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First Login Episode 1 | Complete Beginners Guide | Xbox One & PC


What is up guys, I’m Kira and we are back with another one. Okay so I plan for this to be the first video in a series for the absolute beginner’s to the game. This first one if going to be going over everything from logging in to the game for the very first time, to the settings you should be changing and what to do right away.

BDO is a game that is frequently slated for being way too confusing and having too much shit on-screen for new players to process, so this first video is here to help with that. Before we get into it I’d like point out that the first few videos in this series are aimed at brand new players, we’ll be going over as much as possible. These aren’t going to be videos with a 10 minute quick sprint through every single topic and I want to try and cover everything if possible. After we get the total beginner stuff out of the way we’ll move onto things that can benefit even intermediate players. A lot of this game isn’t very well documented and I’m here to do that. To start off with I’m going to talk a little bit about before you even buy the guy, for those of you who are looking to get started but not sure what are differences between versions. This is for the NA and EU regions only, most of the other content in this video and series will be applicable to all regions.

The three versions available are as follows, Steam, direct purchase and xbox. The steam and direct purchase are identical in content and play with each other, though I believe the steam purchase has access to some exclusive starter channels to give you a better chance to not mix with even more veteran players at the start. The xbox version released in I believe March of 2019 and is quite far behind on content from the PC version and plays on their own, this can be treated as an entirely different service than the PC client. Okay so as a new PC player do you want the Steam or the direct purchase from the Black Desert Online website? I’d say it’s way better to get the direct purchase as you have access to things that the steam service doesnt, such as game gifting which is the only cheap and reliable way to attain the special pets, also I’ve heard the steam service sometimes has extra downtime compared to the normal version.

The upside of the steam client of course that if you have steam wallet funds you can purchase the game and in-game cash shop currency for that instead. In every case, I suggest purchasing the very base version of the game and not a higher package, you can find more info as to why in the first 5 minutes of the pearl guide on my channel. Let’s assume you’ve made your pick and you’re loading the game up for the first time, make sure you choose the correct region in the launcher between Europe and North America as there is no transfer service between them but you can play on both, just all purchases and progress are locked to each region respectively. When you first load up the game you’ll be asked for a Family name, this is the shared name of your whole account that will be shown above each of your character’s individual names.

You can pay about $10 to change this later. After this you’re going to come across a whole bunch of different “channel” choices, you’re going to want to pick whichever Olvia channel you like. Bear in mind each region is a mega server and you can freely swap between the channels whenever you like, with a 15 minute in-game cooldown. You’re choosing Olvia as your current channel as you’ll gain experience boosts for being there and you’re much less likely to run into super high geared players regularly since you only have access to Olvia channels for 30 days upon starting or returning to the game from an absence. After picking your channel you’re going to be asked to create a new character.

First choosing the class, on PC we have 17 gender locked classes and on Xbox currently there are 10, with the rest releasing gradually.. I’d suggest trying out multiple classes to see what you enjoy but be aware at level 56 you unlock what is known as the “awakening” of your class, this gives you a whole new weapon and move-set. The Awakening usually drastically alters how a class plays, such as the ranger going from a ranger bow user to a dagger sword combo melee class. I say that to say this, you may love a class from levels 1-55 but you’ll not truly know if you want to play that class long term until you play the awakened form. I won’t suggest classes in this guide as it’s way too in detail for the purposes of this video but if you’re stuck just leave a comment and I’ll try and provide you some resources to help decide. I will say to pick based on your preference and not what is the best flavor of the month as the best class is always the one you enjoy most, also if you force yourself to play the best class and it gets nerfed you’re not going to have fun.

Now once you actually pick your class, the character customisation is absolutely mind blowing, this is one of the best features of Black Desert. The limitations are almost endless…Except for the gender lock of course. If you’re overwhelmed by the character customisation and want to choose someone elses creation like I always do, just use the beauty album button. Don’t be too scared to make mistakes here or feel pressured to stick it out until perfection, you can access this character creator at any time in-game for free if you have the monthly subscription known as the value pack active. So you’ve made your character and you’re finally in-game. Now what? I suggest just doing the mini-tutorial for movement etc and then following the initial quests which should be fairly straight forward. The reason I’m saying this before we move on is that you don’t unlock your chat boxes until you reach this point of the game, presumably to make gold selling spam slightly more difficult.

First tip is that you run faster with your weapons sheathed which is default tab. You bring up the black spirit with the comma key and access quests by pressing O, if you’re ever stuck use the Main tab to see what you should be doing next. This icon you see here means that it’s a black spirit quest, you’ll need to be on the look out for this. The black spirit will have you talk to hundreds of NPCs, some of which have 5 or more quests you don’t want to be doing right now and the only way to tell which one is the correct choice by this icon. It should be noted quest colors above NPCs, yellow for not accepted, blue for in progress and red for complete. Most quests in the quest log will have options to auto path to them and track them at the main quest. Once you reach this point let’s get into the settings and remove all this nasty stuff popping up on your screen and preventing you from seeing what’s going on. Head into settings, general, alerts and disable all of these things and hit apply.

Next display settings and camera graphics, turn all of these sliders to 0 except camera vision range, which is your FoV slider. Put this where ever you feel comfortable. Most other things are personal preference from here , you can disable the scrolling tips in the bottom left by pressing escape and using Edit UI, left clicking the eye icon and applying the save. This is how you would move around your screen elements also. I suggest altering your audio and graphics settings to whatever suits your gameplay and computer specs. I would suggest disabling low power option since it can interfere with a lot of things such as unwanted FPS caps, I also disable attack decisions since it causes lag on my machine, this is what makes things like the words Critical and Back attack pop up, showing your attack directions.

Aim assistance is useful if you require it but personally I don’t use it. I hide my own name and the rankings of others, aswell as hiding others pets and disabling combo video guide but you may find that helpful. Next I’d suggest changing your chat tabs to be more catered to yourself, personally I don’t want to see other people’s spam and therefor I use two chat tabs, one purely for chat aimed at me such as guild, party, whisper, arsha, guild alliance, team and general with chat timestamps enabled.

I also use family name and bring the opacity up. Next I create a world/server chat tab and these are the two I mainly use. But I’ll show you one for personal looting so you can enable that during gameplay to see what items you’re earning as you play. The options here are pretty self expanatory as what they show and you can have a bunch of chat tabs for different purposes, you can also pop out to have 2 chat tabs which is how I usually do it so I don’t miss anything. The first thing you’re going to want to do after this is of course while following the main black spirit quest line, keep an eye on the minimap for silver question marks, these are NPCs that you haven’t spoken to yet. You’ll want to interact with every one that you come across as these give you knowledge and therefor energy.

We’ll go into energy probably in the next video but very quickly it’s consumed for doing certain activities like gathering and hiring workers. You should know that there are 4 different types of experience in this game, combat exp which is raised mostly by killing creatures but at a very slow rate from lifeskills, this is how you level up your character. Skill exp, raised from killing creatures & sometimes given as quest rewards, this is how you purchase and upgrade skills.

Contribution exp, this is how you rent buildings for crafting, housing, lodging for workers, rent farms to grow crops and much more, usually given by quests. Lifeskill exp which is broken up into 10 catergories and raises by doing activities linked to each one, allowing you to be more efficient in that skill. You should note that questing in this game is vastly different to traditional questing in other MMORPGS, questing is not how you level up in this game. Questing in the beginning is used to get you familiar with certain in-game systems and guide you to relevant areas for your power to kill creatures and level up.

I’d recommend following the beginner quest line taking extra time to kill more creatures than required before moving on. Eventually the quest line may get too hard for your gear level and we’ll get more into that in future videos. Quests generally reward contribution experience instead of combat experience. You’ll want as much CP as possible for later on in the game. Now you’re ready to actually begin your adventure. Remember this game is a marathon not a sprint and never force yourself to do anything or you’ll get burned out.

There’s many paths to success in this game and you’re never limited to just one. Next video I’ll go over the UI in detail and explain what everything does, as you can see there’s a lot of stuff on screen and start moving into explaining the housing, workers, gear, enhancement and more. I’m going to try and put up at least 2 videos for this series per week at the minimum while also maintaining my output of complex guides, alchemy guide coming soon, so please stay tuned. I’m trying to keep the videos in 10-15 minute chunks to make it easily digestible for you guys and it’s a lot of work to crank out as many videos as I have done this week so please bear with me. We’ll pick up where we left off on the next video and I hope to see you there.

That’s all for this one guys, I have been Kira and hopefully you have been entertained. Please check out my other content, subscribe to my channel, drop a like and consider sharing the video. Leave me a comment if you have any questions, ideas for future content or just anything really. Thanks for watching and as always, I’ll see you on the next one PEACE.

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