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Guide Lamute Gang’s Adventure Log Journal Volume 4 (Papua Crinea Adventure) [Time Stamp Available]


Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 4. Actually this Lamute Adventure Journal Volume 4, is continue from vol 1 and this volume 4 is story about Crio. To start this Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal vol 4 you need to do this Papua Crinea “Crioniak”. As you see there is 9 Quest line but you will get this vol 4 at the middle of this quest and to start this Quest you need to do this prerequisite Quest until Papua Crinea start for 100 billion silver. Actually, this 5 Quest is volume 1. If you still don’t finish volume, you can watch my previous video guide about Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Vol 1. I already put this link video on this video description, or you can check on top right of this video. I already put card about this video. Okay to start this Quest we need to go to Papua Crinea Island and go to this location and talk with wharf manager Shalio.

As you see this is the NPC just take the quest Morio otter’s friend and just auto path. You will go to this NPC Benns Morio. And you will get these Transformations scroll next you need to take Quest from Benns Mario and you need to transform into otter just open your inventory and right click this scroll press yes and you will summon this otter you can mount it like mount horse Just press R.

After that you finish this Quest just talk with Mario again. After that you will get this title this knowledge and also new adventure log vol 4. This volume 4 you have to finish this 4 pages. Okay, we start to this first pages to obtain knowledge of the Queekity Thumpity Moon Village. Okay, let’s go, just follow my path. After you reach this Village you need to interact with this area. t Just press chat and get this knowledge And you just finish this pages 1. Okay next for this pages 2 we need to join Abyssal Pearl Fishism. Actually, we need to go to this NPC as this picture. Okay, just follow my path. Okay, this is the NPC just talk with him and click chat.

And I wish to join your religion, queek. After that, check your map. You will have some navigation to this area. Just follow this path. After you get this area. Actually you need to fishing some fish. So we need to go back to human form. Just press SHIFT+R. And equip your fishing rod. Okay, after you got any fish you need to transform again to become Crio again, but you need to reach some area to transform. Okay, let’s go. Okay, I go back to this Benns Morio and just transform to become Crio. And we go to Abyssal Pearl Fish Leader to hand over any fish you catch before. Just talk with it and chat. You just deliver anything fish you want. and you finish this adventure log pages 2. Next for pages 3. We need to find out secret of suspicious ritual. Actually we need to finish this “Flower Raised by Otter” and also this Quest “you have never smelled anything like this yet”. You need to take Quest from this NPC. Just take Quest this crioniak “Flower Raised by Otter” And then just auto path to the suspicious flower.

As you see this area you just interact with this suspicious flower and you finish the quest. And next you need to get this another quest from this suspicious flower. chat with it. Actually you need to chat again and just one more Sniff and again, and again, until you complete all objectives. And just report it to the previous NPC. After that, you will got some knowledge and then just auto path to next and accepted Quest and just take this Quest from this NPC. just chat with NPC. Again, again, and you will finish this Quest. And also you complete this pages 3. Okay next for the last pages.

We need to get letter recommendation from a otter Military Academy. Actually, you just need to do suggested Quest just auto path and you will go to this NPC again and take the quest Crioniak “Avoiding Qurveillance, Queek”. Okay, just go with auto path. Okay, just talk with this NPC. And then take this Crionak “Please Let Me Enlist. Quick”. And as you see this Quest you need to defeat lazy Rock spirit and lazy Cloudy Rain Mushroom. Actually you cannot do with this otter. We need to change to another otter using this gallant conch blader Transformations scroll. Okay, just leave this transformation and go back to human form by pressing SHIFT+R And then use this gallant conch blader Transformations scroll. You will see some Arrow just need to follow that path to transform.

After you summon as always just mount it. Okay with this Crio transformation, you can attack and defeat this monster as you see this is actually lazy Cloudy Rain Mushroom. Just attack it. after that, you will get this Seed of Indolence just save it For lazy Rock Spirit, you will see the rock with glowing blue just hit it. If you die, don’t worry you just untransform to become human again, but your XP didn’t drop and your Crystal also don’t break so we need to go back to this area again and transform again to become Crio and mount it again. Okay, I have to finish this Quest just auto path to report this Quest.

And just report this quest to this NPC and you will finish this last pages. And also you will get another volume is volume 5 and this volume 5 is continuous story about Crio. Okay guys, that’s it for Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 4 I will continue Lamute Gang’s Adventure Journal Volume 5 in next video If you like this video, you can like and subscribe to my channel for another guide and update. Thank you for watching. See you next time..

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