Guide Lamute Gang’s Adventure Log Journal Volume 3 {Part 1} (Papua Crinea Adventure)


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 3 actually to finish this Lamute Adventure Journal Volume 3, you need several days to finish. Okay, let’s go first pages we need to meet this caretaker of the garden. As you see, I’m start again with this area and you need to follow my path to Garden caretaker. Yeah, that’s NPC Caretaker of Garden of Birth. Just talk and click chat. And you just finish this chapter 3 pages 1 and you got this flower filled with determination. After that you need to talk with this NPC again, take the Quest Papuraora “The Calling of The Papu”. After that, you need to hand over Flower filled with determination to Muadiya the training officer as you see that like pillar. you just need to go to there. Okay, this is Muadiya, just talk with it. Chat and give this flower. And you just finish this Quest and next take this quest again. And now you need to go to Benns Moanna. Actually, that’s NPC around there. Okay, just talk with her. And you just complete the quest to finish this adventure log make sure you become Papu that hold weapon like this.

Okay, I will change transformation. I just need to get off from this transformation and using this Brave Pine Blader Transformations scroll. Okay, I need to go to here and just summon it and use this transformation. After that, just chat with this Bloodthirsty, Stoneback Crab Training Ground and then click chat and start summoning. Okay, we just kill this Stoneback Crab and we just auto path to report this Quest.

To finish this volume 3, you need to finish Mediaocre Stoneback Crab training. As you see this is actually update details for 24 June 2020 That’s Papua Crinea update come. You will see the table for day one. You can summon this Dumb Stoneback Crab and the next day, day 2 you can summon this Mediocre Stoneback Crab So to finish this Mediocre Stoneback Crab you need second day to do this. But still you need to do this first day and kill this Dumb Stoneback Crab. After daily reset you will go to next day and you can summon this Mediocre Stoneback Crab.

As you see now I’m at this area Actually this is my second day. So you can get this quest to summon Mediocre Stoneback Crab. Just take it. And you will got this summons scroll Thousand Year War Training “Mediocre Stoneback Crab”. Okay, let’s transform into Papu go to Mark location. After you got this scroll and you already transformed into battle Papu like this, you just interact with the Scarecrow and just summon this monster. Okay, just finished. After that just auto path, to target NPC. And just talking. and also you finish this volume 3 chapter 2. Okay next for chapter 3 we need to become appointed as aide by commander Garania Okay, let’s go to this area in this picture. Actually I at this area Garania is around here. Okay, let’s go. As you see this is Garania. Okay, let’s talk as you see we need to meet certain requirements to obtain the knowledge for this NPC and we must complete this quest for the Thousand Year War Stoneback Crab Training. If you go to the official website and read about update details at 24 June 2020 when this Papua Crinea come you will see the segment for the Thousand Year War Stoneback Crab raid quests consist of the following.

There is day one until day five. You can summon each kind of crap. So I think to finish this for the Thousand Year War you need 5 days until bloodthirsty back Crab , but as you see before when I fight against Mediocre Stoneback Crab This crap difficulty is higher than the last one. I almost die if I do solo I think for the rest of the day day 3, day 4 and day 5 we need to party with another people to finish this Stoneback Crab. I will continue to update this Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 3 until finish at day 5. If you like this video, you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching. See you next time..

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