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What is up my guys, Kira here and today’s guide is going to be about farming for silver. I have to preface this video with I am by no means an expert in this life skill and today’s guide is just going to be how I personally do things as I haven’t yet had a chance to run all the numbers. If you’re familiar with my previous guides on Imperial Alchemy and Cooking, you’ll know my guides usually come with a massive detailed spreadsheet and math breakdown. Well today’s guide is going to be the polar opposite of that, one that can be used by everyone, even the most casual of players who don’t want to be looking at and editing spreadsheets every week. This guide is about making money the whole way, in no way is this the best way to power level farming, just how I did it personally to make silver while also leveling up the lifeskill.

What you need to take part in this guide, as much CP as possible, up to 100. Giant workers in and around velia/heidel/olvia, an alt with as many inventory slots as possible though do note I did all this with a 75 slot alt, a value pack if you intend to sell the end products. Farming is just about the easiest, most underrated lifeskill in the game in my opinion. It’s amazing how easy it is to setup and while I can’t claim this is the best money making method with the lifeskill, I can say that it sure beats 100cp of workers on nodes for me. I know that I totally neglected farming up until recently and when I saw the silver earning potential, I thought why not share that with any of you who haven’t got on the wave yet. I started out with 5 strong fences, meaning I could plant up to 50 crops and after checking the numbers was surprised how good the money was, even just for leveling up the profession.

Since then I’ve got to artisan level and put down 10 strong fences and earning anywhere from 30 to 55 million silver per day, with about 5 minutes tending my farms every 4 and a half hours. This guide has no crazy setup cost, no pearl requirements but for maximum profit does require a value pack. The silver earned entirely relies on how many times per day you can tend your farms, each breed and replant for me is 13 to 15 million, which means in a 24 hour period the max times you can do this is 5.4, which isn’t realistic as we do all need sleep. If you can remotely access your computer throughout the day, breeding just after you wake up and just before bed, you can reliably hit 3 per day which is between 39 and 45 million silver per day.

This adds up to about 1.25 billion silver a month and once you hit artisan farming and only takes a couple of minutes per breed cycle. I’d say even if you don’t have 100 CP to spare, put in whatever you can free up and you’ll be making decent money with little effort, try it out and build yourself up to the maximum. With the time invested, cost invested and money earned I’d say this is probably the best zero effort silver earning in the game. My numbers are based on what I personally do and I am in no way saying there aren’t better ways to farm for silver.

I know there’s secrets in every life skill and doing the math on each seed would take weeks, something I am slowly going to begin doing but with my schedule right now it’s not ideal. So this guide is for the people like me, who neglected farming and want a super simple setup, to earn some pretty amazing afk income. To get to the stage mentioned above, I say there’s no setup but that’s actually wrong, you do need to level farming up…Which does take a while with my method, but fear not because you actually earn pretty good money while you do this. First let’s go over the setup, I personally have 10 strong fences on the hillside next to velia, just north of Loggia Farm, packed as close together as I can get them. I will change these fences to old moon once I hit master farming but for now, this is what I have. The reason I choose velia is because I have the most access to giant workers here, with 8 artisans and 2 professionals between heidel, olvia and velia and apparently it’s just really good for t9 byproducts, which is where we make the majority of our money.

Straight onto how exactly we do this, we take an alt, get 10 strong fences from this guy in Heidel, or any other NPC that rents strong fences. Strong Fence is a 10 slot farm, for 10 CP invested. So that’s where the term 10×10 comes from, 10 farms with 10 slots, for 100 CP. After we have our farms we go place them at velia hill, north of logia farm, we then go and buy 100 special strawberry seeds. Yes this is our seed money, clever right? After we have our seeds, you can split this into smaller batches if you have low inventory capacity like me on this alt.

We go and plant the seeds, I’m not sure if there’s a faster way to do this but I just left click the seed, left click the area to plant and hit space bar. Repeat until planted. I always plant the same exact way just due to muscle memory but whatever works for you is fine. After you have your seeds planted, they will start to get either tangled with weeds or infested with pests. This is where you would be tending to the crops constantly to level up farming really fast, while getting hards and sharps to additionally make money.

But we’re not going to do that because on this channel, we’re all about that lazy afk silver instead. This is where the 10 giants come into play. Go to the farming icon in the top left, press list and set your giants to work on the farms one at a time. With giants in velia, olvia and heidel they will work at the farms on one stamina bar until the whole crop is above 100%.

This means you can feed your workers, hit repeat and go do whatever and have absolutely zero input required until the seeds are grown and you’re ready to log into your alt to breed. Why exactly do I use giants, other workers don’t have the stamina required to work on the entire 100% process of the crops in my experience and having to feed the workers again half way through is just more things to remember. The full process looked like this for me, wake up go to my computer, breed all the strawberry seeds on a farm, replant them, move on until all 10 farms are finished. Drop down the mountain and run to the central marketplace NPC, put the seeds in the inventory, run back to the farms and log out. Go do whatever it is you have to do for approximately the next 4-5 hours, log back in the alt, repeat the process. Do this as many times as you can each day and in about 14 days you should be at artisan farming, give or take a few days.

I can’t give the specific numbers as they did just make farming way faster to level up. Why exactly we do special strawberries in this method over other seeds? They grow in this area really well and on EU they are consistently one of the fastest to sell seeds, which means they’re pretty much always at a high price. Just on seed prices alone you’ll be making around 5 million silver per breed after taxes, the fruits aren’t a large amount of silver from these seeds but I personally save them to then use in other crafting or workshops for more money later. Then comes the byproducts, you get far less than you would from the method we’ll go over in a second but it all adds up.

The byproducts are the same as cooking or alchemy if you’re familiar with those, except with these we don’t hand them in to an NPC to make silver. We actually use them in simple cooking from the processing menu, turning 20 of two at a time into stonetail fodder which can give you 1 , 2 or 3 each craft. So 40 byproducts can be anywhere from 2.5 to 7.5 million silver pre taxes. As a side note you also have a chance from all breeding to get mysterious seeds, which you can combine with other seeds to make a mysterious plant, these are good for getting a lot of fruits but I don’t personally use them as of yet so I’ll mention they exist and move on. After you have your artisan farming skill, you’re going to sell all your special strawberry seeds and go grab some Special Wheat seeds.

Replant these the same way as before. After breeding seeds at artisan 1 or above you have a chance to get a Magical version of the seed, this is what we’ll be using going forward. Each breed after, replant the magical seeds, these take up 5 slots per farm so you can only plant 2 per farm. After you have all 10 farms full up with magical wheat seeds this is the setup we use going forward. Sell the rest of your special wheat seeds on the market, you’ll not need those again. Now when breeding magical seeds they always give back at least 1 magical seed, but between 1 and 3. They cannot be sold on the marketplace but they do vendor for 363 thousand silver each. On average I get back 10 seeds to sell each breeding cycle, so 3.63 million silver. When breeding you will also likely get byproducts, I’ve had breeds that give me back 0 for a seed and that has given me 11. On a full cycle since recording the stats I get roughly 93-100 byproducts.

If we average stonetail fodder to 2 per craft, this means 20 byproducts is 2.5 million pre tax. After tax I recorded 9 to 11 million silver per cycle. You also get fruits, for wheat it’s fruit of the sun which I have valued at 110k silver on EU , average around 18 of these per cycle so another 2 million silver pre tax. All in all this if we take averages this is around 14 million silver per cycle if you sell your stonetail fodder and fruits. This is just pure silver value, the value goes up if you use fruits to make other items and turn them into further profit.

The reason magical seeds are the way to go for me is that it takes a few minutes to do each cycle and hardly any energy or trips back to town. When doing the 100 crop special seeds I was having to use energy potions to keep up with it each day and make a trip to town half way through harvesting seeds due to my inventory being full of seeds. Though I can’t say for certain if there is a better magical seed to make more money from as of yet.

I should tell you that You can speed make even mor emoney each day by using fertilizer on your farms to speed up the growth cycle, this takes roughly an hour off the growth time meaning you can up the earning potential by quite a lot. This makes getting 4 breeds in a day pretty easy if you have access to your pc throughout the day. Now combine this with my imperial alchemy or cooking guides and you’re making some easy money each month with a few minutes per day on farming and a few hours per week on imperial delivery. With the farming setup your workers will also deposit the weeds into the bank they come from, which we then use for imperial alchemy and make even more profit. That’s it for this one guys, if you enjoyed this video or found the guide useful then please subscribe, drop a like, consider sharing the video, leave me a comment with what you think or any requests for future content in Black Desert or any other MMORPG.

Join us on discord where we talk about bdo, other games, music, pretty much anything really. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next one. PEACE..

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