[Event Guide] Find the GMs in O’dyllita! (Time Stamp & Subtitle Available)


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As you see this is Official website for new event finding GM in O’dyllita and this event period from 16 October 2020 until 21 October 2020 before maintenance and this event is simple you just need to find GM NPC that scatter from Kamasylvia region until O’dylllita region. first We need to take special Quest from GM Black and then we need to find another GM GM Red, GM Blue, GM Green, GM Yellow, GM Pink and the final GM NPC is GM White and after you finish this Quest event you will got this even Black Desert GM Medal. Actually, this is just mark as you finish this event Quest but the real reward will send at 21 October 2020 after maintenance.

There are item collection increase scrool 60 minute 3 pieces, Book of Training skill and combat for 3 hours Event Immortal Beast’s, Giant’s, and Savage Draught and also Armor Draught and O’dyllita Meal 2 pieces and be noticed this event rewards can only be received once per Family and you can find this GM NPC on all server except seasonal Arsha, Arsha, and Olvia servers Okay I will guide you for all GM location. Okay First GM is GM black. You can find this GM at Kamasylvia region as you see this is Old Tree Wishdom and the GM around this area and just talk with this GM and take the quest event find the Black Desert GM After you take this Quest we need to find another GM. You can find any GM not in order.

Okay, next GM that I will show you is Red GM near Talibahr’s Rope as you see this is Talibahr’s Rope node and you just need to right click this Talibahr’s Rope node, and you will go to auto path this navigation And as you see this is the hidden GM, GM Red just talk with this NPC and you will finish to meet this Red GM. Okay Next GM is GM blue. You just need to go to Starry Midnight Port and go to this port and just auto path as you see this is the Blue GM NPC just talk and you will finish to find this Blue GM.

Okay Next, GM is GM Pink You just need to go to this Delmira Plantation, but this GM location around this area. Okay, just auto path. And you will find this GM NPC, GM Pink just talk And you will finish to find this GM Pink and next is GM Yellow, you can find this GM Yellow at Thronwood Archive. at this area near this Crypt of Resting Thoughts logo Okay, just auto path and be careful don’t go to Thornwood Prison because there are high AP monster. Okay, after reach this area just turn and find this GM Yellow around this area. Okay, just talk and you will finish to find this GM Yellow. Okay Next is GM Green. You can find these GM Green near Starry Midnight Port and La O’dele and as you see around this area, okay, just auto path and you will find this GM NPC just talk and you will finish to find this GM green. Okay after you finish to find all GM you just need to go to O’draxxia City and go to this location.

To find GM White and as you see this is GM White and just report this Quest and you will complete this Quest event okay after you finish all this event Quest you just need to wait until 21 October 2020 after maintenance and they will send this event reward in your in-game mail. Okay, guys, that’s it event find the GM in O’dyllita, hope you can finish this event. If you like this video, you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching. See you next time..

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