Essence of Metal [EVENT] Secret Challenge – Metal Quest Guide Black Desert Online


Enough with the sun bathing Lets go to Alustin, So this Episode 4 is about Essence of Metal, Because we already finished Essence of forest Yesterday. So lets accept the quest from alustin. So first thing we do since its already reset time All those daily quest from previous essence quest. We will do them again to open the quest line for essence of metal. As you can see deficient meat, we need to complete it again and i already have them for some reason: the forest daily quest did not reset, yet we only need to complete Cold Draft Beer and Beef. So always you will have to complete them. First, every single day before you proceed so next beer npc, so guys, sorry for my mic. Actually, my mic sucks Because im not really planning to become a youtuber im, just making video for my guild mates so that they have a guide. If ever they want to do the quest, sadly im the guild master [ leader ], so i need to be responsible for my guild members thats. Why im making videos – i just did not expect the views to be this high, so im so sorry about my mic and sometimes i breath so deeply thats, because im actually sick. So sorry again, so every daily quest is now completed. So now we can start okay. After getting the quest from alustin go to 5th tower, If you want to go to the tower and complete it EASILY Use a Lahn character or Ninja, But my character is witch. I will be having a hard time using a witch character. I have a teleport skill, but its very hard to control.

Its better, if you have lahn So lets, switch to my Lahn Character. This is the First tower second tower third tower, fourth tower and fifth tower. So your thinking, we should start with the first tower right. No Because if you start from the first tower, it will take you forever, So there’s actually a Hack, We can start at the third tower. You only need a Sail Boat. If you dont have a sail boat, then goodluck. If you dont have a sail boat, a Lahn character is a MUST. If you do have a sail boat, you will start at the 3rd tower actually in between 2nd tower and 3rd tower. Il show you so, as you can see, there are lots of sail boats here, its no accident that they are here, because there is a purpose why they are parked here. I will show you so you will need a sail boat to access that platform. [ Nightime on SEA Server is a good time to do this quest because there are lots of people doing the quest ]. So here we are

This is the shortcut so using a Lahn character. Take out your weapon. What you do is FORWARD JUMP LMB, make sure you dont fall. Okay, guys. We are now at the third tower, Make sure you dont get the quest reward here, because if you open this quest, the quest on 5th tower will not be accessible anymore. You will have to wait 24hrs just to get the quest again. It actually happened to me. I made a stupid mistake of getting the reward here, so here is the first platform. So up to this point, You can continue the jumping until you reach 4th tower, But there is actually a shortcut using a lahn character. We wait until the platform reaches its highest peak. Okay, i messed up, so we do it again. Okay, we are here at 3rd tower. There is also a shortcut here, but only for Lahn character. [ Stand on the exact spot when my character is standing, so it will have more ground to jump before flying ] [. I will target the 3rd floating flatform ] [. The timing is, you Fly when the platform starts to drop and when you are near the platform press LMB to stomp land, ] [ After 3rd tower board the first platform

Wait for the highest peak then fly When you are near the tower Press LMB to Stomp Land. This will take a lot of practice to perfect ] [. After you reach 4th tower. You will need to cross 2 more floating platforms before you fly ]. So here we are again. Hopefully i will succeed. [ WARNING TURN DOWN VOLUME. Someone IS GOING TO SHOUT ] [, THEN MY STUPIDITY HIT ME BACK. There IS NO QUEST. ]