Guide Lamute Gang’s Adventure Log Journal Volume 1 (Papua Crinea Adventure) [Time Stamp Available]


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about, Lamute Gang’s Adventure Log Journal. Actually, you can access Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal from your books shelf. As you see this is Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal. You need to reach level 58 to start this journal. To get the first journal, you need to talk with Black Spirit. And go to Quest go to suggestion and this is the quest, Papua Crinea “An Amazing Gift Just For You”. Just take it. And talk again with Black Spirit. After you finish that Quest from Black Spirit. Just check from your book shelf and you will get this Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 1. If you finish this Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 1, You can unlock another suggested Quest, The Great Expedition “Papua Crinea”. As you see this Quest, you need to finish Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 1, and after you finish all these quests Until the Last Quest start of the 100 billion silver of dream, you can start another suggested Quest.

Okay, let’s get start, to finish this Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 1 You need to prepare noc ingot, milk, honey wine or five-grain chicken porridge. Okay, for first pages, you need to go to Benns Carter. Actually Benns Carter at grandiha around this market area and you will see this is NPC Benns Carter you just need to talk chat and hand over 1milk to him. After that, you will finish this page. Next pages you need to hand over noc ingot to Benns Euron. Actually Benns Euron is around here to as you see this is Benns Euron, just chat with him, and hand over this noc ingot, and you finish this pages too.

Next for pages three. You need to talk with Benns Chasey. Benns Chasey is around here to as you see just talk with her Chat and you can hand over even five chicken porridge or honey wine. Okay for me, I just hand over these five chicken porridge And you will finish this Quest. For next chapter. You need to go near Benns Ruberen and enter secret code in chat. As you see Benns Ruberen is near wharf manager. You just need to talk in general chat 9 9 9 and press enter. And you just finish this Quest. And after that the last pages you need interact with secret book near the statue from Benns Ruberen you just need to go to left and go to this building, but that statue is behind this building as you see.

This is Childish Novels just interact with it and chat and unlock with 4 Lamute Gang’s Benns Coins. Actually you get this Lamute Gang’s Benns Coins from the previous page, There is 4 coin just hand over And you just finish this vol 1 for chapter 5 and suddenly Black Spirit talk with us. Okay, just accept this Quest and you need to go to Benns Ruberen again. They just chat with Benns Ruberen. And you get title Lamute Gang’s. I just finished some Quest and I got this Epheria Cog Lamute Gang’s special cog. Okay, not a big deal. We just continue our adventure journal. After you finish this adventure journal vol 1 until chapter 5. You can continue your suggested Quest Papua Crinea, “Oh My Lamute”. You just need to talk with Benns Ruberen and get this Papua Crinea “Oh My Lamute” quest and you need to go to this island. Okay, let’s go. Okay, now I am arrived at this island. I just go to this point. Yeah, and we talked with Black Spirit with again. And next we need to go to Papua Crinea island. and meet this Benns Lamute on Papua Crinea island.

Okay, just go. Okay as you see I’m now at Papua Crinea island and we need to go to this NPC, just talk And take another Quest. And we need to meet the wharf manager of Papuraroa Island and another wharf manager at Crioniak Island. Okay, just go. Okay, after finish we need to talk with black spirit. And got this knowledge and we just finish that prerequisite quest for befriend with Papua or Crio. Okay, guys, that’s it for this volume 1 I will make another video guide to finish this Papuaroa and crioniak suggested Quest.

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