier and we turned right after but now we will turn left. We go left side again. Then we go right side. Then we go left side again. Then we go straight. Oh okay, okay, go straight! We go right side. Oh, no, no, no, we go left side, we go right side and then we go straight and then we go left again right again. We go straight, we go left and then we go left. So this is where the NPC that will let us out of the prison, so it only took at least two minutes, so you need to memorize the way to get out of prison fast. So there are actually three ways to get the escaped prison, but that’s the first way to escape so right now we will go to Calpheon and hopefully i dont get killed.

Okay guys, as you can see, im riding the balloon to deliver the purple greed. There is no way to transfer the item because its a bound to character item, so the safest way is to teleport to Valencia and use a sky balloon. And then, after you reach, alte Nova, you use sky balloon again to Calpeon, so just to avoid getting killed and going to jail again so and there’s actually another trick to get the essence of light using my main character in not this character. So I will show it later after we arive. So here we are at calpheon guys and we will turn over purple greed, but do not complete the quest yet so that you will not get the essence of light just yet so just switch to your main character. That is not negative, karma and complete the quest. So you dont get killed while delivering it to alustin, so I’m here with my main character. So now I can complete the quest and get the essence of light.

So it’s easier this way, because if you let that negative karma character deliver to alustin, you might get attacked by other players and you will go back to prison again. So its just a small technique to deliver the essence of light and at last end the quest. So see you when I arrived at Alustin’s place, we are now at alustin and you will turn over the essence of light. So there is a last quest which you will give the essence of Light to this tower. That’S officially the end of the quest guys, and now we have the tungrad necklace. Finally, so this is the end of video guys subscribe if you want people like or dislike, so thank you for watching and see you next time.

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