Guide Lamute Gang’s Adventure Log Journal Volume 3 {Part 2 FINISH} (Papua Crinea Adventure)


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about last part for Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 3. If you still didn’t finish your Lamute Journal Volume 1 until Vol 2, you can watch my previous video. I already put link on this video description and this video is continue about Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Vol 3. Because to finish this adventure journal vol 3, you need to finish 5 day Quest to killing this 5 type of stoneback crab. In my previous video about Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal guide Vol 3 part 1 my process still to finish day 2. Okay, as you see in this video, this is Intelligent Stoneback Crab.

This is the third Stoneback crab that I need to kill you still can do it solo but you will die several times. Just try again until you finish the Stoneback crab, but be noticed don’t lure this Stoneback crab too far because if you too far this Stoneback crab will reset its HP. Actually, I finish this Intelligent Stoneback Crab from day 3 around 5 minutes doing solo. And after that you just need to auto path to report this Quest.

Okay, Just talk with Muadiya. And you will got some knowledge and also some title. And also if you talking with Garania, you still can not talking with it because you need to finish this Stoneback Crab training until day 5. Okay, this is my clip for day 4. To killing Extraordinary Stoneback Crab, and be notice you can borrow some scroll to transform to become another Papu. In this video I will show you, if you doing solo for the fourth day quest to killing this Extraordinary Stoneback Crab, if you doing solo, I recommend you to prepare 2 kind of scroll, so if you’re previous scroll is still cool down you can use another’s scroll. as you see my scroll is still cool down and I need to transform again. So I just use another scroll.

This is will efficient your time when killing it solo. I’m trying to do it solo to count how long it will take and I take around 20 minutes to finish this Extraordinary Stoneback Crab. After you finish this Stoneback Crab, You just need to follow auto path to Muadiya again and finish this fourth day quest, but I recommend you to do it in party to save your time. After that, you will get some knowledge and also some title. Okay next for the five day. You need to kill this Bloodthirsty Stoneback Crab and I recommend to do it in party because this Stoneback Crab is so difficult.

Make sure you have good teamwork. If you take aggro just stay and another party member just take it back to get more damage from the attack. The hardest thing for this part it will summon some Minion. As you see, there is some seagul, some another Stoneback crab and this is so many minion you need to handle. Okay, after you finish this Stoneback Crab, you just need to talking again with Muadiya. And after your report this quest, you will get some knowledge and also some title. And then you need to talking again with Garania to finish this adventure log vol 3 and as you see now you can talking with Harania and get some knowledge. And just chat and you’ve finished this volume 3, chapter 3 and you will got Immortal Persimmon Knight Transformation Scroll for permanently. After that, don’t forget to talk with Black Spirit to finish your suggested quest. After you report it with Black Spirit You will unlock Co-op daily quests. Okay, guys, that’s it for finishing your Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 3 by killing Stoneback Crab until day 5.

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