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Event Guide to Get Advice of Valks +150 & 1800 Ancient Spirit Dust Weekly (Time Stamp & Subtitle)


Hello Guys Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel This video. I want to share about new event to Get Advice of Valks 150 and also to get Ancient Spirit Dust 1800 every week. But before I explain about these complicated event, Special Thanks to Lowch Zacrue and DubyaDude as Gold member, and to my Silver and Bronze Member for your direct support at Patreon, Karyakarsa or Youtube Membership. This will make Chris Poli Channel running and growing more faster. And if you want to join my membership to support me directly, you can go to any platform for Patreon Karyakarsa and Youtube Membership. I already put link for this membership on this video description or you can check on top right on this video. I already put card for Patreon Link.

As you see, this is official website that explain about this new event. The Stack Workshop Opens and, to start this event, You need to do some quest line to get this item event. No-Good Bulky Stone. You can start this quest line from 4 November 2020 after maintenance until 2 December 2020, before maintenance and be notice. You only can complete this quest line once per family. Okay to start this quest line. First, we need to call Black Spirit to take this first Quest and go to quest tab and event Quest and just choose event Lost Secret Book of the Blacksmith And you need to go to Tranan Underfoe blacksmith of Velia around this area. Okay, just talk and finish this Quest and take another Quest Event Furious Blacksmiths After that just auto path to Target NPC around Velia around this area. As you see, there are some blacksmith gather in this area, Just talk with Dorin Morgrim And after that, take another Quest Event Last Chance And just go back to Tranan Underfoe again.

Just report this Quest and take another Quest Event, I am … the Greatest Detective And just auto path to inside to Tranan Underfoe house And interact with this suspicious footprint and take another quest Event, Decisive Evidence And be notice. To finish this Quest, you need to try to 4 random location around Velia. You just need open your map and go to any location. That pointed by this Quest. As you see, this is my first interaction to finish this Quest, but I didn’t find anything in this area, So I just go to another area and as you see, this is another suspicious footprint, and I just finish this Quest and after that, just auto path to Target NPC to finish this Quest at this house and just report, this quest And take another Quest Event Delightful Twist. After that, you need to return to Tranan Underfoe again, Just click chat and just choose. This interaction Show the No-good Bulky Stone and you will finish this Quest And take another Quest Event. Finally, Some Peace of Mind After that, just auto path again to talk with Dorin Morgrim, Just report. This Quest and click chat and choose interaction to show the un identify Stone.

And just auto path to report this Quest at this NPC at this house. After that, you will finish this quest line and, after you finish this quest line, this new NPC at this house will offer you some event daily and weekly Quest. Actually, after you finish this quest line, you just unlock another event: Tawner Morden Likes the Color Blue. This event is simple: you just need to go to NPC Tawner Morden at this area at Velia, and you just need to hand offer any kind of blue accessory to this NPC for PRI enchantment level. You will got Ancient Spirit, Dust 50 pieces and You can do this Quest three times per day and the second quest you need to hand, offer blue accessory with DUO, enchantment level, and you will got another Ancient Spirit, Dust for 250 pieces and Last Quest. The third quest you need to hand, offer blue accessory with TRI enchantment level, and you will got Ancient Spirit, Dust 500 pieces.

So, in total you can do all these three quests and got 1,800 pieces Ancient Spirit Dust every week. Okay, as you see, I just prepared this blue grade for PRI accessories, 3 pieces and also blue grade accessories for DUO enhancement level, and the last is blue grade. Tri accessory Okay, Just try to hand offer all this item to this NPC today. First, I will take this Event A Very Secret Deal. I We can finish this Quest three times daily. Okay. This is my first attempt to get this 50 pieces. Ancient Spirit, Dust click, chat and just hand offer one of these blue grade PRI accessory, And I just got this Ancient Spirit, Dust 50 pieces and next I will take the same quest for the second time and just hand offer the PRI accessory, and I just finished The second Quest and get additional 50 pieces, Ancient Spirit Dust and take the third time for this Quest And just an offer. The last blue grade, PRI accessory and just finish this Quest and as you see, I just got 150 pieces. This Ancient Spirit Dust by finishing this even Quest three times that you need to hand offer three pieces blue grade, PRI accessory and next for weekly Quest.

I will take this event weekly quest Event, A Very Secret Deal II And just click chat and hand offer this blue grade accessory with DUO enhancement level And just take the reward for 250 pieces, Ancient Spirit, Dust and the last is event weekly. A Very Secret Deal. Iii to Hand offer Blue grade accessory with TRI enchantment level. Okay, just hand offer this item and be notice better. You hand offer this blue grade accessory with TRI enchantment level that have lowest market price, because by finishing this Quest you will got 500 pieces Ancient Spirit Dust if you possess it to become Caphras Stone, and I didn’t count Black stone, weapon and armor that you use This 500 pieces Ancient Spirit Dust is worth around 300 million silver

So make sure you hand offer blue grade accessory TRI enchantment level which have price lower than 300 million silver. Okay. After I finish this Quest, I just got 900 pieces Ancient Spirit Dust by finishing all these quests and be notice. This weekly Quest will reset seven days after you finish the last time. So if you delay this weekly Quest, you also delay to get next quest for for another week, but don’t worry for this daily Quest. This daily Quest will reset every day every reset time and be noticed because this event blue grade accessory just come. We cannot buy any mysterious accessory from any blacksmith NPC

And also, if you sell any kind of blue grade accessory before this maintenance start, they just cancel all your blue grade accessory listing from Central Market and just put it on your Central Market warehouse and you still can sell it on Central Market after this maintenance done. Okay, guys, that’s it how to get this Ancient Spirit Dust 1800 pieces every week and I go back to this event. No-Good Bulky Stone to get Advice of Valks 150. After you finish this first quest line to get this event, No-good Bulky Stone the main goal. For this event, you need to process this event, No-good Bulky Stone until 60 time and to enhance this item. You just need to login at this event period from 5 November 2020 after recent time until 1 December 2020, before reset time,

Each 30 minute You will got these three item from your challenge. Page. As you see total. You will got this three set of this item If you log in a cumulative time, 90 minutes each day at this event period, You just need to open your simple processing and go to manufacture and just put this item and these three ingredients that you will got From your challenge pages every 30 minute every day – and you will got next time time Tempered Stone for every processing but be notice to reach 20 time Tempering 40 time and 60 time. You need another ingredient Event Zulatia Coolant. You can get this Event Zulatia Coolant same as another ingredient from your challenge page, but you only can get this Event Zulatia Coolant once a week at this even period So every day you can process this event Tempered Stone three times and every week you can process This Tempered Stone to reach 20 time 40 time and 60 time and the last you can process this event 60 times Tempered Stone to become Iridescent Moonlight Stone, and you will need this event. Iridescent Moonlight Stone to exchange it to become advice of 150. To this Legendary Thief, NPC Tawner, Morden and another event to find this NPC Tawner Morden. As you see when I record this video

I just got this Legendary Thief: NPC Tawner Morden just appear, and you just need to talk with this NPC and go to its shop, and you just buy all item that he sell, because this is very worth it to buy. You have limit to buy this item daily, So if you find this NPC, you just buy everything from this NPC and the most expensive item is event: Caphras stone box. You need 100 million silver. If you open this Caphras Stone box, you will get randomly 10 until 40, pcs, Caphras, Stone and after you buy this event, Daybreak Stone and also event Secrets Scroll of Devotion-20. You just need to open your processing window and go to simple Alchemy and you just simple Alchemy, this 2 item and start processing by processing, 1 piece event, Secrets Scroll of Devotion-20 and 1 piece event: Daybreak Stone. You will got 1 piece event Secret Scroll of Devotion of 25 and next, if you simple, alchemy this event Secret Scroll of Devotion, 25. With this event, Daybreak Stone and start processing, you will got another level for this event: Secret Scroll of Devotion by consuming 2 pieces event, Daybreak stone, and you can process it to level up this Event: Secret Scroll to become 40 and the last you can process this Secret Scroll of Devotion, 40 with Black Stone, Armor, 40, Pcs and Black Stone Weapon 40, Pcs, using simple alchemy, to become Advice of Valks 40 and the leftover scroll that you have. You can process it to become another Advice of Valks depend this scroll number using same amount of Black Stone, Armor and Black Stone Weapon; okay, guys, that’s it event, guide to get Advice of Valks, 150 and 1800 Ancient Spirit, Dust Weekly. If you like this video, you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update

Thank you for watching, See you next time..

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