Guide Lamute Gang’s Adventure Log Journal Volume 2 (Papua Crinea Adventure) [Time Stamp Available]


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about Lamute Journal Volume 2. As you see in quest pages and go to suggested. You will see The Great Expedition “Papua Crinea, Papuraroa”. To get this Quest you need to complete previous quest line and that previous quest line Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 1. As you see There is 5 page, actually I already cover this guide about Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 1.

You can check this video. I already put this link on this video description or you can check on top right on this video I already put card in this video Okay after you finish this Lamute Journal Volume 1, you need to go to Papua Crinea island. Actually after you finish vol 1, You can get vol 2 for Papu quest line and also the same time you can get volume 4 for Crio quest line.

You can do all of them for Papu quest line and also for Crio quest line, but in this video I will focus on vol 2 first. Okay, let’s get start. After we finished volume 1, after you finish this Papua Crinea quest line. You can access this Papuraroa. You just need to talk to this wharf manager monmunia. Actually location for this NPC is here. Okay, let’s talk take the quest. And you need to Moanna another member of Lamute Gang’s, just auto path. This is this NPC just talk and you finish the quest you will get this Panipani villager Transformation scroll for 1 day, just take it and take another Quest transform into Papu. After that you need to transform into Papu using this transformation scroll that Moanna gave to us. Okay, let’s use it. As you see this is my Papu. You need to mount it like mounting horse. Yeah, now I can move as Papu. Just talking again with Moanna.

And you will finish this Quest and at the same time you will got this volume 2, for Lamute Gang’s for volume 2, you have 4 pages to finish. Okay for first pages you need to talk with dream doctor in Papipani Village and pay some price in dream interpretation. Actually, You need to bring some fruit based on your zodiac, as you see this is list that fruit you need to bring based on your zodiac. You can check your characters zodiac, from pressing P and as you see this is your horoscope your zodiac, in my case, my zodiac is black dragon. So I need to bring 5 pears. We can buy any of this fruit from Benns Moanna NPC in front me Just talking with Benns Moanna and go to shop and you will see she also sell some fruit. Okay, in my case I will buy this pears 5 piece and go to dream doctor. Let’s go. As you see this is dream doctor Honia. You need the talk, press chat and you need to hand over this fruit.

And you just done pages one. Next for pages 2 you just need to open your quest pages and go to suggested and just auto path with an accepted Papuraroa “Let’s Starve Otters”. Okay, we going to monmunia again, and be noticed you need to click the chat and click this interaction to finish this adventure log pages 2, as you see now I finish these pages 2.

And next for pages 3. You need to take quest for Monmunia again. Go to Quest and take this Papuraora “Let’s Starve Otters”. To finish this Quest, you need to fishing Akta Mackerel Nibbler, and dolphin fish but in some cases as you see this this is screenshot from my friend that third quest Papuraora “Panipani Starlight Meal” this Quest need you to hand over 50 piece each fruit strawberry, paprika, cherry, banana and pineapple. Meanwhile that my third quest Papuraroa “Let’s Starve Otters”. This Quest need you to fishing Akta Mackerel, nibbler and dolphin fish. So make sure you check this third quest. Different people have different quests and this Quest didn’t bound with zodiac. as you see my zodiac and my friends zodiac is same black dragon, but we have different quests. After several time I’m fishing in this area. I got this fish nibbler, Akta Mackerel and dolphin fish. But to give it to this NPC, You need to become Papu again.

Just click and you need to go to this area. Summon that Papu and just transformed into papu and give this fish to that NPC. OK and click chat Just give it And you will finish this Quest and you get this Porong Floral Wreath. After that give it to dream doctor again. As you see this is dream doctor Honia again, just talk and click chat and give this Porong Floral Wreath. After that, you just finish this pages 3. Okay next page you need to talk with dream doctor again and just talk with this dream doctor and click chat and click this conversation. This dream doctor will give you some way point actually this area you need to be still at Papu form and interact with this best flower with Papu form after you interact with this best flower you will get this knowledge best flower and you need to leave that Papu form by pressing SHIFT+R.

After that you need to talk with Black Spirit and don’t forget to click chat on Black Spirit to finish this adventure log pages 4. After that Black Spirit will give you continuous Quest visit form the fruit Soldier. Actually, I’m at this quest to finish this Quest you need to transform become Papu again and meet this fruits soldier Okay, this is the NPC but we need to transform with Papu because if we talk with human form, we cannot interact with it. So we need to go back and become Papu again. Okay now, I am at Papu form..

I just need to talk with that NPC. Okay, just talk with fruit Soldier. Chat And we finish the quest. And we got some title. After that we will unlock volume 3. Actually this volume 3, you need another reset days to finish Okay guys, that’s it for Lamute Gang’s Volume 2 just stay tuned to my channel for Lamute Gang’s Volume 3, If you like this video, you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching. See you next time..

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