Essence of Water [EVENT] Secret Challenge – Water Quest Guide Black Desert Online


Hello guys welcome to episode 2. So what we will do, we will complete the secret challenge water. He second quest, so i already got the quest from alustin. We will find the essence of water, So we do the same thing. We prepare the items we need first and we only need 3 2pcs, Cold Draft Beer, 1 Blue Coral Ring and the 3rd item we need is a boat because we will go to padix island which is below Pirate Island, so thats where the quest will happen, and So we will go to my alternate character to get blue coral ring. There are ways to get it first way to get. It is to farm on Pirate Island which im not going to do so. The other way is to buy it on marketplace, which is very impossible of the moment, because every one wants it and the other way you can get it is from Mysterious Ring you buy it in blacksmith, npc its a gamble box you buy in blacksmith

Mysterious ring gamble box. Hopefully you can get blue coral ring right away as soon as possible and now lets switch to our alternate character and see you in a bit. Okay. Now we are here in our alternate character, so we go to the black smith. Oh, i need money. Okay, now we have money: 15 million. We will buy Mysterious Ring this one. We will buy many, so we have 31 hope we can get it asap. This video will take a while. So i will just pause it and i will resume when i get the blue coral ring and as of now we are unlucky. We are not getting any. Oh, we hit the jackpot, but we got the wrong jackpot. Okay, guys i transferred to Olvia town, because in Altinova we only get Red Coral rings, so hopefully we get blue ones here, YES, HAHAHA. We got one finally, So tip guys. If you want to get the blue one, buy them on velia, not on altinova, Velia or grana that took me 1 hr and now the 2nd one. Okay. Now we are back in our main character, so its good to buy them in velia or grana.

Dont buy them on altinova. You only get red corals there, so at least in velia i got 2 right away, so we have all the things we need except the boad, because i dont have any boat so lets complete the quest here. First. So lets start Cold. Beer Delivery lets navigate. Okay turns out, you cant access the npc. Although we have the item, i think it needs to be 8:30 pm in game time, its kinda early, so we will go back later. Okay, guys, i cant access the quest, the cold beer delivery because you nee dto complete again the previous daily quest. This Deficient meat. So we need to get more Beef again. We need butcher knife and, let’s go kill beef.., I mean stonetail Bison. So now we have beef lets, go to our main character.

And now we have beef. I did not actually know this that you have to complete again the previous daily quest, no wits completed. The beer quest here should now be available, so lets see there you go, i waited until 11:00 Pm, so cold beer delivery. So what we do is we deliver the beer to someone around the hills here so to climb up there, you go here and there he is so he will give another quest. He told us to find his friend from the navy. His friend is right over that island straight ahead, which is close by. He is right behind the island, so 1 beer is already consumed. The other one left is for his friend thats, why you need two pieces and he will give you a quest. So this quest, you need to find a shipwreck which is, they said the shipwreck is under the diving board on a cliff. The diving board is right over here and we need to find it its right over there just straight ahead. Thats, the hill, where the diving board is this – is the hill im talking about

And the diving board is right over there thats the diving board, so we need to go up there so to climb up. We go here on the side. [ [, [ [. You dont really have to climb the hill lol. You can just go swim right away to the location, ] ], ], ], so heres the diving board. We need to dive just hit spacebar, so the shipwreck is just over here. So just go to the center of the shipwreck. So now its completed, we will go back to the NPC Borek im actually sick. Sorry, so we are here with Borek. Now we are done here. What we will do. We will now go to padix island, which is is right below Pirate Island and we need a boat so for those who dont have any fishing boats.

Theres actually a quest in Velia to discover Vells Area. So i will see if i have that quest in velia from Igor Bartali. He will give you an Old Bartali Sail Boat, So lets see if that event is still on so see you in velia. So lets talk to Igor Bartali, So hopefully the Quest is still there. [ NOTE YOU CAN SKIP THIS. If YOU ALREADY HAVE A SAIL BOAT, ] [, WE NEED TO COMPLETE NOISY SHORE EVENT. First ]. I will complete this quest first and i will be right back later and now we are done with the quest. We go to BLACK SPIRIT and we will get a quest. Another event INVESTIGATE VELLS REALM. So if you accept that quest you go to Igor and you will receive the Old Bartali sailboat. So now we go to Warf manager To get Old, Bartali sailboat. So this is only for those who donat have any fishing boat or dont want to buy any thats. Is if you still have not accepted this quest, If you have a boat, then you can skip this quest. Since we already have this, we dont need to buy any sailboats dont climb. So let’s go to padix island, so this journey will be a long one. So see you later, i will just pause the video. Now we arrived at Padix island, so the npc is right over here i actually have a swimming out fit so lets use it. So the quest is to kill 50 pirates. Lets go here on the right side. You will see a cave that is submerged. There are actually pirates here. I will pause the video and resume when im done killing 50 pirates. So the next quest we will get the essence of water

This time we will need our last item, The Blue Coral ring. We will go to ODEN Island Right Over here. I still have not discovered the node in this character, But i know the location because i already did the quest on my main character lets pause. The video again and see you later in ODEN, island, Okay, guys now we are here in Oden island And we will find the spot The cave Entrance, which is right over here – and this is the cave entrance. Now we are in the location already and the essence of water is right over there and just like that quest completed Essence of Water. So now we need to give this to Alustin so see you later. I will now go to terrmian park. So now we are here at terrmian waterpark and we will give it to alustin the essence of water, so ez, 45 million. So that’s it guys. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe, so you will be updated on the next video, which is the episode 3. The essence of forest

So see you